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Georgia Yacht & Sailing Clubs

Atlanta Inland Sailing Club
Atlanta YClub
Augusta SC
Clark Hill Lake

Barefoot Sailing Club
Geechee SC
Golden Isles Sailing Club
St. Simon's Island
International Yacht
Racing Club
Lake Lanier SC
Landings Yacht Club
Savannah Sailing Center
Savannah YC

University Yacht Club
Founded in 1951
Sydney Lanier

NE of Atlanta


Westpoint Lake Sailing Club

Freedom boat club

the world's largest members-only boating club

Don't settle for an average day. Throttle for the horizon. There's more for you out there, like fish to catch, waves to jump tubes to pull and adventure to be had. All you have to do is sign up and meet us at the dock.


"We have been members at FBC(Lake Lanier) since 2004 and would highly recommend this over owning your own boat. The maintenance fees are much less than it would cost to store or tow a boat yourself. The service at the dock is great. It is so easy to just walk up, put your things on the boat and go. At the end of the day you just pull in the dock, unload your things and that's it. They clean, service and fuel up the boat for you! The reservation system is easy and accommodating. We could not have asked for a better experience."

"Worry-free boating is for real...not to mention less expensive, less hassle, and 99.9% pure & simple fun! I have always been able to get out on the water whenever I wanted, and upon excellently maintained equipment. The deckhands are all about ensuring you have a safe, enjoyable time while on the water, and even provide any water toys they may have on hand. Very service oriented owner & staff. Well run business. I have been a satisfied member now for over 10 years."


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