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Lushnetskaya nab. 8
Office 448

Seven Feet

"Seven Feet Yacht Club" - was established on the basis of Vladivostok well-known trade-union sailing club. It is situated on the coast of the picturesque Fedorova bay. Today there are about 400 members and 90 pupils of sailing school. Seven Feet Yacht Club is the biggest by the number of members on the Far East of Russia.Fleet of the club numbers 70 centerboards and 48 cruising yachts, with 26 participating in regattas, organized in Primorsky region and abroad.

New modern marina was built to ensure safe practice sailing and yacht moorage.

Moscow Yacht Clubs

Royal Yacht Club (Russia, Moscow)

Moscow - port of five seas

On Thursday, on 12 th of Juli on beach " Beach Club" in Water stadium there has passed a party "Azimut Day" under slogan "Moscow-port ot five seas", organized by companies UltraMarine and known hour brand Ulysse Nardin.


Ycht club is calculated on 190 courts in the size from 6 up to 30m.Depth of water is between 2 and 8m that allows to accept yachts even with deepdraught.Club has over 20 parking pieces for guests.

Modern moorings are equipped with electricity and cold water.

Spectator tribunes will invite wishing to Watch competitions on kayaks or "Formula-1" on water. The club provides rental services of berths. Marina hi-tech equipment, specially designed to cater for yachts premium. Yacht Club "Royal Moscow Yacht Club" maintains a high level of service.

Our vision:

The RYC's port area is designed for 190 yachts and boats ranging in size from 6 to more than 30 meters with an available water depth of 8,0m provides berthing small and luxury yachts.

The Royal Club beach

Modern private beach only for RYC's members, equipped according to world standards: entrance fee, room service and restaurant and electronic pass system for boat owners. Own crane allows ascent at the end of the season for the winter and lower in the early navigation yacht club members.

Under the Crown

Under the "Royal" name have many Yacht and Boating Clubs around the world, from Los Angelis to Japan and from South Africa to North Russia. Everywhere is a well-known fan of boats and sailing vessels.

The burgee of this club often can be seen decorated with the Crown - the major elements, such as the Royal Temple Yacht Club and The Royal Thames Yacht Club.

These Clubs are mostly the oldest continuously operating yacht clubs in the world offering excellent facilities for both members or visitors, sailing events as well as social activities, monthly meetings include business conferences or boat services and provides unobtrusive excellence in every aspect of Boating life and style.

These Club's members participate in a huge range of yachting, social and sports events in local and international waters, and therefore these Royal - clubs have a major role in every aspect of Sailing Society.

Yach Center "Nord-West"

The school accepts children aged 10 - 14 years who can swim.Classes 2 times a week in Stroginskaya floodplain.

tel (495) 756-07-77
e-mail [email protected]

Marine Club

One of the largest fitness center in Moscow, "Marina Club" is located in the woodland park (the park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo) on the shore of Khimki reservoir in the four hundred meters from the Leningrad highway near the metro Voykovskaya.

«MARINA CLUB» - multi family club - areas for fitness, sports and recreation.

Moscow, Leningrad Highway 25A

Sales Department (495) 363-60-97

tel: 363-60-97, reception (495)

Yacht Club Marina Club
Leningrad Shosse, 25a
(495) 768-81-54 (495) 768-81-54
[email protected]

Moscow Region Yacht Clubs

Yach Club "Khlebnikovo"

Club Categories:

Olympic class yachts, World class yachts and Children's classes of yachts.

The territory ESVSM "Khlebnikovo" has everything necessary to prepare athletes for the highest category of the competitions of international level.

In Moscow in 1998, working Experimental high sports school "Khlebnikovo" (State educational institution of further education sports orientation). The school continues the tradition of the Moscow Sailing Club, which traces its history back to 1937.

Moscow international yacht-club "Spartak"

located on the shores of Klyazma in 7 km from Moscow on Dmitrovsky highway.

Yacht Club was founded in 1937.
Club "Spartak" offers a range of services for active recreation: skiing on boats and yachts, water excursions. There are places for year-round parking and storage of boats and yachts. For convenience, both club members and visitors on the functioning restaurant, outdoor bar, swimming pool. Also runs a children's sailing section. All this and much more vacationers will appreciate by visiting our yacht club.

Moscow International yacht club "Spartak" is located on the picturesque coast of Klyazma in 7 km from the ring road on the Dmitrov highway, Near the railway station "Vodniki.

Sailing Club "Vodnik"

Children team, cruise and regatta

Sailing Club Vodnik located on the picturesque coast of Klyazma just 7 kilometers from the Ring Road on Dmitrovsky highway.

A unique private club for business, sports and cultural elite, the possibility of holding corporate events, conferences, trainings, negotiations.

The infrastructure of the club - well-appointed marinas, own service department, which provides services for maintenance and repair of yachts, boats, watercraft, engines.

Yacht Club "Patriot"

Mytishinskiy cruising yacht club PATRIOT

Classes are held year-round at Klyazminsky Reservoir.

The school is situated in the picturesque forest "Bay of Secrets" Pirogovskoye sleeves Klyazminskogo reservoir, has the necessary infrastructure for sports and recreation, its beaches. The territory of the school is protected.

Yacht-club "Avangard"
Moscow region, str. Sheremetievskiy
1 Quay,
tel. (495) 787-61-10 (495) 787-61-10
[email protected]

Yacht-club "Museum"
Mytishinskiy rn, str. Klyazminskoe reservoir, D 3
tel. (495) 588-81-37 (495) 588-81-37
[email protected]

Club The Seagull
This Russian yacht club "The Seagull" is located on the picturesque banks of the Kuibyshev Reservoir, where the Volga up to 12.9 miles in width. Convenient location in the recreation area and proximity to transport routes allow easy access to the Club both winter and summer from all over the city. Groomed Harbor may take up to 60 motor boats and yachts up to 15 meters and draft of up to 2 m.

Club Odyssey
Russian "Odyssey" - a modern yahtmarina, located on the picturesque banks of Kama, combines the best traditions of sailing Kama and current trends in the device yacht clubs. Good infrastructure and a new, convenient pier make the club attractive to owners of sailboats and motorboats premium.
River cruises: Huge selection of yachts, boats and motor vessels for cruises on the rivers of the Perm region - for recreation, fishing and a fun corporate cruises, weddings and anniversaries Cruises: Rent a sailboat at sea Perm - only us! Yachts and catamarans in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Ionian and Marmara seas are waiting for their passengers Repair of boats and yachts : Repair the yacht or a boat? No question! From the sunken and recovery, before the final tuning, or build a new individual project Education Yachting : We are preparing a tail in the real world!

St. Petersburg Yacht Clubs

St. Petersburg River Yacht Club

Saint-Petersburg River Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club in Russia, its history began in the middle of the XIX century. During its existence Yacht Club knew different times: there were big victories athletes Yacht Club, were known to travel, Photo-lyric changed the location and name (on the end of the Soviet era Yacht Club was best known as the "Central Yacht Club").

Yacht Club organizes and hosts regattas, competitions, festivals, concerts, festivals, corporate events, weddings, banquets, tours, cruises to Finland, Sweden, Germany and many other things in and with the participation of Navy Yacht Club. Three Harbor Yacht Club are provided with everything necessary for the reception of domestic and foreign yachts. For yachts engaged in sports and studies PNP members, organizationally united in collective yachtsmen, who works at The Yacht Club in accordance with the Regulations on the team with SPbRYaKP sailors. Team members pay annual membership dues (students and pensioners pay half).

Yach Club "FRIGATE"

Konakovskaya boat station (ANO "FRIGATE") has 150 outboard motor boats and parking for 150 parking boats afloat and home services Fregata is providing places for parking for the small size of the fleet.
This year, after the expansion and reconstruction of berths bay we have the opportunity to park the boat afloat for up to 15 meters.

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "FRIGATE"

Central River Yacht Club
Peter Kosa, 9
(812) 235-66-36 (812) 235-66-36
[email protected]

Gals Club - Russia (Moscow)
Yacht-club "Gals" is located on the left bank of the Pirogov sleeves Klyasminskoye reservoir. Gales has been known since 1986 and has a reputation as a cozy club of the elite. Following the modernization of the club provides its customers with service of high European level. At the club "Gals" is much improved and expanded infrastructure berthing facilities, the length of which is 800 meters. New piers, secured supply of electricity and water, can of 150 boats of club members and 50 guests are larger than 100 feet with a draft of up to 6 meters. Qualified professionals carry out maintenance of the club, as well as solve the problem of complex technical devices boats. For members and guests of the club is open territory in 6 acres, and eventually a total area of the club to reach 10 hectares. Today, the company considered various design options for the development and filling of available land.

Pirogovo yacht club - Russia
Stylish yacht office with showers and comfortable locker rooms, designed by renowned architect Totan Kuzembayeva. Berth for boats and yachts for 40 ships. Each mooring bollard - a work of Art, in yacht-club "Pirogovo" collected unique in number and diversity of the fleet of racing yachts and motor katerov.Yaht Club "Museum" offers for boats and yachts of summer parking and winter parking on open space.

Russian Elit Crous club
Russian club is located on the banks of the Pirogov reservoir in the Moscow region Mytishchi district near the village of Pirogovo. The history of our yacht club started more than ten years ago. In 1993, near the village of Pirogovo appeared water-sports facilities. In 2006, we resumed operations as a modern marina with all facilities for an enjoyable family holidays and corporate events on the nature of the water. In order to create the most comfortable environment for a relatively small area for the visitors, we have pursued a policy of closed family club. This is essentially a new proposal for the Russian market of recreational family yacht club.

Yacht Clubs, Russia

Sheksninsky Sailing Club
Vologda region., Sheksninsky rn, p / o Nifotntovo, P / f Sheksninsky
(81751) 21-687, 49-287 (81751) 21-687, 49-287
[email protected]

Fort Utrish YClub
Russian Yacht Club Fort Utrish "is located 17 km from the city of Anapa in the waters of Lake Serpent in the Greater Cape Utrish. Panorama Utrish impressive: the emerald green forests, rocky cliffs of the mountains, quaint coastal bends, fathomless depth of the heavens and the boundless sea horizon. If the majority of the Black Sea coast in the Sea meeting wild dolphins has become a rarity, in the vicinity of Cape Big Utrish this happens, just like many centuries ago - in the morning and evening.

yacht-club "Seven feet"
Novorossiysk, str. Lenina 98
(8617) 72-57-44 (8617) 72-57-44
[email protected]

Anapa yacht club
Anapa, cordon Lane., D. 1a
(86133) 4-67-52, 2-10-98, 5-81-36 (86133) 4-67-52, 2-10-98, 5-81-36

Yacht Club "Friendship"
Togliatti, Port-p
(8482) 489-949, 489-386 (8482) 489-949, 489-386
[email protected]

Yacht Club "Komatek"
Ekaterinburg, str. Kirova, 40
(3432) 453-974 (3432) 453-974

Yacht-club "Navigator"
Coastal park
tel: 8(8552)313586 8 (8552) 313586

"Royal Club"
Club "Royal Club" was founded in 1998 by experienced dog experts which already have long experience. Our club breeds. Here you will find dogs of service rocks decorative and companions. The composition of our club also includes club cats and ferrets club decorative. Since the founding of the club we have is working closely with the leading nurseries of the United States and England.

RoyalTribune Yacht Club
Grand yacht club, open in summer 2007 - a joint project of Azimut-Benetti Group

Russia 40th Meridian Yacht Club
"Rechnoy tramvaychik" with a spacious hall favorable for different kinds of events: banquets, conferences and river trips.

Russia Crocus Club
Welcome to Crocus Club. We are in the Crocus City, on the banks of the Moskva river. Our yacht club and restaurant offers you a unique holiday on the water, combined with extensive shopping and entertainment that offers you a Crocus City.

GI yacht club - RU

Sea Yacht Club of Chupa - Russia yacht charter
sea yacht-club based in the White Sea bay in Karelia, North-East of Russia. In 2007 members of club have registered City Sports Public organization "Sea yacht-club of Chupa" non-profit, entering as a collective member in the Karelian Federation of Sailing.

Club of Chupa

Russian Ocean Sailing Club
Sports organization "Russian Ocean Sailing Club" was registered 4.02.98g. for long-term program participation of the team sailing "Russian Team" in ocean racing "Ocean Challenge", supported by the Russian President.
Club activities can be divided into two major components: Organizing the Russian sailors in the largest ocean sailing races; Maintaining the Olympic sailing, children's sailing, the development of extreme sports and their popularization through the media. Creating a water sports complex "Moscow Sea" - a modern framework of extreme travel and museum of famous travelers. Development of ideas and activities of the Club is not conceivable without creating its own base, which should be not just a sporting character, but to be of historical and cultural center.
Club offer Charter in Russia:More sailing and motor yachts coming to Russia. In the yacht clubs revival and reconstruction. To provide the best conditions for the parking of boats, more and more services to their respective owners. It seems that everything is done to the boat and did not leave their berths equipped, and the owners had every opportunity to show each other their thoroughbred yacht.
Yacht Sales in Russia:We offer new and used boats, yachts and catamarans from the U.S., for both leisure and prestige as well as for sailing regattas.
In additional a Huge selection of sailing and motor yachts made in France.

SEVEN FEET - Russian Yacht Club
Sailing yachts and Motor yachts.

Seven Feet Yacht Club- Russia SFYC - was established on Vladivostok, situated on the coast of the picturesque Fedorova bay us union sailing club .Today SFY Club haveover 300 members, 80 pupils of sailing school and 48 cruising yachts.

ASTRAKHAN Russian Yacht Club

Russian Yacht Club "Astrakhan" is voluntary homing public organisation and carries out the activity according to the Law of the Russian Federation, confirms races of courts, writes out vessels or models, suitable to swimming, and contains a workshop for Club and organise school for training.

Russian Sea Marina Club

Yacht club "Russian Sea" is located in the West Bank to the top of the Novorossiysk Bay in 1.2 IPA. to the N of the cape of love. The port is well equipped. Parking courts it is calm, except for the duration of the north-eastern and south-east gales. Berthing facilities are protected from waves by two breakwaters: North and South. The width of the entrance between the breakwaters 0.5 IPA. Extremity of the northern and southern breakwaters for input illuminated signs with coordinates 44 37 42.7N 47.3E. At all berths have electricity and fresh water. Depth at the berths 2-3.5 m.

Russian Sea Marina Club

Yacht club Avangard-S

Russian Avrora Club
Yacht Club is located on the left bank of the backwater Khlebnikov Klyazma. The coordinates of the input character in the waters of the yacht club - N55 ° 57,671 'E37 ° 30,946'. APPROACH TO SHIP - through the canal on the left bank of the Canal. Moscow, with downstream (to Moscow) after the bridge Dmitrovsky highway when going upstream (from Moscow) - After the railway bridge Savelovski direction. Travel by motor vehicles - on Dmitrovsky highway (approximately 6 km from Moscow Ring Road in the direction of the field), turn right before the bridge over the Canal. Moscow (before the turn is signpost "Yacht Club" Aurora "), followed by the signs. It is also possible from staircase Dolgoprudny. Guests must inform the administrator of your arrival and get a guest card. These cards must be worn all the time spent in the yacht club in order to avoid misunderstandings. Admission of vehicles on the territory is only for members of the Yacht Club and their guests. It is also possible parking of cars on the street in front of the entrance gate to the yacht club. HOURS Yacht Club. Yacht club is open to visitors daily from 10.00 to 20.00, for the permanent members of the yacht club and their guests - around the clock. HISTORY OF YACHTCLUB Yacht-club "Aurora RU" was formed in the early 60s of the twentieth century, the Ministry of Medium Machine Building. The first chief of the yacht club was Boris G. Reytarovsky. For decades, several generations of sailors put their contribution to the creation of deservedly high reputation of the yacht club. Under the guidance of such renowned coaches as Helen Borisovny Archangel and, later, Eugene A. Zhukov, had been brought up a whole galaxy of artists vodnomotornogo, sailing, won numerous prizes and medals.

Club "Scarlet Sails"

The Yacht Club "Scarlet Sails" situated in the city of Moscow, Strogino, and is part of an elite residential complex Scarlet Sails. Since 2005, the Yacht Club "Scarlet Sails" is managed by the Grand Marina. We are pleased to offer you the following services: - Year-round parking of boats, yachts and jet skis. - Guest parking of boats and yachts up to 35 meters. - Sales and service of boats and yachts. - Charters with Captain, learning to drive small boat. - Training and riding wakeboard and water ski. - Advice on the purchase, maintenance and operation of boats and yachts.

Russian Club Baltiets

The Yacht Club "Baltiets" (MARINA) invites all owners of yachts and boats into its new marina. The largest yacht-club katerny in Russia. For the first time in 300 years of maritime capital new haven, designed for small fleet deployment, re-built the open coast and opened on 1 July 2006. The Yacht Club provides a place for summer and winter home courts for club members and guests. Conducts sailing, powerboat and rowing competitions. Works for children and youth sailing motor school. Storage of boats, trailers and equipment possible in both summer and winter. Parking is equipped with six points of protection, closed perimeter and video surveillance. Exit the area is closed and can only be done on the ship and skip the ticket. At night, the entire perimeter and water area is well lit. During the day, for owners of boats available for free, secure car parking. Also in the parking lot working crane (fifteen tons) and the boat ramp for launching and recovery katerov.V including our parking lot is covered by insurance, maintenance and repair of boats. Also, by piloting provodka.Rabotaet cafe. On the territory there are shower and WC.

Everyone chooses what he likes, but it's hard to argue that sailing - one of the most popular. No wonder, because this sport is all: and unmatched competitive spirit, and the realization of children's dreams of conquering the sea horizon and the spectacular adrenaline that is released into the unequal struggle with the elements. If you have a yacht, you can take part in sailing competitions, organized by St. Petersburg Yacht Club "Baltiets." Sailing for the Cup competitions and prizes Head adminstratsii Krasnoselsky District held twice a year in the Neva Bay in the distance about 10 miles long, without measurement and handicap. For owners of the boats carried powerboat competition. Traditionally, the competitions are held for prizes Yacht Club "Baltiets" on the day of the Navy. Winners and prize-winners in each class are awarded medals, diplomas and valuable gifts. To feel all-powerful captain of his own ship and receive a diploma winner of the Absolute - that portion of this hero, strong and brave.

Russian Krasnodar sailing school

The boundary value cruising sailing school Public institution of Krasnodar Territory "Edge cruising sailing school," founded resolution of the Head of Administration of Krasnodar Territory from July 14, 2000 N ° 521. State of spacecraft "Edge cruising sailing school" has 5 branches in the cities of Temryuk, Eisk, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Tamn, Primorsko-Akhtarsk. The organization of the State "Edge cruising sailing school" is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Krasnodar Territory "On State Youth Policy in the Krasnodar region" with the main directions and principles of state youth policy in the Krasnodar region.

Russian Club "Lavola"

Tourists who dream of unity with nature and relaxing holiday in the fresh air, can now rest directly on the Saimaa Canal, in the new modern yacht club, which is an old name "Lavola." Yacht club is open to travelers who arrive in Vyborg by sea on their own yachts, as well as for guests wishing to spend a quiet weekend of his or vacation, to relax and gain strength. In a modern hotel that combines urban comfort and unique spirit of maritime adventure travel for five beautiful rooms. Also, you can stay in cottages, cozy apartment. In the hotel operates a restaurant overlooking the bay and a summer terrace. A mini-golf 18 holes waiting for both beginners and experienced players. Club "Lavola" has equipped marina for yachts and boats and is ready to offer services in their service. You can rent a watercraft, rowing boats for walking on water, or to arrange a bicycle and cycling in the near future here sushe.V open for fueling boats, also plans to hire an organization pleasure yachts and boats. Club ready to host the festivities: banquets, gala evenings, weddings.

Moscow Yacht Port - "MRP yacht club"

Moscow Yacht Port is considered to be the oldest branch now in the waters of the Moscow Canal. Today it is a dynamic company providing quality service to its customers and partners.

Russian "Neptun" Club

The Yacht Club Neptun was founded in 1998 Location: Beach Klyazminskogo Reservoir, 7 miles from Moscow on Dmitrovsky highway area: 4.27 m

Main activities: Parking, storage and maintenance of ships, corporate events, rental boats and yachts.

Infrastructure Yacht Club: Modern berthing facilities capable to accept more than 100 vessels, warm boathouses to storage vessels in the winter, and Technology Complex, which includes an area for the corps and the salon repair, sewing awnings, covers and upholstery, area for engine maintenance and life support systems.

On the territory there are: hotel, 14 comfortable cottages on the water, a restaurant, an outdoor mini-pool, playgrounds for various activities, mini-golf, playground, pavilions with fireplaces in the coastal strip.

Russian Chernomor Club

The Yacht Club "Chernomor" regardless of the season, offers a full and exciting vacation to the highest standards.

Katernaya parking at the mouth of the river Shapsuho - pos. Lermontovo The village is located on the Lermontovo Tenghinka bay of the Black Sea. Lermontovo - this is the first resort on the coast town on the federal highway "Don", is located directly beside the sea. Hence, almost the same distance and to Sochi, and to Novorossiysk. If you prefer, you can easily get there by boat for a couple of hours, enjoying the views. To get on a tour of the seaside towns you can not anywhere else because of traffic jams. The unique location of deep river Shapsuho can go to the dock vessels with draft up to 2 m. It is a natural refuge. Regardless of the force of a storm, the waves of the river do not go, and shipowners have nothing to fear. Such safe berth in the Black Sea coast are not present. The distance to the exit to the sea - 100m. Roadway clearance - 4.5 m. The depth of the water area - 2m. Descent and ascent of vessels in the slip. On the territory of the yacht club is located yacht shop, cafe, service area, hotel rooms.

Yacht Club - lot in the village. Aydar - pos. Novomikhailovsky Aydar club settlement located in the best part of the Black Sea coast - near the town of Tuapse district Novomikhailovsky. Area of the village is 7 hectares. The climate of this area is unique, it can be called the "golden mean" between rainy subtropical Sochi and Gelendzhik, which is located to the north, and has a lower water temperature and air quality. In Aydar swimming season longer, from May to September, water and air pleasing warmth. The sea in the Aydar the purest on the coast - not near cities and sewage from human settlements. The main highway is located 6 km from the village, so the air is clean, they like to breathe. In August, the water warms to +29 ° C. The average temperature in December and +12 ° C! It offers parking in the village Aydar. 120 m long pier can accommodate vessels with a draft of up to 2 m. The descent and ascent of vessels equipped with two slip. There is a possibility down the court as its own transport owners and stationary winch and travel club. Provided a platform for winter storage. The entire territory guarded round the clock. There is available a complete infrastructure. The hotel, cafe, Wi-Fi, parking, sports facilities, private beach.