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Five Household Ingredients You Can Use to Clean Your Boat

Ingredients Without Harming the Environment.

A New Resolution that many people have is to clean. Clean better your boat, clean frequently... and clean in a way that is safe for the environment. We did some research on simple and safe ingredients that you can use to clean your boat. These items are most likely already in your house- so no excuses! Sailors know the ocean almost better than anyone else-let's focus on educating ourselves on how to take better care of it.

Below are the top 5 household ingredients you can use to safely clean your boat:

1. Baking Soda

Occasionally used to brush your teeth, frequently used to cook, and now Baking Soda is considered a great ingredient to use to clean your boat! Who would have thought? According to our friends over at Sailors for the Sea, this powdered baking ingredient can be used against stains and, if you combine 3 parts baking soda to one part water, this
ingredient turns into a convenient all-purpose cleaner.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil works great as a polish. Use it to create a shine that will make your entire boat glow on the water. It's versatile enough to work on almost any surface.

3. Vinegar

CruisingWorld lists Vinegar as the 81 safe household ingredient to use for cleaning your boat.

You can add 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap to 3 tablespoons of vinegar and voila! You have created a powerful solution to clean the interior of your sailboat. Also, it'll taste great with the veggies you bring onboard for a snack!

4. Lemon Juice

Just like olive oil, this household ingredient works wonders as a great polish. If you want to prevent mildew (and who doesn't want to prevent that?) it works as a mildew deterrent as well. Create a mildew remover paste by using equal parts lemon juice and salt.

5. Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide can replace the commonly used Bleach to disinfect and clean stains and other messes on your boat's surface,kanoe or kayak as well. If you combine peroxide with water, 1/2 of each and put it in a spray bottle you have another great way to prevent mildew.

Boat cleaning, maintenance
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 Good working knowledge for small boat owners

The Essential Guide to Boat Cleaning

Glean and lubricate all moving parts as specified by the boat manufacturers. They usually know what's best for their boats. Dirt kept off the boat, or outside the cabin, is dirt that doesn't need to be cleaned. There is nothing that preserves a boat better than cleanliness.

Boat cleaning, maintenance:

Even if you don't choose to do much of your own Boat cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting, simply understanding your boat's systems has some satisfying benefits.

First, when you have to call in the pros, you'll have a better understanding, and Knowledge of what they're doing.

before | after photos

befor and after 2in1 photos

Company Pro Boat Clean(USA/Canada Region) provide the highest quality deep
cleaning without using abrasives and and services from professionals.

Unfortunately, cleaning and maintaining boats means using a lot of chemicals and pollutants. Whether you wash your car or boat, you have an impact on your environment and everything you do in life has environmental consequences.

Washing is an important task of boat ownership,preferably on a regular basis.

Cleaning gear and materials

All boats, power or sail comprise many materials and fabrics that need to be cleaned. These include gelcoared fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel, and other metals, fabrics glass, vinyl,woods and teak and rubber. Let's take a look at each material and consider its unique cleaning facts.

Dolphinite Care & Repair Products

Boat Care Solutions

Dolphinite for boat repairs

The first product, T-Wax Sealant, has become the company flagship product since its introduction in 1997. Today, by Introducing the new Dolphinite T-Wax Sealant Formula plus with GelGuard™ Additives Dolphinite has done it again. more


- All by itself, water is capable of working wonders. In fact, many boat cleaning chores can be handled with nothing more than a water rinse (freshwater). You know that you have to wash the boat when you return from an outing and If you're only removing the salt from the boat hull and structure, fresh water alone will often do the job without major environmental consequences.

To get rid of some light-duty soil and grime. A couple of capfuls of Murphy Sudbury Boat-Zoap or Oil Soap dissolved in a bucket of water will remove routine dirt from a vessel. These cleansers contain chelating agents, which are especially good for removing difficult stains.

100 % Biodegradable and eco friendly,Heavy duty Boat Zoap Plus product by Sudbury boat care. (www.sudburyboatcare.com)

Will not damage gelcoat or finish surfaces

boat ZOAP

A strong rust and stain remover like On & Off, which contains three different acids, will have a low pH and should be applied only with protec- tive glasses and gloves. In summary, many specialized boat cleaners products have a pi I value near neutral to avoid the hazards associated with high acid or alkali content. Some are distinctly alkaline to remove rust and stains, and some are acidic.

One of the determining factors in choosing a cleaner is the pH of the cleaning products. A scale has been estab- lished to classify the pH of chemicals. The scale runs from 1 to 14pH with neutral products in the center at the number 7pH.


Cleaning gelcoated fiberglass can be quite a challenge, too.Over time, the gelcoat loses its original lively fresh look. You can clean and polish the finish so it stays nice look- ing and take steps to slow down the rate of deterioration.

The three main enemies of boat gel- coat are sun - also UV radiatio fromn the sun, ozone in the atmosphere and industrial smog. The way to protect your vessel from most of these ills is to store it in a shed or snap a cover over it when it's not in use.

Vertglas marine maintenance products & Gel Coat Restoration System by Lovett Marine

vertglas lovettmarine

click for details | contacts: www.lovettmarine.com

see below the process for each of the major boat surface materials:

For a mildly dirty surface

1.Clean by scrubbing with diluted boat soap and rinsing

2.No further preparation is required 3.Protect by waxing or polymer polishing the surface

For a Moderately oxidized surface

1.Clean by scrubbing with diluted boat soap and rinsing

2.Prepare by applying a moderate oxidation remover

3.Protect by waxing or polymer polishing the surface

For a Severely oxidized surface

1.Clean by power-washing the surface

2.Prepare by applying a heavy-duty rubbing compound to re- move oxidation 3.Protect by polymer polishing and waxing, or coating the surface

Boat waxing

Boat waxing also helps keep dirt from migrating down into the matrix , it seals your boat's finish and helps retain its plasticizers. Doing so keeps airborne nasties such as sulfur dioxide and ozone from doing as much damage as they would if the boat were not waxed and well-waxed vessel is much easier to clean than other.

The most durable to apply waxes are those that contain a lot of natural wax, particularly carnauba.

It's a pain to apply and buff this stuff out, but the reward is a beautiful finish that will last at least half the typical boating season unless you wash your boat with harsh cleaners.

Solvents and Abrasive are out!

Abrasive cleaners 'll remove dirt from your boat's skin to beat the band, but they'll also scratch that skin the gelcoat in the cleaning process.

Acetone and toluene - With solvents you can weather your vessel's finish more quickly than with anything else, but they also absolutely wipe out the plasticizers in the process, as a result, when you try to remove a stain with a solvent you often get a weaker stain over a larger and larger area. One of the best ways to conserve your boat's finish is to using gentle cleaners that are just strong enough to tackle the dirt hut not so strong.

Maintaining and Treating Teak

This is a traditional, hard, and heavy beautiful wood can be both a blessing and a curse in boat. You have only two options for treating teak: oil (occasional cleaning, sanding, and application of a few coats of oil) or varnish, if you want not look like it washed up on the beach.

Snappy Premium Marine Teak Oil

Snappy Premium Marine teak oil - for boat cleaning

alternative to Snappy Sealer Snappy Premium Teak Oil for boatowners that like more natural color on their deck.

Any varnished Teak looks great until it gets scuffed.

Especially when wet, one drawback to varnished teak is that it's pretty slippery stuff. Most of these preparations are pretty much the same. It's the regular use of them that keeps teak trim looking nice. Virtually all teak finishes contain tung oil.

Star brite's Teak Oil formula combines special polymers and Tung Oil

(extra long-lasting finish formula)

Teak Oil formula for boat owners combines special polymers and Tung

Star brite's , for example, has three kinds of finishes, with varying amounts of tung oil, mildewcide, and UV inhibitor.

see below the process for each of the major boat surface materials:

for Mildly soiled varnish or coating

1.Glean to remove soil from the surface

2.No further preparation is required

3.Protect by wiping with chamois after boat wash down

for Moderately degraded coated finish

1.Clean soil from surface

2.Prepare with a light sanding

3.Protect with a touch up coat of varnish or paint

for Severely degraded coated surface

1.Clean with solvent and/or detergent

2.Power sand to remove deteriorated varnish or paint

3.Protect with appropriate number of coats of varnish

Teak cleaning

For Teak cleaning, use the lightest duty methods use detergents and surfactants or bleaching products, most of which contain oxalic acid as the active ingredient. And finally - the heavy artillery for badly weathered teak: acid-caustic cleaners, such as Snappy Teak-Nu. These are two-step liquid preparations.

Star brite Company makes products that are gentle on you, your boar's teak, and the environment. First, you use their Teak Cleaner, which is followed up with their Teak Brightener. The teak cleaner uses surfactants and detergents to clean weathered teak. The teak brightener does just that restores the brightness to the cleaned wood and prepares it for oiling.

If you've decided that your boat's teak needs a heavy-duty cleaning, you're probably going to use caustic Cleaners - Snappy Teak-Nu

cleaning trio

to read instructions and details visit (www.snappyboatcare.com)

Teak Care Product

Teak Care Products

Aglaze Deck Caring Two Process System

The two-stage Teakcare Aglaze system comes in two 1 It bottles, so mixed at a ratio of 1:10 it provides 10 lt of hard working well working product at a very good price. It is easy to mix and apply, and only needs gentle scrubbing until dirt stops rubbing off on the first stage before a simple rinse to apply the second stage.

It's specially formulated products - 2 Systems and solutions provide superior efficiency on any teak furniture or decking. First process is solution which will deep cleaning and second process of Aglaze applied to finish the cleaning and neutralizing solution. If you're looking for the best results in bringing some very dirty teak back to a nice clean golden colour, this product A Glaze really stood out. If you are looking for easy or quick solution and with reasonable resultsthen go for one of the single-stage liquids, such as Eco-300 or Starbrite. But If you have a lot of dirty teak to clean, the Aglaze Teakcare System is the product that produced good results combined with an excellent value score.


Finishing Solutions

Manufacturing & Professional Boat Repair Solutions - 3MTV' Imperial™ Abrasives and Surface Finishing Solutions for maintaining beautiful boats.

how to Finish

The 3M Imperial™- Aorasives and Finishing Product line is designed to give you a comprehensive, integrated system for your finishing needs. From gelcoat finishing to paint, fairing and woodshop applications, the 3M Imperial system brings you the quality and value you've come to expect. These products work well together to give you more consistent finishes every time, outstanding results, one standard system for completing the task and less training time required. The 3M imperial line is the smart way to get you and your crew on course with increased productivity and the pride of a job wen done.

For further information, please call your local 3M sales representative or www.3M.com/marine.

Note:You must wear rubber gloves when using Snappy Teak-Nu

Basic Tools & Maintenance Supplies from 18 to 40 feet boat owners

Boat Cleaning Agents & Alternative -Think about the Ocean-safe products

How to protect your boat from theft

related products:

Method Laundry Detergent (washing aboard)

Greener than the Others


This amazingly innovative formula, ultra-concentrated, we are 8x!*, biodegradable formula reduces the average laundry detergent lifecycle carbon footprint.

It's Great choice of detergent "We brought 3 bottles of the 50 load with us for a 9 month cruise and have only used 1 so far (at 6 months). Four pumps is all you need for a full load and it certainly saves on space. " said Teresa


Cleaning Boat bottom: reduce algae and staining when keeping it in the water.

In fact: If the boat sits for a while you will still see growth and discoloration much the same as regular bottom paint. But when used frequently it stays white.

Bottom paint is made to "wear off" If done right.. that's what it does. If it's done wrong.. it comes off in ugly chips and sheets of it.. blech. Also.. the epoxy barrier coat is even more critical than bottom paint IMO, since it is critical to prevent gelcoat blisters.Avoid bottom paint as much as possible. I would make sure you have the bottom sealed up real well with a good wax/sealant, not sure if that will solve the problem completely for all summer.

Wax and sealant problem

The problem with wax and sealant is pH strips it. And the lakes and rivers we put our boats in have pH. And bottom paint is ugly! CeramicProMarine is the best option. It is a nano ceramic clear coating that will hold up better than any wax out there!

A water cleaning

Typically you can clean and polish the hull before and after the season with StarBrite and a Craftsman orbital polisher. While in the water use a soft boat brush while wearing mask, fins and the SNUBA line. A water cleaning typically takes a half hour but you might have to do it once every two weeks.

if you CAN'T have a lift for whatever reason, you WILL NEED to paint the bottom. A proper epoxy barrier coat first, then a proper biocide paint. No choice, wax, witchcraft... nothing will keep the black/brown/green/pink slime from growing on it otherwise.

Babe's Boat Care Products

Keep your yacht & boat sparkling

The Company is founded in 2003 and focused of professional grade maintenance products for your boat, yacht or watersports. Babe's family business has the full line of cleaning products to keep up that showroom shine when all season long.

boat care product

The BABE'S boat care products are maintenance products formulated to preserve good condition boats. The process of gelcoat correction to remove oxidation involves a first step of compounding to remove the oxidized gelcoat and a second step of polishing to restore hull gloss. Once completed the Babe's products will be the perfect choice to maintain your yacht or boat. - The Babe's products are recommend for oxidation spots on fiberglass.

"My husband and I always clean the boat at the end of every camping trip. He does the outside, I do the inside. While we were doing this last summer we can hear the couple in the next campsite talking about our "new" boat. She was telling her husband how if he wanted a new boat that he would have to take care of it....ya ya, nag nag. A little while later he come out of their camper and is asking my husband where we got our boat and what year it is. He was surprised that it is a 2006 and still looks brand new. I bought a box of babes the day we got it and have never used anything else. I really like the seat soap and conditioner. We live in the desert and dry rot is a big problem. Your products work great, easy to use and smell good too. Boating season is coming up and I could used a new box." said Shelly B. Markwell

Where to buy: www.wakehouse.com/brands/Babes.html

The Brite Group's Cleaning Products

the Captain John's Boat Brite products - without harsh chemicals

As you might already know, the Captain John's Boat Brite products are all high performance. Utilizing contemporary chemistry they make solutions to some of the most frustrating cleaning jobs onboard - and they make them without harsh chemicals.

The Algae & Waterline Stain Remover, the Bird & Spider Dropping Stain Remover, the Black Streak & Exhaust Stain Remover and the Vinyl & Leather Cleaner are fine examples of the specialty products they make. For every day deck swabbing, their Super Soap deeps cleans the non-skid decks, cockpit floors and swim platforms.

The Super Soap is also a non-streak formula so you can clean their glass and clear vinyl too. And the Super Soap is harmless to our waterways allowing for guilt-free overboard rinsing.

The Boat Brite Polish leaves a shine to admire and is very easy to use. Feel free to apply the Boat Brite Polish in the direct sun. And don't worry about leaving it on too long. The Boat Brite Polish actually likes the sun helping it cure deep into the pores of the gelcoat leaving a season-long shine and protection.

The Teak Cleaner is a totally natural product that is unsurpassed for cleaning teak decks, swim platforms and trim - and it cleans with no acids.

They also make a non-toxic, non-caustic stripper of all single part marine coatings including antifouling paints, varnish and urethane. Captain John's Boat Brite Soy Stripper will soften and allow for easy removal of many layers of old coatings.

for contacts:
The Brite Group, LLC
Rochester, New York
tel: 585 943 6111

The flushing of boat motors

The wording covering the flushing of boat motors in particular is ambiguous and needs to be tightened up to explicitly allow the use of hoses to
supply water to engine flushing devices.

Water conservation is obviously crucial to maintaining sustainable freshwater fisheries and is in the best interest of all fishers, and yet boats, motors and trailers need to be properly cleaned to ensure safe operation as well as avoiding the risk of transporting marine pests.

A New method of boat washing

This method minimises water usage while still ensuring that corrosion and pest risks are kept to a minimum. This process conforms with present restriction levels and begins with the placement of a bucket beneath the motor to catch most of the water used during flushing. Although not all of the water is captured and it is slightly saline, this water is then used with a sponge to wash down key areas of the boat, motor, equipment and fishing gear.

The pre-washed boat, flushed motor and trailer that is now clear of all loose gear is then taken to a nearby high-pressure water car wash where a single $2.00 or $5.00 high-pressure rinse completes a perfectly satisfactory wash down. Although not everyone may have a high-pressure car wash nearby, a trigger hose or high-pressure washer could be an option for this phase of the wash.

While it is anticipated that water authorities will adopt the new guidelines, it is still each boater'sprimary responsibility to check the level /detail of the water restrictions actually in placein your area.

Wash & Go cleaning water system

This is a brilliant idea. Wash & Go's designed a water system that makes the water so pure that when it dries it leaves no water marks. Thats right.. If you just wash Windows or cars or boats with this system.. You virtually wet them.. And walk away. No leathering or drying. Guess what... you can have one for your boat or car and the windows on my house! Very very clever.

A shower cleaning solution that won't poison you

If you have asthma and can't use bleach or harsh chemicals so you can infuse white vinegar with lemon peals, let it sit for 2 weeks, then strain it and put it in a spray bottle. works great and when done. Wax the whole head thoroughly and it stays beautiful all season, you can also spray this over head onto the canvas to keep away any mold.

Boating Lifestyle & cleaning

Your boat needs a serious cleaning once a month!

That boat shine is just a rinse, scrub and buff away, with these tips below from the pros:

You’ve just returned from a boating trip, whisked to and from tropical islands, remote fishing holes, or simply a quiet cove on the lake by your trusty boat. Hopping onto the dock, you pause to admire the boat’s beauty as you tie the lines. But wait!

What’s that…and that…and that? Afternoon rain has left spots on the windshield, birds have done their business on the bow, "little Mery’s jellied fingerprints" decorate the helm, Fluffy’s hair has turned the carpet into a shag rug and Billy’s muddy feet have painted the swim platform.

With a bucket of supplies and a little loving attention, you’ll soon have your vessel sparkling like the grin you sport while captaining it. Your boat needs a serious cleaning once a month. A good scrub here, a gentle wipe there, and your pride and joy will be back to clean in no time.

Brite Wash

Beginning with the exterior of your boat, Expert Recommends, wash away all loose dirt with a hose. This will get everything off that might scratch the boat. Next, dilute two ounces of Brite Wash, a gentle boat soap, per one gallon of water. Detergents will break down any polish or wax and will strip the boat.

For detailing, Shurhold brushes do the trick. The bristles are fine enough to be gentle, but strong enough to remove tough dirt. Start at the top and work your way down tow a rd the bow, tackling the hard top (and windshield).

After thoroughly washing your boat’s canvas, hardtop or flybridge, follow with the windshield, deck rail and bow walkways. Rinse everything again and then chamois the windows . Follow these same steps heading aft, cleaning the cockpit walkways, transom and swim platform before returning to tackle the cockpit. Move at a steady pace to avoid water spots, but not dangerously, where you’re going to slip. Wear good-soled shoes and never go barefoot.

Once you’ve returned your boat’s exterior to its gleaming best, you’re ready to clean up the cockpit.

Two techniques:

- the complete hose-down, and the spray-and-wipe method. If hosing, prepare by removing the carpet and covering all electronics with plastic or a towel. For cockpit floors, Brite Wash soap works well

- give ’em a good scrub, rinse well and dry thoroughly. If spraying, it's recommend Serious Marine Cleaner, a multi-surface solution, for vinyl areas. Electronics should be wiped with a damp cloth and dried.

With the stereo clean, you can crank up your favorite tunes and return to the outside of your clean, dry boat to give it a good buffing.

Buff Magic

A product for this as well: the nonabrasive cream Yacht Brite Buff Magic (from westmarine.com) to remove oxidation and scratches from the fiberglass and stainless steel. (This stuff works wonders if your gelcoat has lost its luster.) You can also machine buff, if necessary. Use safety glasses and always have the cord where you can see it, so it doesn’t trip you.

Finally, you’re ready for the last cleaning step. -It pays to recondition your boat and keep it protected from the elements.

Boat Cleaning Guides

How to clean your vinyl, bimini's and canvas clean.

Roll Off cleaner

Simple maintenance guide on Keeping your boat vinyl, canvas or bimini tops clean and protected from the sun, salt and acid rain.

How to keep your plastics, enclosure and curtains in top shape

It's a simple maintenance guide on How to keep your plastics, clear vinyl curtains and enclosure areas in top shape.

to clean plastics - powerboat

This should give you a simple and basic understanding on how to care for and what products to use for protecting your plastic and enclosure areas on your boat. Again, The best method of caring for your plastics is preventative maintenance itself. Rinse your boat and rinse it often.

The New Cleanning /Maintaining Products by Forespar

The New Tea Tree Power® Eliminator

The Brand new Tea Tree Power® from Australian Tea Tree Oil, odor and mold mildew eliminator is formulated by Forespar especially for marine use. It's a natural air cleaner that maintains healthy air quality and eliminate the odor source. Tea Tree Power® is bio-degradable and Non-toxic natural product provides antimicrobial and antiseptic and properties, that can using in your home. But it is also an effective, not emit an odor within itself but strong enough.

Tea Tree Power gelTea Tree Power Spray

The New Tea Tree Power® come in in either Spray & Mist or Gel form (on photos above). For immediate odor control the Spray & Mist is available in an aerosol free 8oz bottle with pump. The long-lasting Tea Tree Power Gel is available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 ounce sizes and provides mildew & mold removal and odor control for up to some months.

Simply placing the Tea Tree Power where needed, in each case within 2 to 3 days all odors that existed in these rooms or cabin will disappeared from your life.

You can buy two jars and placed them both in the cabin of your boat, it's long lasting excellent product, and within a few days all the musty odors will disappeared from cabin.

Many people been battling mold and mildew in their boat for years and tried bleach, vinegar, or various special purpose cleaners, but Nothing worked particularly perfect. The New Tea Tree Oil Product is a magic solution from Forespar. No need for scrappin or scrubbing and works well year round, Tea Tree Power® controls the musty odor, along with any head odor that you have aboard. While it may seem pricey, it is worth it for the best odor fighte.

Cleaning Products & Supplies

Whether you’re a recreational or professional boater, we assume that you like to keep the boat clean. Craigmarine provides Information you with top of the line, quality boat cleaning, toilet cleaning, boat detailing products or universal cleaners such as Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps.

Cleaning Your Bottom and Saving Fuel

This article outlines why it's important to properly maintain your vessel, specifically the underwater hull. Barnacles can cause costly damage to your boat, and also increase fuel cost by causing your boat to drag while underway. PREVENTION IS KEY! To ensure a job well-done, and for your own safety you should hire a certified diver. It is more important, and more affordable than you think. Read It >

Tea Tree Power Spray

Always make sure you have a clean boat-bottom!

How to Clean your teak wood

/Boat teak maintenance and restoration/

The first step to either maintaining teak or restoring teak is to give it a thorough cleaning to remove any stains or mars. The easiest way to clean a boat's teak wood is to use a heavy duty brush and teak cleaner. Scrub in the direction of the grain; never go against the teak as you might end up with splinters, even from this very hard wood.

Star Brite Sea-Safe Biodegradable Teak Cleaner/Brightener

I like this teak cleaner as it's fully biodegradable making it perfect to use if your boat is in the water and there will be runoff as you wash the teak wood.

Make sure to wear old clothes as you work on your teak as the teak cleaner can very well leave stains on clothing. And, while you're at it, if you're working on teak wood which is by the upholstery of the boat, make sure to cover the seats or any upholstery with a cloth.

Some teak oils

Research on different finishes, an article that mentioned that some teak oils actually encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Boat owners know from past experience that if they go the straight teak oil route, I'll be treating it again at least twice a summer to remove the gray.

A good teak cleaner will remove that btw. I actually make my own cleaner. 1 gallon of water, 1 cup laundry detergent and 1/2 cup bleach. But then you will have to follow up with oil. If I go the varnish / high gloss route, I should be good for a couple of years. I honestly like that look better but if the varnish starts to peel or flake, the pieces will have to be stripped.

Osculati PVC Fender cleaner

Boat Fender polish, 750ml (osculati.com)

Today Osculati S.p.A.,one of the the biggest nautical accessories manufacturer and distributor in Europa, offers cleaner for boat Fenders.

Tea Tree Power Spray

It's also special cleaning product for PVC Boat fenders, soft fenders, profiles buoys, or any other flexible PVC product onboard.

It's Fender polish detergent with Heavy Duty formula removes gasoil, sea vegetation,tar, traces of paint even the petroleum sludges. This Osculati Fender cleaner is great for keeping your PVC fenders looking tip-top or factory New look and this cleaner does not contain acetone or others solvents of any kind which damages the surface irreparably.


Tea Tree Power Spray - GREAT ON HULLS

Bio-Kleen Company has added the Bio-Kleen Perfect Screen Cleaner to its Marine/RV/Auto lineup.

Formulated to safely clean high-dollar marine, boating and RV technology such as GPS navigation units and fish finders, the biodegradable cleaner, which comes in a 4-ounce pump sprayer bottle with a microfiber towel, is an essential, easy-to-store too.

According to the Bio-Kleen, the screen cleaner also can be used to clean everything from sensitive screens, glass and marine electronics to cameras, tablets, HDTVs and even sunglasses.


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