Sailing schools and Clubs

It's very easy to learn about sailboats and sailing. Many boaters grew up sailing and have been thru sailing school.

Sailing school is a great way to get into it, join a sailing club and start sailing now. You will learn the fundamentals of what makes a good boat. Sailing clubs will teach you how to sail and allow you to sail their boats , you will gain hands on experience while having a blast and meeting other sailors. Enjoy mentoring others which is a fantastic way to learn the easy and fun way. There are lots of bloggers out cruising the world that you can fallow and learn from also. Lots of books too.

World's Yacht Clubs

 Directory for the World Yacht and Boating Clubs from the most popular to small,local clubs, which are centres for marine knowledge and seamanship.

The main CM thrust is to identify areas of interest and areas of concern among member clubs and to share helpful information.

Yacht & Sailing Clubs of the United States

Sailing and Yacht Clubs

Across USA are thousands of local members-only organizations of sailors. Some clubs have facilities not much larger than a shack and charge very low dues. Others Clubs have elaborate marinas and restaurants and impose dues in the thousands of dollars. Most clubs fall between these two extremes. Most clubs with waterfront facilities monitor radiotelephone emergency channels and will provide assistance to any boat.

Learning How to Sail. The basic skills of boathandling under sail must be mastered if boating is to be more than powering around in calms with the engine on. The best way is to learn how to sail in a small boat under trained instructors at a community or commercial sailing school and Yacht clubs.

Dinghies and keel daysailers are the most effective boats for learning because they reward good technique and punish mistakes more quickly than big boats. Once you've learned the basic skills, the next step is to try sailing under the tutelage of an experienced friend or an instructor who can tutor you in the basic skills, including anchoring, docking, and boat navigating. Many yacht clubs and charter companies lease boats with sailing instructors on board. The CraigMarine maintain this list of Yacht and Sailing Clubs that can be useful.

A Alabama , Alaska , Arizona , Arkansas
C California , Colorado , Connecticut
D Delaware
F Florida
G Georgia
H Hawaii
I Idaho , Illinois , Indiana , Iowa
K Kansas , Kentucky
L Louisiana
M Maine , Maryland , Massachusetts , Michigan , Minnesota , Mississippi , Missouri , Montana
N Nebraska , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , North Dakota
O Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon
P Pennsylvania
R Rhode Island
S South Carolina , South Dakota
T Nashville , Texas
V Vermont , Virginia
W Washington , West Virginia , Wisconsin , Wyoming Cheyenne

A Austria
B Belgium ,Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria
C Czech Republic
D Denmark
F Finland, France
G Germany, Greece
I Iceland, Ireland , Italy
M Malta , Monaco
N Norway
P Poland , Portugal
R Romania, Russia
S Spain , Sweden
T Turkey
U United Kingdom , Ukraine

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