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Be sure to padlock the safety chains as well. I know a guy who's hitch broke and towed his boat home with just the chains.

You can use trick that used to install hitches. You take the proper sized ball to fit the hitch and cut the threaded shaft off then put in hitch and lock as normal with a good quality lock. This way they can't back up and haul your trailer away with an undersized ball. When you have your boat parked. When you go to move it you just unlock the coupler release and remove the ball without threads then hook up to your rig.

You can put a spare ball in the tongue then put a lock on the secure it in place. Then a 3/4" steel cable with a lock thru the rim and then around the trailer to keep the rim from turning. Then when wheel starts skidding loud enough to hear out.

How to keep your boat safe from theft - The modern ways and devices