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Find a directory listing in Europe Simply find the best Austria-Yacht or Sailing Club for your needs.

Austria Yacht & Sailing Clubs

Yacht Club Austria

The Yacht Club Austria is Austria's largest association for sailors and power boaters.

We are members of the Austrian Sailing Federation and the Austrian Ski Motor Sports Association in Austria (MSVÖ) thus support the Austrian professional sports, youth development and the educational system of our skipper.
Membership means to get access to all information and training that are currently available in Austria.

As the only club for sailing and motor yachting enthusiasts in Austria, we have an office that is open daily for your questions, requests and concerns.

We will advise you on all matters relating to the themes of sailing and motor sports.

We make contacts with the specialists and professionals. As a member of the largest maritime club in Austria, you are also an associate member of the DHH (Association of German deep-sea port "Hansa") and the CCS (Swiss Cruising Club) and thus in a community of over 25,000 water-sports enthusiasts.
We advise and support you in all aspects of sailing and motor boating! We organize training at the highest level!
4020 Linz
Braunau Simbach

we have an extensive annual program. From our current 200 members are currently over 120 approved high lake trailer inside. Regular participation in ocean racing long distance trips and our summer trips are an integral part of our activities.
If you are interested please visit us at our club nights every 4th Wednesday of the month at the Inn Castle Tavern (Stieglbauer) in Ranshofen.

Service is very important in the YCBS large. We see ourselves as a support for members and derren concerns. Here you will find in the area, all we have found useful for sailors. We have all complemented with all the useful and the links to our friends.
Karwendel Yach tclub
Nautic Club Austria
Osterreichischen Hochsee
Yacht Club
Oesterreichischer Segel-Verband - AUSTRIAN SAILING FEDERATION

Since 1946, represents the Austrian Sailing Federation (OeSV) the interests of its members. Currently there are about 20,000 sailors and surfers who use the services of the Austrian Sailing Federation to complete.

The sailing association organizes regattas, championships and training.

Furthermore, the OeSV promotes young talent in preparation for the competitive and elite sports supervised and coordinated the Olympic team, supports the popular sports, is committed to the disabled sailing, is involved with the sea sailing and much more.

Become a member and part of an organized "Sailing extended family and feel comfortable in the company of amateur sailors, seamen, World Cup and European Championship top sailors, to our Olympic champions.

All data cited Club (Club Address, body,...) are directly from the OeSV database - filtered - according to your specifications.
Salzburger Yachtclub

Success for the Salzburg Yacht Club in Uniqa Offshore - Challenge 2010
Oliver Rihl and Markus Hofstetter successfully sailed from SYC!
A total of 61 boats started the race. Fought off the Croatian coast
the teams for the victory. Over a distance of more than 300 nautical miles
(a total of about 70 hours) in some strong winds and changeable, unstable
Weather from sunshine to storm with heavy hail were received, after 2 races
in different boat classes earned winner:
Oliver Rihl with its "Fair Check Team
was number 1 in the device class' Bavaria 47 Cruiser.
In the device class' Bavaria 42 Match "Christian Kargl won with his team.
Markus Hofstetter / Ronnie Zeiller reached hot this
competitive class of the outstanding 4th Place.
Segel - Club
Seekirchen am Wallersee
Segelclub TWV Achensee
Segelclub YES-Kammer

Segel- u. Yachtclub Steiermark
St. Veit

Yachtclub Seewind

The exhibition "Sailing, the force of the wind " is dedicated to the fascination of wind-powered mobility on the waters of this earth. Impressive 3-D models, stunning photographs and films as well as interesting lectures and tours immerse the visitor in this matter. Spinnakers, knots, navigation, and wind speeds up to meteorology, visitors can learn to know about sailing and the power of the wind. Detailed documentation on the yacht design and yacht building, and the major regattas in the world provide an insight into this adventure. The visitors will also be here on yarn and descriptions of experienced professional sailor.We support both the amateur sailing (recreational sports) and the regatta sailing and yachting.
Wien Jois
Union Yacht Club
Union Yacht Club
Union Yacht Club
Union Yacht Club
Vienna Sailing Cruising Club

We are an Austrian organization that operates internationally and is the predominant activities of its members to focus its activities in the areas of Vienna, Oggau at Lake Neusiedl, Burgenland, Austria (Austria) and Croatia (Croatia) added. It is our duty to the members in both trips by private boat and the charter of sailing boats and motor boats to help to organize events and promote the maintenance of the community of interest. We also support the youth, young, people interested in our sport through events of Schnupperrfahrten, training, training to Skipper and Skipper training as well as in purchase and sale of ships and boats of any kind or placement of accessories and spare parts.
Wiener Yachtclub
Yacht Club Austria
Yacht Club Bregenz
Yacht Club Breitenbrunn

Sandgate Yacht Club was established in 1912 and is located at Allpass Parade in Shorncliffe, on the northern banks of Cabbage Tree Creek. Regular races occur every second Sunday during the season (see calendar below) and consist of Flying Fifteens and 505's. Of course, we welcome any classes to join our regular racing

Races are typically held out the front of Nudgee Beach, just to the south of the Cabbage Tree Creek entrance. Starts are conducted from the MV Cape Moreton with the assistance of a rescue boat.
Yacht Club Braunau Simbach
Braunau, Simbach, Innviertel
Yacht Club Burgenländischer

Founded in 1955, the BYC has grown today to become the third largest yacht club in Austria. He is the only one on the Neusiedler See, the site is located entirely on water and was, therefore, entirely built on piles.

Our structure is in the middle of the Rust bay. The beach of the village is located nearby. This allows the existing infrastructure be used easily. Available crane and boat ramps as well as the extensive leisure facilities of the adventure Rust, which include a surf school, beach volleyball courts and a miniature golf course includes.

The town of Rust was first documented in 1317. Today Rust about 1700 inhabitants, is famous the many storks that nest here and the variety of wines.
Yacht Club Illmitz
Yacht Club Velden
Yacht Club Weiden

The YACHT CLUB WILLOW is a family club with strong sports orientation. Founded in 1983, the YCW was Seeweid's residents, including marine park called willow who wanted to exercise their hobby together. Fortunately, as have also boat owners as well as friends from the marina meadows, pastures especially appreciate the lake, joined our club. Finally, the YCW had about 100 performers and 75 members of family connection members. We are a member of the Austrian Sailing Federation (Austrian Ski Federation), the country's Sailing Association of Burgenland and the general sports Oesterreichs (ASVÖ).
Began after many years of preparation, and in 1998 the construction of our clubhouse, which was inaugurated in summer 1999. In order for our Club now has its long-awaited focal point for all events. In addition to sharing expertise, information and various training events we have already spent many pleasant hours. The beautiful club room and the sunny balcony invite you to linger.
Yacht Club Zell am See

The Yacht Club Zell am See is located on the north shore of the Zeller Lake in the Land Salzburg and invites you to sail! Nestled between the Alps, the crystal-clear Lake Zell a beautiful view and the Yacht Club offers an excellent infrastructure to be able to pursue your hobby optimal.

Our members find important information about the berths and fees under the "Club"- "Membership".

The Yacht Club Zell am See (YCZ) is located on the north shore of the lake. The club area is nestled between a nature reserve in the east and a large bathing area in the west, lots of sun.

Our clubhouse includes a large multi-purpose meeting room with small bar area, club offices and changing rooms and bathrooms with showers and toilet facilities. Furthermore, as our members a large boat shed for the accommodation of sailing and boat accessories available supply. Immediate neighbors of our clubs are a sailing school and a Badere-rant with a garden. The club area immediately adjacent to the bathing area offers the opportunity to provide even for large racing events enough berths for the regatta participants. Campers will find a modern campground only about 200m east-Lich of the club, right on the lake.
Zell am See