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Norway Yacht & Sailing Clubs

Asgardstrand Seilforening

Christiansands Seilforening

Yacht Club

Harstad Seilforening

Nordic Yacht Clubs

Os Seilforening

Norsk Flerskrog Seilklubb

Royal Norwegian Yacht Club
Sola Brettseilerforening

Soon Seilforening

Søgne Seilforening

Tonsberg Seilforening

Tromsø Seilforening

Halden Seilforening "Pe Gränsen"

Yacht Club of Bodoe, Northern Norway

Fly Fishers Club

The Norwegian Fly Fishers Club is, to my mind, the very best way to enjoy the Gaula. The Club offers access to some of the very best pools on this special river, including the fabulous long pools at Langoy, Renna and Tilseth and the legendary Bridge Pool. If the river is too high or cold to allow the fish to pass through the infamous Gaulfossen rapids, then NFC also have excellent water on the lower river around Kvål and Lundamo, and they also have some great and beautiful, intimate water on the Bua tributary, renowned for its deep-bodied and ultra-powerful strain of salmon. NFC can organize various types of accommodation, either staying at the new NFC lodge or in various traditional Norwegian Country Houses.

Favoured early-season flies for the Gaula are templedogs, particularly in Black and Green, and also the new-wave “Banana” fly.

NFC at: [email protected]
NFC are represented in the UK by Frontiers UK:
Contact Tarquin Millington Drake: [email protected]
Orri Vigfusson is doing great work to protect one of the world’s most inspiring
and magnificent creatures - the Atlantic Salmon.