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Also they offer countless products for each of the popular Outboard manufacturer ranging from the new model releases to popular and not popular enough motor models released throughout history.

Everything from factory Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercruiser, Honda, OMC Parts Complete Catalogs to Motors - you can check out the Engine Parts Catalog for almost any brand and the Parts Catalogs for everything else. Suzuki,Mercruiser parts and Yamaha outboard parts, rigging, sterndrive parts, accessories, maintenance items for sterndrives,outboards and more.

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Knowing the Manufacturer which parts you need a is essential to your marine repairs success and proper maintenance. Here you can find everything for your Outboard or OMC you need using their parts catalog. They offers a huge selection of new and rebuilt Outboard parts include old models from 1968 to until today. You simply need to know the Brand, the year, and model of youroutboard, as well as what part or component you're looking for. From Honda Water Pump Parts,Tohatsu parts to Power Trim 1971 Evinrude Model - 100193A or 18102S they've got it all. Select your choice, and see what they can do for you.

You can convenient and easy search for outboard parts using their parts diagrams.
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Allison Boat - Overview of comments and discussions. More effecient, faster with the same Outboard.

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Yamaha. Need a high-performance outboards, Check out Public Review and Comment.

See and comment. - Fuel efficiency and technology of Evinrude E-TEC.

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ATima - Chinese Outboard, productions include Generators,Pump,High pressure washer, Air compressor,Small construction equipment and accessories

Alpha Int'L Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. - outboard include All kinds of engine - Chinese Outboard manufacturer

BOG HOG - Mud Motors

Bombardier Recreational Products - Bombardier makes Evinrude and Johnson

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(Oshen Industry group) - Chinese Outboards

varies of sports and leisure products include covers boats,
small power outboard motors with power choices from 2.5hp to 15hp. HYFONG brand outboard motors is developed and manufactured by one of our branch corp in Jinhua city(Zhejiang province).

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V MAX SHO Outboards - Efficient Dynamics features by Yamaha for maximizing fuel and power efficiency

Post your questions about long-term Outboard storage or winterizing. See what the Mercury service expert and Customers have to say.

MEG - Welcome to http://www.megoutboards.com Maritime Engineering Group, Inc.

Diesel Outboards. The most technically advanced outboard in the market.
We offering the opportunity to purchase the intellectual properties and manufacturing rights

Nissan Marine

Nissan Marine

Nissan Marine's Company award boat outboard motors(range selection option: 2.5HP to 115HP) that have an established reputation for being compact in size while offers highly desired features such as fuel economy and low emissions that are demanded by the new generation, all manufactured to comply with all US EPA and CARB 3-star Ultra-Low emission regulations

Product Brochures and Outboard Specification Pages can download here:

For your small vessel or speed motor needs, it's tough to find an outboard that competes with the power, performance and reliability of Nissan marine Outboards. With a large outboard, one can easily make your boat like the Nissan G-TR for water speed records.

www.outboards.cn - Worldwide Distributors of Marine equipment -
Petrol and Diesel Outboard engines, Marine Outboards, long tail outboards,diesel marine engines and Outboard tilting systems, include barges, Electric Outboards,Sail and star outboards.

Selva Marine - Outboards -quality and durability! - low fuel consumption,
Italian style and high performances.

Over 50 years of success with Outboard motors and inflatable boats - Whether you prefer the relax or elegance of the lake, the speed and the adventure of the ,lake, open sea or sailing from an island to another, our Selva crew will accompany you providing best services and assistance.

Tothatsu Outboards - outbords and engine parts and accessories - Technology has reached new heights and Pushing power to the max!

Tohatsu 2014 Outboards

Does anybody know when are the new models Outboards for 2014 coming out in North America.

If you want to get a new 4 stroke outboard -one of the smallest motors available with air-assisted direct injection technology, for the reliability and fuel economy.

If your boat sounds like a great classic power boat that would look fantastic with a Tohatsu 2014 Outboard on it. Tohatsu will be getting 40hp 4-strokes in a couple a couple of months, which are the lightest in its class. Tohatsu also have the 40 TLDI specs found here: http://www.tohatsu.com/outboards/40tldi.html, which has excellent fuel economy.

For your reference the specs for that 30hp 4-stroke are on our website and can be found here: http://tohatsu.com/outboards/30_4st_spec.html. they have not changed from 2013 to 2014 models. (tohatsu.com)

Tohatsu March Madness Motor

What is difference between 4hp and 5hp.

The Tohatsu 4hp and 5hp are both based on the same block and difference in h.p. is due to changes in the carburetor. The other difference is that the 4hp is available with an internal fuel tank but it also has a built-in fuel connector so you can use an external fuel tank if you prefer. The Tohatsu 5hp Outboard is available as an external fuel tank model only. These configurations are for models sold in N. America and configurations in other countries may be different.

Full Line-up tohatsu brochure 2012

Pro-drive Outboards

When your terrain is shallow, muddy water mined with tree stumps and matted with thick weeds, your motor becomes your most important piece of equipment. That's why this "Vanguard TM BIG BLOCK'" V-Twin has special features to
deliver peak performance in mud outboat motors.

Suzuki Marine

Scavenger Backwater Motors - shallow lakes and rocky rivers outboard motors

Stump-Jumper - lightweight 7HP Subaru-Robin powered and lightweight highly capable Outboard


The Mariner Outbords : reputation is built on experience For year after year quality ngineering.


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eCycle Marine, Inc. Introduces - Worlds First
Twin Prop Electric Outboard motors

Two outboard engine versions are available. The 6HP (9.9 HP gas thrust equivalent) being sold presently, and a 10 HP which will be available later this year. Inboard propulsion systems in the 6 to 40 HP ranges for larger boats are available.

Griffin leisure boat

"Instead of putting up with that old, noisy, stinky gas-guzzler you have been using, switch to a Fuzion- Electric Outboard"

minn kota

Electric Outboards, battery chargers and accessories

Torqeedo - Ultralight electric boat motors - kayak motors (completely waterproof parts:motor, battery and throttle)

Company is leader in the fast growing high-tech electric outboard motor industry.We
offers 13 models from 1 to 15 hp together with a great deal of innovative and functional innovative accessories and parts , such as performance lithium batteries and solar charging.

Lehr Propane Outboards - The New third fuel type for Smaller Boats. The 4-stroke 2.5 hp(92cc), 5(112cc) or 9.9(212cc) and 15(323cc) engines.

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Aquawatt Electric Outboards, Minn Kota, OEC , Parsun, Ray Electric.

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Diesel 2.3 lt and 3 lt outboards

published in MotorBoats 01-08

Diesel outboards are back

A brand new range of US-made diesel outboards should soon be landing in the UK. The/re being made by Florida-based firm Maritime Engineering Group (M.E.G), and will be available in 23lt and 3lt versions. The company's president. Don Gardner. tokJ MBM. "We feel there is a real need for a diesel outboard. By design, diesel engines are more reliable and use much less fuel than a comparable gasoline engine. Diesels require less maintenance allowing the operator to spend more time on the water.

And diesel fuel is less volatile than gasoline, making it safer to store the fuel in a boat.

All engines are turbo-charged and use the latest in common rail fuel technology, which should lead to even greater efficiency. M.E.G says the 2.3lt version will have similar performance to a 225hp four-stroke, while the 3lt diesel outboard should match a 300hp four-stroke engine in performance. To see more detailed specs and prices for the two engines, visit www.megoutboard.com

Learn more:

Diesel 2.3L Outboard in a Test

by Chris Landry

click on images to view actual article

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Take a seconds to check that Amazon is REALLY cheapest place for Outboards, Parts, Covers. Get free shipping and low prices in a huge selection of various type and models.



Johnson Outboard Motors - 1957

Johnsons family Boat Show 1957, 8 to 17 March


"Sweetest-running Johnsons ever!"

Whether you're a seasoned salt or just getting your feet wet, if you have two drops of boating blood you must see your Johnson dealer's All-Family Boat Show. You'll see the latest boats and boat-trailers. Plus the newest water sports gear. And, of course, the nine finest outboard motors Johnson's ever built—the '57 Sea- Horses. From 3 to 35 hp, from $155 to $625*, they're all sleek, quick, heavenly quiet and as dependable as the family car. There's easier than ever hand starting on all models and 12-volt electric starting on three. As an accessory for the top two Johnsons, there's even a new quick-charging generator for all electrical needs. If your family is sold but your budget's aground, financing can be arranged. Your nearest Johnson dealer's listed under "Outboard Motors" in the Yellow Pages. FREE! Sea-Horse catalog. Write: Johnson Motors, 169 Pershing Rd., Waukegan, III.

A million Sea-Horse owners will tell you JOHNSON KNOWS BEST

Mercury Marine's Stars

Lenny Jaeger

This guy just had too much credibility, like someone who might make sense when he spoke, like a mechanical engineer or similar type with whom communication is harder than with the dead. They should have used Captain Morgan and three wenches.

Lenny Jaeger got his start with Mercury by chance. He happened to be there when the advertising guys needed someone to drive a boat for them. They liked him, how he handled himself and the boat and offered him a job. He knew motors (having had worked on them and owned many) and knew how to handle a boat. He traveled all over the US and into Canada with Mercury doing advertising for them. He got to know the racing team and many of the guys who worked for Mercury. Filmed commercials on the Gulf and had fun doing it. It was his profile that was on the original Black Max outboards said Christine

the early days of the outboards

In the early days of the outboard engines they were usually relegated to the murky confines of the bilge to wash around in squalor with halyard tails, old candy bars, and spent duct tape rolls. They were four tops, two-horses strong, and when called for duty motors these two-stroke dandies took dozens of pulls to get started. There was only one gear, so when journey's end arrived it was the last tactic of the day to decide when to pull the choke and shut her down for the coast to the dock or mooring. Once lit, they spewed all matter of what-not into the air and sea until they warmed up and got to work.

But as hulls and sails have progressed, so too has the lowly outboard engine, which has morphed into a piece of technology worthy of its own custom-made, water-resistant storage bag. Today you can't buy a new two-stroke in the United States, and now you even have your choice of fuel: electricity, gasoline, and propane outboards.

One of the first Merc - Outboard

That was one of the first Mercury Outboard- The engine is a 1959 Mercury Mark 55a 40hp...doing it ever since. " if it ain't black it ain't Jack!" go Merc Marine!

Do you remember the boats at Portage Lakes in the early 60's with fins on them, ...get the beer and and the bourbon and we can take Mark out to Ginnie springs for some drinking and skiing. Hope the rangers don't mind.

"Exactly like I remember them new. Now if only the owner could get ahold of a powder-blue '59 Cadillac-Superior Royal Crown Landau with which to tow it, it'd be the coolest thing in the drive-in burger joint's parking lot. The Gator trailer and vintage skiis are a nice touch, too. Great work indeed"said Marc Hamlet

Back of the boat takes centre stage

The outboars enginewas first debeloped as a way to get to the other side of the hike faster to fish. It has come a long orv/v since, baby.

By Jake Good

When most people think of an antique or classic boat skimming across Muskoka's lakes, a gleaming mahogany craft tends to come to mind. This year that is nil set to change. In recognition of its membership, the Antique and Classic Boat Society Toronto (ACBSj is honouring the humble outboard motor.

With the majority of members owning cedar strip and outboard runabouts, it was only a matter of time before the engine that made boating popular to the masses would be recog- nized. "The Ditchburns and Minetts are the cream of the crop when it comes to wooden boats," said Patrick Wren of the ACBS. "Of course, only a select few of our members can afford them. We have such diversity in boats our members own. About five years ago, the outboard run- about overtook the Peterborough cedar strip as the most owned boat in the ACBS Toronto.

It only made sense that this should be celebrated." According to Wren, when Ole and Bess Evinrude began massproducing outboards in the 1920s, the sales of boats rocketed. Boating changed overnight from a pastime for the wealthy into an every- man's occupation. "They were not only mass-produced but reliable," Wren said. "Out- boards from Evinrude and the Johnson brothers meant that sales mushroomed. Not every- one in Ontario could afford a Duke or Seabird, never mind a Minett. Almost every- one could afford a cedar strip boat or canoe. Now, with affordable engines, boating exploded. We want to celebrate that this year." During the Toronto International Boat Show, the ACBS will be displaying a number of unique boats in the large glass atrium, from a 1929 Penn Yan Marathoner with a Johnson racing motor to a 1938 Canadian Canoe Co. angler's special with a 1938 Johnson KA38, 9.3 horsepower engine.

GLEAMING HISTORY. The Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre in Gravenhurst has an amazing display of early outboard motors, which were invented 100 years ago. The Antique and Classic Boat Society Toronto will also be celebrating the outboard at this year s summer show.

photos by Jake Good

There will also be a trailer from the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York, loaded with four Swift raceboats and engines from the 1950s. "Instead of displaying two or three boats, we will be able to show off 12 to 15," added Wren. "From regular boats used to fish from to rac- ing boats, there really will be some incredible boats on display."

Vintage Outboards:

"Smooth performance at trolling speeds
with Phillips 66 Outboard Motor OH"

H. G. Abbott of Kansas City, Kansas, operates two outboards on the Lake of the Ozarks. He reports: "My 12-horsepower outboard never performed satisfactorily at trolling speeds. I tried various outboard oils and mixtures. Then I started using a pre-mixed fuel containing Phillips 66 Outboard Motor Oil. "During a full season of use the motor did a much better job at trolling speeds. And I get in- stant starts, top performance from my 75-horse- power motor with Phillips 66 Outboard Motor Oil. Best of all, I had no mechanical troubles and the plugs in both outboards were in perfect shape at the end of the season."

Tests show you can get 59% less piston varnish ... 64% less ring sticking with Phillips 66 Out- board Motor Oil. And its patented Phillips additive combination can cut plug fouling and pre-ignition for up to two full seasons or more. And remember, Phillips 66 Outboard Motor Oil now comes in a lightweight Marlex* poly- ethylene container. It won't break ... easy to grip and has translucent molded-in calibrations for easier mixing. Safety cap is tamperproof. Will not roll. Available at Pier 66 Franchised Marinas and Phillips 66 Service Stations. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY. Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74004.*Atrademark Go first-class.. „ Go Phillips 66


The all-around, all purpose motor

Meet the all-around, all-purpose motor—the 25 hp. gale Buccaneer. It trolls. Cruises. Pulls water skiers. Powers heavy houseboats. And it does all of them extremely well, in a workmanlike fashion. The 25 hp. galf. Buccaneer is dependable as only a motor in production for years can be. Every part is proven through rugged, consistent use: gearshift, remote con- trols, suction fuel system with automotive-type pump, vibration-free mountings, waterproof magneto, ball and roller bearings, propeller protecting clutch, lock-up for trailing, and rope or electric starting. Trim, functional and good looking on any boat. Economical to buy and easy on fuel. It's worth repeating and keeping in mind—the 25 hp. is an allaround, all-purpose motor. see it at your gale Buccaneer dealer. You should find him in the Yellow Pages under "Outboard Motors." Or, write to us for his name and a free brochure. Dept. 668, Gale Products, Galesburg, III. Division Outboard Marine Corporation.

Gale Buccaneer june 58



Mel Martin Says: "We'd urge anyone considering the purchase of a new outboard motor to have a closer look and personal'water test' of the latest Oliver. It has many features to commend it." (Houston Post, Feb. 20, 1959)

With the help of Oliver's Houston distributor, Automatic Distributing Corporation, The Houston Post's Boating Editor, Mel Martin, sub- jected a single Oliver Olympus 35 hp motor and a set of twin counterrotating 35s to the mast rigorous of tests. Highly sensitive instruments were used to determine scientifically the acceleration, economy, top speed, pulling power, quietness, starting ease and overall quality of the new Oliver motors. Winds of up to 35 mph kept the salt water testing area rough throughout the testing period. However, the motors still easily qualified for Martin's rating of "Excellent".

Pulling Power Exceptional

A traction dynamometer, a sensitive instrument tied between the boat and an immovable "dead man" an- chor on the shore, gave the exact amount of weight that the motor could pull at various rpm's. After consulting the figures on tests of other brands of motors, Martin reported: "Based on comparative readings, the Oliver 35 Olympus does an exceptionally good job of exerting brute power on the end of a tow line." He added that, "It was truly a revelation to find that the stock propeller furnished with the motor enabled it to exert more force throughout the range. Only in the full-throttle situation did the I blade load propeller show a higher reading than the regular wheel."

Acceleration Terrific

Acceleration was tested by standingstart runs over a surveyed quartermile. "Although we do not conduct acceleration tests at less than the quarter-mile distance." Martin cautions, "we found the engine did a terrific job of getting up to full speed just a few feet from the point where the throttles were suddenly opened."

Top Speed Excellent

Flying-start runs over a surveyed quarter-mile tested speed. "Top speed of the Oliver Olympus comes pretty close to the marks registered by more powerful motors tested last summer," Martin reports. Under ideal water and wind conditions, it can be assumed that top speed performance of the Oliver 35s would have been even more exceptional.

Fuel Use Frugal

Martin found that the Oliver 35 at two to four mph is so economical that he could not get a reading on his Rotometer. The Rotometer is a highly precise instrument which measures fuel economy in several ways, such as gallons per hour, miles per gallon, etc. Considering overall fuel use. Martin rates the Oliver 35 "Excellent".

Likes Mix-Matic

In regard to fuel, Martin was greatly impressed by Oliver's exclusive MixMatic fuel tank. "Since we ran through quite a few six-gallon tanks of fuel in the course of a week's testing," he writes, "the 'Mix-Matic' feature greatly simplified the task of adding gas and oil to the part ially empty tanks of the three engines."

Twin Rigging and Steering Easy

"Steering effort was greatly re- duced." Martin observes, "with the counter-rotating Oliver 35s. as compared to the conventional twin outboard installation."

Oliver counter-rotating twin 35s are simply tied together with a spare piece of steering cable. It had been Martin's previous practice with other installations to bolt the motors together with steel linkage. "The smooth and effortless steering — along with simplified rigging - that goes with counter-rotating engines is also a significant accomplishment for Oliver in the 85 hp range," declares Martin.

115 HP Vintage Johnson Outboard

I have my 24' Lowe made in 1984. Completely rebuilt and modernized. 115 HP Johnson. For those thinking of doing a restore/upgrade of an older Lowe, the replacement panels and fences for the new ones fit perfectly on the old boats. Everything on mine is direct replacement parts for the new boats. People argue with me a lot when I tell them my toon is an '84!! I love Lowe and the customer service that they have!!! Thank you Lowe for making my little project a lot of fun to build and for helping me make my dream boat!!said Mike Dyer

learn more: Hot to Reduce increase speed and drag force

OutboardMotor Trim Angle

The difference in forward thrust lost is 7 HP for a power 200HP Outboard motor

Article " What a Drag" was originally published in September of HOT BOAT Magazine -

2004 issue /click on images to view actual article/

Mercury Outboard

Engineering innovation spirit since '76

Innovation! That's the Mercury spirit since 1976 Then Mercury is ready for you. With three special engines. One a high-performance model and two for sport boats, runabouts or bass boats,see below

MERC 650XS —We developed this three-cylinder cyclone to meet the growing demands of our high-performance engine customers. Mercury Direct Charge combustion chambers and Power Ported pistons assure increased engine efficiency at or near maximum rpm. Self-metering fixed-jet carburetion for the 650XS provides a carburetor for each cylinder.

For increased power and fuel economy there's a dual-tuned exhaust system. The exhaust ports, coupled with a new tuned-length exhaust tube in the driveshaft housing, "supercharge" the engine and increase efficiency. You get the very latest Mercury engineering innovations, of course. Surestarting, smooth-running Thunderbolt ignition and Perma Gap plugs, lower unit protection and Power Trim option. Available with short shaft only.


-If you're a sport boat, runabout or bassboat owner who wants added speed and power, you'll find it a-plenty In the new Merc 850XS. We've taken an inherently fast-paced in-line four and infused it with power-boost- ing improvements. Higher rpm was the challenge. Mercury engineers found the way. So, if you're looking for additional mph from your sport, runabout, or bass- boat, your Mercury dealer has the answer. While you're at it, get details on performance boosting Power Trim for changing engine angle and boosting speed with a pushbutton.

MERC 1500XS —Innovative powerhead engineering is what Mercury engineers used to boost the already high performance characteristics of this engine even higher. That took a combination of ef- ficiencies. First, it called for the very latest improvements in Power Ported pistons which increase horsepower without increasing cylinder size. Next, engine breathing was improved by a combination of Direct Charge induction and louvered cowl. Underwater drag is greatly reduced, as well. You'll plane faster, get additional push and a smoother ride when you install optional Power Trim.

Ninja outboards

One of the most popular electric-nature's high-tech, four-stroke motors, models wieght 40 pounds, see more below

/Torqeedo Cruise R - the silent Treatment/

see more (advantages to electric propulsion, zero noise and zero consumption etc.)

The New Yamaha Outboard

F9.9F and T9.9G review

THE much copied


is neatly designed and has a good carrying handle. Ours had a smallish gear lever on the starboard side of the engine, but a version with it on the side of the tiller arm is also available, which would be better for auxiliary use on a sailing boat. Unusually it was a little tricky to start at first, but once running was very quiet and smooth - all the way through the rev-band. The friction adjuster on the shaft clamp was also a little tight, so steering by the tiller was fairly hard work.

Apparently the driveshaft on the new F9.9F and T9.9G has a special narrowed centre section that is designed to momentarily 'twist' should the prop come into hard contact with an underwater object, protecting the power head, propshaft and other vital engine components. The Yamaha is available with electric start, remote controls and power tilt. There is also a high thrust model, the T9.9, which is even more compact and has an extra long shaft option (25in), higher gearing and a Dual Thrust propeller that redirects the exhaust flow away from the propeller, said to reduce cavitation and increasing thrust by a further 60-70 per cent.


Results on the pull test were good and it was joint first with the Mariner on noise emissions. It just feels and sounds better quality than the Chinese- made engines, but then it should do - costing, as it does, almost twice the price!

Contact: Yamaha Web: www.yamaha-motor.com


Boater Should Know...

Outboard boat motors have three uses for most boaters, as primary propulsion for the main vessel, as backup power when a larger single inboard or outboard is the main engine and as power for the tender.

Many sailboats are powered by outboard engines, although this has become limited to smaller boats in recent years. Some surprisingly large powerboats have outboards for propulsion now that motors up to 300 horsepower are available such us DF300AP - Suzuki (on photo below). Small engines are used on the transoms of dinghies and small fishing smacks worldwide.

While outboards have become more and more powerful, reliable and complex over the past few decades, political and environmental changes are also at work in the development of outboard engines. In an effort to reduce hydrocarbon emissions in many small or environmentally sensitive bodies of water, many localities now regulate the type of outboard that may be used in their waters.

Some waters now ban all use of outboard engines, while others limit the horsepower or are restricted to the use of only four-stroke engines. Ozark National Scenic Riverways ban all use of outboards over 40HP.

Environmental Damage

Two-stroke engines leave an undeniable trail of unburned gasoline and oil that can be smelled and seen as smoke and a slick that floats on the water. Even though modern outboards blow their exhaust out of the propeller hub to mix it with the water, it resurfaces again in little time. Four-stroke motors on the other hand burn much more of their fuel and should spill no oil at all.

If the area in which you do your boating has banned, or is considering the elimination of, two-stroke engines, your choice will have been made for you.

The result of these political and environmental forces is the development of a wider range of four-stroke engines where only two-stroke engines were available in past years. This expansion of the type engines available to boat owners forces a choice.

Boat Rating

Every boat manufactured in the past three decades has a plate on the transom that provides the maximum horsepower that may be mounted on the vessel. It is a matter of great importance that this rating not be exceeded, as there are legal, insurance and safety consequences of over-powering any vessel. In addition, many small lakes and inland areas have size restrictions, often less than 10 hp,such us New 4-STROKE, 9.9 hp, Inline 2 Outboard by Mercury (on photo below), so it is wise to know the local regulations before purchasing a new and modern outboard motor.

Size and Weight

When comparing two motors of the same horsepower, two strokes will be lighter and smaller by as much as 15 percent in small sizes, gradually losing their advantage in larger horsepower.

Two-stroke engines have fewer moving parts and are generally more compact and lighter than four-stroke engines. For most boats where the engine is bolted on as a main propulsion engine, this is only of consequence if the boat is sensitive to the extra weight. Likewise, for a tender that is lifted in davits or by a power lift, the difference in weight can usually be ignored. Where the outboard must be carried separately in the trunk of a car or hoisted on and off a dinghy frequently, however, the size and weight difference is worth serious consideration. This is especially true if there are health or strength issues with the crew that has to handle the engine.


Two-stroke engines burn a mixture of gasoline and oil, firing on every revolution. The oil is in the mix to lubricate the engine's internal moving parts. Since they are generally built to run at higher RPMs, they tend to burn more fuel. Four-stroke engines are lubricated with oil in a crankcase and burn only gasoline, firing on every other revolution. Since they typically operate at slower RPMs, the result is often greatly increased fuel economy over the two-stroke. Where fuel is very expensive or it may be a long time between fills, the four-stroke has an obvious advantage.


Both Two-stroke and four-stroke outboards are available in similar sizes as rated by horsepower, but the two types of engines behave quite differently. Even though two engines have the same power, two-stroke engines tend to have faster acceleration with less torque. What this means in selection is that lightweight boats often perform best with a two-stroke where the quick acceleration and high RPM operation will pop the boat up on a plane very quickly. Displacement hulls, those never intended to plane but capable of carrying heavy loads at slow speeds, will perform best with a four stoke.

Special 4-stroke engines are built with geared-down lower units and large-diameter, low-pitch propellers to push sailboats with keels, lifeboats, miniature tugboats or other heavy-displacement craft.

Maintenance and Repair

Unless a two-stroke engine is oil injected, oil must be mixed with the gasoline at every fill up. While the four-stroke isn’t encumbered with this nuisance, they must have the oil in the crankcase, along with any filters, changed periodically. Two-stroke motors are well known for their propensity to foul spark plugs, but these are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. In general, parts and service on two-stroke motors are easier to find in most areas while the newer four-stroke engines can be harder to find parts or trained mechanics in remote locations. more

Outboard Motor Prices

Having more metal, a greater number of moving parts and a lower number of units made, four-stroke engines typically cost more. This difference is shrinking as the demand for four-stroke engines increases. Also, many four-stroke motors are sold with longer warranty periods than an equivalent two-stroke unit, the extra cost might be considered worthwhile in the long run. For many US boaters, the difference in cost in relation to the total cost of the entire boat is deemed to be very small.

the MasterGuard Hub System for 300+ outboards

There is an ongoing challenge for boaters who own outboards and sterndrives from 25 to 300+ hp-finding the ideal propellers to make their craft run faster, pull harder and handle better. Now, the quest is over, because Turning Point Propellers offers its Hustler high-performance aluminum props with the patented MasterGuard Hub System. This system, which incorporates the only separate and interchangeable hub with a rubber bushing, protects engines from shift and impact shock, as well as vibration. This rubber bushing is extremely effective on 4-stroke outboard engines, as it minimizes the excessive shift shock and harsh vibrations in the lower unit caused by these motors.

The simplicity and cost effectiveness of the MasterGuard Hub System make it possible for boaters to purchase a spare or replacement housing for the cost of a repair to a conventional propeller. And every Hustler high-performance propeller boasts the exclusive PointGuard corrosion-combating finish that protects the prop, while giving it the rich look and appearance of stainless steel.

Hustler's aggressive blade design is patterned after high-performance stainless steel propellers. Thus, Hustler high-performance aluminum props give boaters the advantages of stainless at the cost of aluminum. Progressive pitch, high rake and aggressive cupping give Hustler props higher top speeds, better handling, more lift and a quicker time to plane. This means performance is optimized, whether running at WOT, cruising, skiing or bass fishing.

A boater who wishes to match the best propeller to his engine will be pleased to know that even Turning Point's propeller packaging can be a great help. Each box features quick and easy selection charts for all popular engine brands and sizes.

Suggested retail price of a Hustler high-performance aluminum prop starts at $121 for V-4 and in-line 4-1/4" gearcase outboards. Spare or replacement propeller housings for this motor only cost $66 at full retail-less than the cost of a repair.

for more details: http://turningpointpropellers.com/

Adjustment mechanism for outboard engines/z-drives

The trim is controlled by a switch on the throttle.

This tool mounted on most outboard engines, over 25 HP on the Z-drive bases can reduce or increase the wetted surface of the boat and win or lose performance. And... Learn to use it is very important.

The trim (angle of the motor in relation to the hull) is a big jack located on the mounting bracket of the outboard, and is usually controlled by a switch on the throttle.
By pressing "up", it departs the motor transom, and "down" is the closer.

This tilt adjustment mechanism of the seat outboard and Z-drive is very valuable.

By changing the thrust angle of the propeller in a vertical plane, it adjusts the pitch of the boat. Trim differs from the "lift", much rarer, whose role is limited to modify engine height on the table light boats, so the immersion depth of the propeller.

At startup, slaving negative favors planing through the increase in lift entailed lowering the bow.

Some notes on the base to release the stem to find the optimal balance. This reduction of wetted surface promotes speed. On flat water, it can be tempting to slave away on the edge of the propeller ventilation to raise the towers and gain some nodes.

On the open ocean, much larger water surface waves, as the wake of an already distant boat, can cause sudden roll, sometimes difficult to control.

He must immediately slow down and return to a less pronounced trim setting. We see many boats on the trim setting affects the stability of road. As well take advantage and adopt a setting that makes the perfectly neutral bar, no pulling to the right or left. It is often a good compromise between boat speed and balance.

A positive adjustment trim causes the propeller ventilation as soon as one begins a turn, and especially since the engine is mounted high (often too high, just to win one or two nodes). Before performing a tight curve at high speed, so it will reduce the negative trim position.

Boat's trim in rough seas

By sea and downwind, the boat having a natural tendency to bake, you must relieve her before riding the trim - slaving positive. The bow will be so relieved, and the nose of the boat will not come crashing into the waves in front of you.

By sea and head wind, it is the opposite. If trime is positive, the nose will rise, providing an important decision to wind.

Classic boat motors restoring

There are actually a lot of people that restore and run these motors especially on classic boats. If they aren't in bad shape they will run. If you can get compression out of it, it will run.

Join the Johnson and Evinrude powered boats group there are lots of people in there that could give you insight as well as people who have parts for these types of Motors. There is also a group here in the Northwest that is dedicated to nothing but Classic boat motors. http://www.aomci.org


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