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Sweden Yacht & Sailing Clubs

Helleviksstrands Kappseglingss

Welcome to HKSS!
Are you interested in learning how to sail in the unrivaled beauty of the archipelago in the Western Orust?
We offer beginner and advanced courses in optimism for the young, tvemmannajollekurs for adolescents and adults, and last but not least, the popular pirate sailing school for the youngest children.
See you this summer!

Each year in conjunction with the sailing school closure organized a sailing competition for all students' parents and other adults. All sailing optimist and this tends to be great fun, especially for the spectators.

As the pirate sailing school has become such a success so we will divide the children into two groups so that everyone can participate. We can thus give all children more of the play and learn and they are sure to get two really exciting and fun days on the lake.

Helsingborg Yacht Club

Helsingborg's harbor is an exciting position in the center and a sense of Mediterranean. The standard is high on everything from berthing arrangements for information. Visiting boats are close to shops, banks, post office.
The club has nearly 600 members and we welcome many more welcome.

Many volunteers participate in this, but it also costs money, maintenance and matriel, courses, etc. Your company will now have an opportunity to appear at this unique venue by "buying" advertising space in Helsingborg Yacht Club or sponsor a sailing race.

Jolleseglarna Karlstads Kanotforening

Dinghy sailors Karlstad organizes sailing courses for children and adolescents during the summer holidays, weeks 24-32 . We offer sailing courses for beginners, but also for those who have already sailed for some and want to learn more. Week 24, we arrange a sailing school week just for girls, Girl Week. We are delighted that so many have chosen to participate in our sailing school in recent years. And we hope that this year, many sailors who meet, enjoy and sailing down to Kanikenäset. Welcome to sail with us this summer!

Training takes place at our facility in Kanikenäset. Each course includes six days, Monday through Friday, and a sixth day that takes place in later this fall. Sailing School takes place every day between 10 am and 16. Week 24, we arrange Girl Week, which means that all students and all instructors of the week is girls. Our sailing instructors educate children and help craft is in place. Boats can be rented from us, and life jackets you can borrow from us. Sailing School (6 days) costs 1200 SEK for beginners, SEK 1000 for the advanced course and 1,000 per sibling.

Sailing Training club

Nordic Yacht Clubs

Raa Jolleklubb - RJK

Ree Dinghy Club (RJK) was founded in 1969 and therefore celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009
The club is in the new port of Ree, near the boat launch ramp. Adjacent to our clubhouse, we keep our boats and other equipment. There are also locker rooms, kitchenette and toilet.
RJK is aimed primarily at young people who want to learn how to sail dinghies. We run sailing courses for young people aged 8-15 years during weeks 25-32 and then sailed it in our 20 dinghies. For those who are a bit older, we offer sailing in C55 and FEVA. Our goal is to get students to want to continue sailing after sailing school, perhaps as competitive sailors in their own dinghy or "just because it's fun" in any of the club's boats. As a member and with the completion of sailing, you can borrow the club's boats when they were not used in flying school. For adults we run sailing courses in the C55.
To help us with the sailing school, we have trained instructors and five safety boats.
During the summer months from May to September, we practice racing on Tuesdays for our dinghy sailors, both with the club undertakes and private boats. Then we train the outsourced track outside the harbor and then sail less experienced sailors and club racing sailors. For club racing sailors and novices, we are implementing training camp. Each year we carry out any major race.

Racing: Ree Dinghy Club is seeking to arrange one or more major races each year. In the menu on the left to find information about current events.

Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club

The GKSS celebrates 150 years in 2010 would not have escaped any member. 1860 brought together six young boaters home sailor Joseph Lithman in Gothenburg's exploration of a sailing association. The first minutes of Gothenburg Yacht Club reflected the level of ambition, namely to "bring a pet into a position, probably in the length of time should know that a place of respect not only of their own nation, but also among foreign powers". 150 years later, we note that the far-sighted vision has become reality and there is of course every reason to pay attention to this in different ways. This tab on is a coherent presentation of what has been planned on the basis of the jubilee year 2010.
Royal Swedish Yacht Club

The Royal Swedish Yacht Club (Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet), KSSS, is Sweden’s largest and oldest sailing club founded in 1830 and has more than 5000 members. KSSS arranges: yacht-racing, junior and elite training and education within sailing.The club also runs the marinas in Saltsjöbaden and Sandhamn. Within yacht-racing, the Eurocard Round Gotland Race, one of the world’s largest ocean races, is the most famous.
Runmarö Yacht Club - RYC

Club Boats
RYC has over the years acquired a number of boats. The aim has been mainly to promote sailing interest among children and adolescents. Boats are also the backbone of the annual sailing school and is based on the RYC club site at Jerker 'Cape of South Sound Bay.

School - Age of students
To be on our sailing school, you must complete a minimum of eight years during the year and be able to swim 200 yards without a flotation aid. We have no upper age limit.
How it works
Sailing School is carried out as day camps from Monday to Friday between the hours. 09:00 and 16:00. Which weeks are carried out next summer, is determined after the new year. In previous years, there have been one or two weeks during the period V.27-v.30. Former students may e-mail when it's ready. Would you like to be on the list, register for
Sailing school students be graded according to experience in groups Beginners, Continuation , and Yacht race. One change is that you may establish in the registration form for both boat and team.
Cooperation with Stockholm Dinghy School continues and we can therefore also including offering over two dinghies during the sailing school.
Up to eight of Laserjollarna sailed since 2008 with youth rigs at 4.7 square meters to compare with the senior rigs we previously had on 7.0 square meters. In this way can also help sailors use Laserjollarna the wind blows. In addition, all Stilljollarna new sails 2008th For more information on Sailing School is implemented, you will find Stockholm Dinghy School website .
Quality assurance
Swedish Sailing Federation has created a quality assurance program of seglarkolorna in Sweden. RYC was one of the first to receive their certificates.
Registration is done as before by the Stockholm School Dinghy .
Sailing Society of Limhamn

Sundsvall Youth Club

Hjertmans Sundsvall Marina

Yacht club Breskens

An active and thriving association for the sailor and the motorbootvaarder. As Breskens home, located on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium at the mouth of the Westerschelde, which enjoy the water in all its facets as possible, we are a water sports club where each feels at home.
Breskens is situated on one of Holland's most beautiful waters of the sailors. The Western offers them unique opportunities in nearly all weather conditions. You what the weather is too rough offshore .... you can very often sheltered behind sand banks, fun sailing. Would you speed along the Belgian coast ... nice .. make a passage to England .... to the French coast, Breskens is an ideal port. Pure enjoyment of nature ... .. there is sailing along the sandy banks always something to see! The Zeeland Delta is from Breskens readily and easily accessible.

In short, if you want to fully enjoy the water sports come to Breskens and is immediately taking members of our association!

Local Club (only available during match days)


The youth sailing the Great Society Breskens has been a great success!

Our marina is taught to children from 8 years if they have a swim.

During our classes, which are colorfully filled by our Opti-Coaches we teach kids sailing in the Optimist. They get a good sense of what this boat does and can. Every year we try the quality of teaching to a higher level through training.

To change the level of the children we take to maintain them to contests of the Delta Combi series. Together with other sailors that delivers fun and conviviality on. The children a good match, they abandon the opportunity to bring their own Optimist. So easy to transport the boats, we purchased a trailer as an association where as many as eight in Optimists can be transported.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club

Since the 1870s, people have come to Stenungsön to relax and enjoy the good life. The affluent part of the Society of Gothenburg, who did not want to crowd in Marstrand, began in the late 1800s to cast glances at Stenungsön as an interesting place for secluded summer house. While the villas were built on the island established a bathhouse where guests could experience the contemporary spa, seaweed baths and scrubbing.

You can experience the feeling of Newport and ocean steaming romance in Swedish bottling only 30 minutes drive north of Gothenburg. But Stenungsbaden Yacht Club is not as pompous as the name suggests. Sure, we offer the most part to be found sailing life and the American east coast. But we are careful to clarify that this is a relaxed, put-up-feet-yacht-club. This will often sailors but just as often klippnjutare to let themselves be captivated by the sea or enjoy the saffron-scented fish soup.
It may sound strange, but flying the world's natural hub is equally popular in winter. We assume it has to do with the atmosphere. People come here both to switch up and to unwind. A fling or Martinis can be enjoyed after all year round.

Royal Swedish - Motor Yacht Club

Swedish Motor Yacht Club - "KMK" - founded in 1930, is a part of KMK, which organizes high speed motorboat boat races. The KMK-R Emblem of Sweden Club was introduced the same year.Oldest motor yacht society with over 1600 members and 740 power yachts.

Longitude 64 Sweden - the yachting Network

Yacht brokerage in Sweden and Charter with Classic, Superyacht, open Yachts and Motoryacht with flybridge.

Longitude 64 Sweden - the Club

Sweden Yacht Club offer power boat charter Charter with Classic or Superyacht: AZIMUT 86S - very fast and silent yacht featuring, Comfort And Speed AZIMUT 68s, AZIMUT 103SL, ISA ISA 47m and AZIMUT Azimut 85.

Sweden "Nynashamns" Yacht Club

NSS Introduction :Nynashamns Yacht Club - founded in 1915 and its first port and shipyard site was located at Stathmosviken. The party had initially annual sailing and boat races. For many years they had samseglingar including with the Yacht Club Gäddviken. Today, the Sweden NSS Club has more than 1000 members with about 700 flotation of different kinds. We are very active in sailing, canoeing, speed boat, racing, recreation, vacation, sailing and brewing all kinds of social activities around the common interest of the lake. In addition to the excellent water we have to represent our club holding base and the foundation of successful major events. A well-functioning clubhouse with manned office and service facilities allows us to offer the social support functions without which a regatta can never be successful. Our technicians are experienced and comfortable in their roles, which guarantees the most part. Testified by our guests who like to come back to the Swedish Club. We have even arranged the World Cup for the IC-canoe 1999th Another major arangemang with significant international elements were Skärgerdskryssareförbundet celebration 2004th Large and sailing Sweden drew the attention of regattas are also two championship for Express has been. The latest 2007th. Club is the future with confidence. We have the facilities, grounds, to the members, the boats, will and expertise to further develop our sjösport. Most current and with great focus, we have started planning to commemorate the Olympic sailing competition.

Sweden Nynashamns Club, - NSS, is an active and important player in Nynäshamn(Nynasham). A natural and long-standing business with a focus of boating, yachting, sailing and activities in many forms. Most families in the seaside Nynaeshamn have access to a boat of any kind and the NSS club has over 1,200 members. NSS owns an excellent club facilities, shipyards and docks at Fagerviken, many bridges and club island just north of Nynashamn.