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Belgium Yacht & Sailing Clubs

Brabant Wallon Yachting Club Wavre

Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club

Founded on 25th April 1906 and based on a property belonging to the "Donation Royale", the Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club is the oldest yachting club in the city... and has access to sea, even for tall ships such as the Mercator.
It was honoured by the Royal distinction in 1913.

The members are true boat lovers, whether seagoing or inland vessels. The average membership is approximately 500. While being a private club, it is nevertheless accessible to outside guests, pupils of the school or yachtmen calling in Brussels. The club house includes a bar and a restaurant, in the pure naval tradition.

Cercle de Voile de Dave

Groupe Voile & Croisière de la mer du Nord

Royal North Sea Yacht Club Ostend

Sports Nautiques de l'Eau d'Heure Thuin

Zeilclub Gavermeer