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Finland Yacht & Sailing Clubs

Kotkan Pursiseura
Helsingfors Segelklubb
Helsinki - port services are presented to Baltic ports. Service, the body form the Finnish and Swedish foreign ports. In the future, the service expanded to cover the entire Baltic region. Finnish ports are based on self-reported data ports. Vierassatamaksi accepting all the associations, local and private-maintained ports which are open to everyone and provide the port sites and any other services for a fee. Swedish ports are Gästhamnsguiden SXK Ab class to foreign ports and the data are collected in their ports.
Helsingin Pursiseura
Mikkeli Yacht Club - MPS

Society's annual meeting elected a signatory Mikkeli Yacht Club. Commodore for 2010. I thank the members of the trust. I wish all of MPS's existing and new members of the refreshing and safe boating summer.

Yacht Club History: establishment liikkeellepanneena been driven by a strong community lived in a rowing race hobby. Kilpasoutua harrastettiin four-man row boats. Individual rower had not owned an interest in a four-person boat, so it was natural for boats owned by one established through the yacht club.

As well as supply boats that require the maintenance of their club funds. Thus, the yacht club to become a tradition iltamien programmatic and other fundraising serving entertaining summer events. Society still engaged in entertainment-oriented activities is long and well-founded its roots.

Rowing boat ownership in addition to MPS members sought the use of canoes. Any kind of water-related recreational activities were the subject, even a swimming school in an attempt to get the place, but without success.
Nasijarven Purjehdusseura Sailing club

Society membership is requested in writing. The application requires two full-age club members recommended the engagement.

Sailing Club was founded in 1898 and today is Finland's largest inland waterway is monitored in terms of membership and activity in terms of activity level. Current home port in Tampere Flying Cape Hare Island, the club moved in 1975. The harbor is home members of the berthing area for boats and talvitelakointipaikat. Year-round use in the activity center offers a variety of maintenance, service, meeting and storage space and a spacious ballroom. The hare on the island also has a separate log sauna and during the sailing season cafe-restaurant. The club has the services of a secretary and harbor master.

Cruising club is water along the five touring base with good wingers, saunas and other facilities necessary for the members and their guests.

Training activities the club organizes the basics demanding theory mainly in winter and early summer, and members of the club still not included in adolescents and adults. Experienced members will participate in the practical training in their own boats.

Nordic Yacht Clubs

Nyland Yacht Club - NJC

With over 2500 members are Nyland Hunting Club (NJK), the largest sailing club in Finland. The club was founded in 1861 and are thus also the oldest sailing clubs in the country. NJK's primary mission is to educate sailors: it shows the following selection from the association's activities and history.

In the 1880s, used mice Holmen south of the West End as home port, but it was later replaced by Pale Holm shoal. Blekholmen is one of Helsinki's official harbors and is visited annually by some 500 visiting boats.

Match Racing:
Match Race Center (MRC) has six J80-boats. By becoming a member of the MRC can sail actively without owning a boat. MRC has about 100 members.

Regularly arranged both practical and theoretical courses for the members: first aid, electronic navigation systems (GPS, plotter), VHF, sailing course for beginners, officer course, race course and Command.

Suomalainen Pursiseura - SPS

SPS provides an ideal framework for the hobby of sailing in the middle of maritime Helsinki- Port: Finnish Sirpalesaari Yacht Club is located in Helsinki, southern sea port on the western side. The island's geographical location is 60 º 9 '7''N 24 º 56' 46''E.

Yacht Education

SPS organizes evening rehearsals during the sailing season asics / basic skills for the club's juniors.

Suomenlahden Meripurjehtijat ry
Helsingin Tyovaen Pursiseura Yacht Club

Helsinki Workers' Yacht Club was founded in 1925. The club operates in eastern Helsinki, the customs of the island's recreational park located next to the Pyysaaressa (N 60 ° 10.8 'E 25 ° 01.6').

The club's official meetings are held in spring and autumn. Persons employed by the club are Pyysaaren part-time janitor on a contractual basis, and rotate at a restaurant, restaurateur and his team. Membership fee and Berth charges are levied in the spring, the dock charges in the autumn. Key Pay, sauna use and payment, etc. as necessary.

Club activities

Addition to the issues listed on the left indicate important activity, voluntary work, which our members participate diligently

Tampe Pursiseura - Tampere Yacht Club

Tampere Yacht Club was founded in 1945. Members of the club is 552, 158 yachts, motor boats and 49 steam vessels 1.

Tampere Commodore Yacht Club junior activities are of high quality and diversification. Tutoring is offered for children aged 7-18 and young people from primary to compete at a level up. Sailing can try to make one brief evening, or come along courses and camps to which the sailing skills are growing rapidly.

Yacht Clubs of Norway
Yacht Club
Asgardstrand Seilforening

Christiansands Seilforening - CSF

Sail Training for women starts on Monday 4 April 1800, at the Sail Loft to the CSF.

Fredrikstad Seilforeningc - Fredrikstad, Norway

Harstad Seilforening - YC

in the wind since 1976

Winter Sale at seilmakerne and Sailing cruise with the trad-sailboat.

Harstad Yacht Club was founded in 1976, when the world's northernmost Yacht Club. The Association currently has approx. 90 members and is affiliated to the Norwegian Sports Association through the Norwegian Sailing Federation and Troms sailing circuit. In addition to host regattas for keelboats puts emphasis on the association to the activities of banks and adolescents. This work is carried out by a separate children's and youth committee that organizes beginner courses in dinghy sailing and some other activities.

Harstad Sailing Club organizes the following regattas:

Harstad regatta
Festival Regatta
Tjeldsund regatta and in addition, the association and common vertur falltrip and training regattas every Wednesday in spring and autumn.

Os Seilforening

Os Yacht Club wants to create a good social environment in the association and the main target group for dinghy sailing are mainly children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years. In addition, the association has boats that are suitable for young people from about 14 years and upwards. We also try to provide the advanced an offer race training and support participation in regattas and meetings at local and national level to the extent there is interest in this.

Os Yacht Club would first and foremost to teach kids to be safe at sea. By learning to handle a sailing dinghy under different conditions, one learns respect for both the sea and nature. At the same time it gives great pleasure to be able to master a small dinghy and understand how powers can be used for both speed and voltage under safe conditions.

Norsk Flerskrog Seilklubb

Norwegian Multi-hull Sailing Club is the club for class multi-hull boats in Norway. The club also has a tender department of multihull craft, as well as class club Norwegian Hobie Cat Club.

Norwegian Multi-hull Sailing Club was founded on 4/12-1974. The purpose was (and is) to promote multi-hull sailing in Norway. It makes the club by spreading knowledge of multihulls and multihull sailing. NFS is registered with the Voluntary Register

Royal Norwegian Yacht Club

The Kongelig Norsk Seilforening, or Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, was established in Oslo 1883.The club has more than 4,000 members, mainly located in the Oslo area, and is by far the largest yacht club in Norway. For decades membership has been open in accordance with national sporting regulations.

Royal Norwegian club has close relations to its “sister clubs” in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Stockholm.
Sola Brettseilerforening

Sola windsurfing association holding beginner courses in Liapynten Hafrsfjord. The course lasts 3 hours with the opportunity to take a oppfølginskurs. Map to Liapynten here - MAP.

Sola windsurfing Society (SBF) is the district windsurfing club, the first (established in 1984) and one of the largest in the country.

Soon Seilforening (Yacht Club)

Soon Yacht Club was founded 18 februar1919. Association's clubhouse was for many years the famous night spot Club in Son. In 1986, the newly built club house Neptune in use, with its newly built jetties. The association has around 600 members. Activities of the association range from dinghy sailing for children, to havseiling large sailboats. The association has arranged and organize regular major events such as Norway and Norway Championship Cups.
Winter Training

Swim Training Mondays at. 1900 to 2000.

We begin winter training in swimming badger Monday 1 November, kl. 19 -20 . There will be swimming and water activities intended for those who want to get in better shape during the winter, and those who only want to maintain the existing form (read: all ages).
Søgne Seilforening

Tonsberg Seilforening

Tonsberg Optimist Sailing Association invites everyone, Zoom8, Europe, 29er, RS Feva, Laser and Sailors of the Year Whit Clay, with a common goal "Sail Training for children and youth on a customized level in a safe and social environment."

Tromsø Seilforening

Halden Seilforening "På Gränsen"

Yacht Club of Bodoe

, Northern Norway