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Akademischer Yacht Club

The association

The AYC is a Aachener sailing club with strong links to the RWTH-Aachen. He is out of the sails Technical Working Group (Act) hevorgegangen and tracked in addition to the sailing of boats and their design and construction.

The members are mostly students and members of the Aachen universities, but it can be any member of the AYC has the fun of sailing!
The Fleet

We currently have a total of 12 sailing boats. Seven dinghies, two keel boats and a yacht lying on Rursee and two yachts are on the Dutch coast.
The activities

The activities of the members range from spontaneous sailing days on Rursee up to annual chain hops along the European coast. At Ascension directed the AYC is currently the largest regatta of the Rursee, the blue ribbon from the Rursee. Also this year over 80 participants are expected. Other activities of the members are regular sailing camp on the Dutch coast and sail training for obtaining the official certificates.


Düsseldorfer Yacht Club


Flensburger Segel Club

Here you will find information about the Flensburg Yacht Club.

* office: How and where to reach us
* Board: The board of the FSC shown in the right image
* Committees: The committees and officials of the FSC
* Web Editor: We imagine, contact us
* History: The history of one of the oldest sailing clubs
Germany and major events


Kieler Yacht Club

On the left side you will find all the neccessary information about the regattas organized by the Kieler-Yacht Club.


Leverkusener Yacht Club


Libera Yacht Club Chiemsee Anzing

Regatta Verein

The NORTH GERMAN CLUB REGATTA is Germany's largest sailing club. Since 1868, that is now 142 years, he has devoted to the racing nature and Segelei. Hanseatic self-pride and harmony in the history in the NRV, they have inspire his own distinctive image and to this day. Sun tried and tested to be maintained, nurtured and cherished sporting spirit sharpened.

Active and Passive combines a special NRV Club spirit. It combines the preservation of traditions and sometimes endearing quirks and maintains a relationship-rich open-mindedness - not least in the beautiful historical certainty tailwind.Active NRV members are supported to qualify through intensive sail training or given financial backing for international match races and in the NRV Olympic Team. Many regional regattas provide pleasant contrasts. By intensive cooperation or by filling presidential positions in sailing associations, the NRV maintains national interests and needs not fear international comparisons.


Oldenburger Yacht Club

Since then, the "Lord trip" is essentially the same core team that carried out annually in the Ascension. Jo to create one comprehensive organization manual, in which all participants and the route to be traveled, with alternatives listed.

Over the years, it came with the participating boats to some charges. The 1997 boats took part in the Men's tour:

* Jo Lehmkuhl with "Jan Wind "
* Uwe Jungclaus with "Swann"
* Jörn Gebhardt with "Wi Twee"
* Udo zinc with "Rantje"
* Volker v.Kiedrowski with "Phoenix"
* Sönke Forestry Hofel with "Salute"
* Andreas Thiele with "Mucky"
* Burckhard white with "Anja II

Provided since Udo with his "typewriter" a musical review, was the desire for a common song book. Jo Lehmkuhl took again the initiative, and has collected in day and night work is a collection of maritime and popular folk songs. On Nov 27, 1987 was the first recital of the OYC place with the new song book. Until that time, 500 books were sold and the same number in DM of the German Maritime Rescue Service will be transferred.


Seglervereinigung Flensburg

In today's Cafe Blucher meeting took place appeared signed men's and founded a sailing club.

Regarding a more detailed composition of the club is decided by March d.J. convene an extraordinary general meeting and are up to that point yet further inquiries, etc. are obtained.

Signed: L. Niclaus, A. Boelcke, P. Zlotowicz, Peter Specht, Ed. Jacobsen, M. Schmidt, Heinrich Woest


Spandauer Yacht-Club
SpYC.html Berlin

St. Gallischer Yacht Club

Wismarer Segler Verein 1911 Wismar /


Yachthafengemeinschaft Maasholm e.V.

We are pleased to welcome you to our website of the Marina Community Maasholm.

Here you will always find information about the community.

Now you have the option to use the port range of a hotspot the Internet.
- The club was on 2 April 1977 in Eckernförde founded.
- We operate to promote the solidarity of all the municipal harbor Maasholm based house

Water sports, and the constructive cooperation with the municipality of red herring.

Our community now has about 140 members, and we look forward to each new member.
- We lead our club pennant for 6 €, bumper stickers, for 1.50 €
- We are a member of NRT, red herring, the nature center.
- The four councils, the auditors and the board members are also on board their ships


25746 Heide

Segler-Vereinigung Malente-Gremsmühlen e.V.

23714 Bad Malente-Gremsmühlen

Marathon-Segelclub Burghausen e.V.

84484 Burghausen

Segel Klub Minden e.V.- Germany

We are located on the north shore of the Sea Steinhuder, a major north German lakes, between Minden and Hanover. With 32 square kilometers, it is an ideal area for sailing dinghy, Kats and dinghy cruisers and also a popular recreational area and nature reserve in the region.

Love of sailing and fellowship are our motivation. The result is an active sports club with high recreational value, etc. by own caravan pitches. Each year we host several regattas for Opti-children and adults. Youth is an important part of the SCM.

We operate a public crane and slipway and get your boat safely to and from the Steinhude. Welcome to see more details, visit the club site.

Mittelmeer Yacht-Club München

In January 1976, the Mediterranean Yacht-Club Munich (mycm) was founded in January 2001 and thus celebrated

its 25th anniversary.

He is a member of the Bavarian Sailing Association. He has set since its inception, the task

the cruising to promote particularly at sea.This was especially the founding members of the export-u. Training of its members at heart.This is one of the most important tasks of safety in the pursuit of yachting is to be increased constantly.Furthermore, the association every other type of water sport through events,

such as courses and lectures and others, the purpose of the association serving measures.The mycm is acting under the Regulation profit association. At the 2006 AGM the following members were elected for a term of two years on the board.

Seglergemeinschaft München e.V. SGM

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the racing rules revised. The German translation of the amendments is published in the menu on Regatta / Olympia. Essentially, these are reformulations to prevent unwanted control applications. The changes concern the rule 18.2 (c) (also in Annex B) and the definitions of "obstacle" and "party ". Only for the match race (Annex C) a new rule was added 2.12, to rule 18.2 (e) for the match race changes. In addition, some attachments (J, K, L) were adjusted as the traditional categories of advertising (A to C) in regulation 20 of the ISAF have been abolished and the numbers under the regulation have changed. Be advised of restrictions on advertising in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20 it may be necessary in the tender.

The association area of the SGAM is located on the northwest shore of the Great Müggelsee.
A few meters from the site flows into town from the river Spree Müggelsee.
Club from the air

Our port facility offers berths for sailing dinghies, dinghy cruisers and larger yachts up to 10m in length.
The port is protected by a shaft at the head protection system dock. Thus one is also good protection from easterly winds in the harbor.


The sailing club is located in Münster Münster eV at the bottom of Lake Aa. This central location makes the most of the nearly 400 members possible to just quickly get to a jump to Aasee to sail or just take in the show the club with friends.

The SCM offers a wide range of leisure activities related to sailing and beyond. Would like to stress that it is up to you whether to sail a little on the Aa, prefer their sailing as a competitive sport or take on large yachts across the oceans. But no matter with what intention and ambition is what this sport operates, the sailing club Munster offers an excellent base for sailing in all areas.

The German Classic Yacht Club

The sailing club is located in Kiel with 1000 enthusiasts - seeks to capture the growing interest in old yachts and to encourage and bring together

DZYC - Óacht Club

Our yacht club has over 300 members, about 120 privately owned yachts sailing under our club pennant. Seat of our club is Schilksee keel. Our DZYC - club rooms in the former Olympic Center are numerous events, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the area, the yachts and on life in the harbor area.

SC Gothia eV Berlin - Club

The philosophy of the Germany Sailing Club- Gothia, therefore, is to offer its members the right setting for the exercise of sailing in all facets.Starting with the youngest and youth training, to active recreation on and around the water, nestled in a harmonious club environment.With it's 300 members is one of the Sailing Club Gothia not sure of the very large yacht clubs in Berlin, but without question the best known and most traditional.

SCGN - Germany Sailing & Yacht Club

Our sailing club is located northwest of the town asparagus Graben-Neudorf. on a beautiful large quarry pond about 25 km north of Karlsruhe. The club offers both the racers and the enthusiastic amateur sailors the right fun.The mix of generations of sailors provide an active club life. Several annually by SCGN for different boat classes targeted races where the fun is not too short to ensure a large turnout of sailors from other provinces.

SVGL Yacht Club

The Club was founded in the port "on the tower with the clock" on Lake "Duemmer". Thus, the SVGL place in the list of the most traditional clubs Dumber. Over many decades, the 'SVG'L developed strong - of the successful youth work on the Shanty-Chor Bishins active racing scene of the association increased the supply of the Germany sailing club.

American International - Yacht Club Berlin

Over 50 Years of Sailing on the Lake - "Wannsee" - The roots of the American International Yacht Club Berlin (AIYCB) can be traced back to the arrival of the US Constabulary Forces in Germany in the Fall of 1945. Sailing on the beautiful Lake soon became a popular form of recreation in Berlin.

Aggertaler segel club

The ASC is a traditional, non-profit organization at the Bigge Dam on the Sauerland. Its members are over 40 years for the promotion of sailing. Our members come from a catchment area up to 200 km of the Bigge. The magnificent club facilities and club house restaurant offers members and guests a pleasant atmosphere before, during and after the sailing season.

ASV - in Aachen e.V. Club

The ASV is a sailing Club for all students in Aachen.The ASV is organized in Aachen in the Association of Academic Sailing Federation (VASV). The Academic Sailing Club have their origin in Gdansk, Kiel and Berlin - Germany. Today they are available in many university cities, including Cologne, Hannover, Stuttgart, Munich, Lübeck, Hamburg, Rostock,Dusseldorf and Greifswald.

Germany-Hamburger Segel-Club e.V.

At Germany-Hamburg's first address, the beautiful 'Alster' Lake right in the center of the Hanseatic city, the home of the Hamburger Segel-Germany - Club with its Club House and the Alster harbor for 280 boats. From spring to early December 1000 directed the Hamburg-member sailing club on his home district races for different boat/yacht classes: ranking regattas and racing association.


More than over 40 years, sailing enthusiasts from Ludwigshafen have teamed up to most city dwellers Otter Altrhein pursue their hobby. The German Sailing Club Ludwigshafen has now well over 100 active members and guests of all ages. In addition to casual, there are always sailing regattas and the club kids are introduced to the sport and the wet element.

Germany StSG

Founded 1982 The Student Association offers sailors community for over 25 years all water sports - to attract a number of offers. Legally, we are two separate clubs -Stuttgart,Germany that work together but very strong and often occur together.Currently, the StSG Stuttgart has 482 members, 94 of them are children and young people.The student population is 6.2 percent. The StSG Tübingen has over 250 members, among them 51 children and adolescents.Under the motto "Sailing is fun" and "The Society for All " has everything you could wish for water sports heart - from training in sailing and motor boat slips and intensive youth work on a varied program of dinghies and yachts on Lake Constance and sailing opportunity on the high seas up to an attractive winter program.

The Yacht Club at the Lister Bigge-YCL in Germany

The Yacht Club at the Lister Bigge-YCL is one of the major sailing clubs in Germany and offers one of the most interesting areas in NRW. Youth and racing activities are a priority. From beginner to professional training, we offer everything you could wish for sailor's heart. New members are always welcome and have the opportunity to get a guest membership for a season the club and its members.

Germany Yacht - und Ruder-Club Attendorn e. V.

Waldburg - regatta - 23 vessels

Wilhelmshavener Sailing Club

Founded in 1908 as "Wilhelmshavener Sailing Club" 1946 together down a decision by the military government with the Founded in 1927 "Sailing Club Rüstringen" All friends of sailing, we invite you to a virtual tour of one of the most beautiful sailing areas in Germany's coasts. Get to know them, the port facilities in Nassau harbor and at sea in Hooksiel Hooks. Browsed in the many lockers this site with news, schedules, race schedules, trip reports, truths, desires, and yarn. See the exciting range of sailing with racing, Wednesday races, cross country trips, island trips, dinghy sailing and youth work. Experience the safe domestic water, but also a unique flow of water which makes special passion for sailing. Come on board, where the water does not only depend on making coffee

Germany SCW in Starnberg

"Here's what's going on - and all you can feel a friendly, family atmosphere, a guest of his visit to the SCW in Starnberg.
He is right there in the SCW los an active club life and there is almost always something. Not only at festivals, events and regattas, the casino is full, even on weekends and even during the week you meet almost never on an empty Clubhouse. And of course, the sailing is at the center. Very important to the members, however, the common pleasure of it - regardless of whether they are sailing novices and experts is to long or new club members - we belong together in the SCW. It is sailed together and celebrated. The annual arrival and sail the SCW Regatta goes directly into the dances, the summer festival, the hall "boils" at the latest at midnight.

Yacht Club WYCA in Germany

28 boating friends found in Nature house in the meadows of all the "Wolfsburg Yacht Club. A little later, the renamed "Wolfsburg Yacht Club Allertal (WYCA) and entry into the German Sailing Association.

"Wismar" - 1911 Club e.V.

A pearl of the Baltic Sea coast.The most original preserved old town of medieval Hanseatic period to expect. Already far at sea to greet the huge brick churches. The newest landmark is the largest shipbuilding hall of Europe. Right below is our little hidden natural port, allowing you to sleep undisturbed for a city and pub crawl. On our website you can learn about the history of the club or the area, the beautiful bay of Wismar. Have fun and always be water under the keel.

WSeV Berlin

Berlin, Germany windsurfing club :Exercise, Systems and applications

The sailing club High Viecheln e.V.

The sailing club High Viecheln e.V. lies on the northernmost shore of Lake Schwerin and is more likely to be smaller sailing clubs in the Republic. This does not mean that in our society, nothing is going on. On the contrary, the association is very active in national and international regattas in youth sports, with success. Anyone who is interested not so much for performance-based competition will, perhaps to like the popular sports in the club. Each year we organize several events and disappear from the evening in a relaxed atmosphere. Since years, e.g. the island-Lieps Cup one of the largest in recent years, it is the largest inland regatta in the Laser sailors of Germany.For hikers and water Trainigsgruppen other clubs is our club a popular destination. Guests are always welcome.By means of its own arm can also combine other boats gekrant into the water. It is currently the only one on the Outer Lake Schwerin.Guests and members is on the club grounds in addition to moorings, drinking water, sanitary facilities , a club room.Take a look around and perhaps in all times there is the opportunity to get to know each other personally.

Heilbronner Yacht-Sport Club e.V.

A total of 3 classes entered the race: An Opti group, a group Toppergruppe and a yardstick. As usual this time also took back some of our members participate in the regatta started and in the Yardstick group. Although spared the Breitenauer lake was announced by the storms, but the wind conditions were all mixed in all, very much. On Saturday even had the third round will be stopped after the half because the wind was completely asleep. There were a total of 3 races, 2 on Saturday and a final on Sunday. Although it was enough for any of the Heilbronner sailors on that day for a place on the podium, then the overall result was quite impressive. The best finish Jens Satterthwaite achieved with a Laser Radial at number four. Behind it lay with your Antke Oltrup Europe in fifth, followed by rookie Felix Sonneberg, also Laser Radial, at number seven. Kate came in eighth Cup winner "Heinz" K3 with his catamaran.

"Harkortsee" Yacht Club e.V.

The Yacht Club is the largest sailing Harkortsee providers in the local area with the catchment area Hagen-Germany, Herdecke, Weather, Witten and Dortmund and the surrounding area. In 2004 it celebrated its 50th anniversary. The beautiful club grounds with club, regatta and a cottage, and a listed building, timber-framed house and a covered barbecue area with benches located on the south bank of the Harkortsee and covers 8350 square meters separate and in addition some 5,000 m² leased premises. The Harkortsee is about 140 hectares and is located at 90 m above sea level and in 1931 he was created by damming of flowing watch. The Board has developed a modern management structure and future strategies pursued clearly defined in latitude, performance, and recreational sports (handicap sailing). He opens the club also essential for members without their own boat and institutionalized the sociologically important collaboration with schools in the surrounding communities.After the merger with the sailing club Friedrich Harkort (SFH Herdecke) in 2002 and the Sailing Club Witten (SCWi) in 2004, the "YCH" has in creased its membership significantly and reduced the average age for new members strong.

"Arnisser" Sail / Yacht Club e.V.

In May 1993, at the suggestion of several club members decided to revive the club newsletter, "The Lighthouse " after 20 years. Back in the seventies there was a club newsletter with the same name. How many editions are published at the time, can unfortunately not say exactly. We may have about the medium "Internet"means the ability to get accurate information about it. In the new edition of the newspaper club have expressed their readiness to club members Louis Michelsen, Karl August Ruehe and Hans Günter Schmidt to take over the editorial content. For the "Newspaper Advertising" the club member Claus Nissen was recovered.

Academic Sailing Club - Hannover e.V.

The Academic Sailing Club - Hannover,Germany e.V. (short ASVzH) is a student community that operates and supports the sport of sailing. Will be sailed with us almost everywhere where there is wind and water, mainly Steinhuder at sea, but also on the high seas. If you are interested in sailing, whether as a sailing novice or experienced sailor, come visit us just yet. You can find us every Tuesday from 20:00 clock in our club rooms in Hanover. Then there is the chance to meet them, and organize sailing dates and carpooling for the weekend.

"SVAOe" Sailing Club - Hamburg, Germany e.V.

A sailing club needs a place where members can come together and where they moor their boats and store in winter. At best, everything is in one place. The "SVAOe" as one of the largest sailing clubs in Hamburg,Germany has correspondingly wide, so to speak, "national" activities and does not come from a single location. The clubhouse in Neumühlen is the center for organizing and meetings. The sailors's life is distributed to different ports, however. We are members of the Hamburg Yacht port community that operates the yacht harbor in Hamburg Wedel, the biggest yacht port in Germany, and in the dinghy port communities Alsterufer and Muhlenberg. We are also long-time tenant of the facility in Eckernförde on the Baltic Sea with house, pier and buoy field.