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Baglietto -

an old Italian Yacht brand

The Baglietto Company since 1854, the seagull is a symbol throughout the passion for good quality standards that remains nowadays.

The Passion is the powerful engine that rove Italian entrepreneur and yacht builder Beniamino - Beniamino Company owner.

three new design projects

Today Gavio's team introduced three design projects for a new Baglietto yachts range - but the first order of business has been finishing a 45.7 metre hull started by the previous ownership. The completion of this boat allows us to show new Baglietto hand.

strong design connection

Apache II. a 2009 Model,interior and exterior design by Francesco Paszkowski

Italian designer Paszkowski will play a substantial role in defining the new style of Baglietto Company.

Paszkowski's ongoing partnership ensures the new breed of Bagliettos will bear a resemblance to their predecessors, continuing a familial styling even as the brand strikes out in a new direction, which could include growing into new markets include US market.

Paszkowski has developed three new models Baglietto Yachts - 58m and 46m from steel and aluminium.

Future designs

All boats will retain the distinctive feeling of Baglietto yachts and set the standard for future designs.

The 190-foot 58m displacement yacht is in aluminium and steel reflects all my experience in the design of this kind of mega yacht, combining many styling features of Baglietto's previous displacement large yachts with new elements and the result of more rigorous, dynamic lines.

The new-generation displacement yachts

This new-generation displacement yacht offers large, comfortable interiors, and harmonious lines.

The design's exterior

The design's exterior of Baglietto's styling is highlighted by the use of complementary geometric shapes. Trapezoidal and Rectangular windows forward on the main deck mix with rectangular saloon windows, while soft curves can be found in the solid wood handrails even the helipad.

Baglietto's history

The Baglietto yacht company was founded in Varazze back in 1854 by the young Pietro Baglietto. and quickly built a reputation as a builder of fast sailing yachts for the local gentry. By the turn of the century, the yard was also building motor yachts, and during World War I was awarded contracts from the government to built lightweight, high-speed attack craft, the first of the "MAS" boats. - the Baglietto not just survived, but moved seamlessly from war work back into yacht building. creating a succession of elegant sailboats such as the beautiful 23-metre yawl Caroly in 1948. and pioneering fast motor yachts in plywood, especially the popular 'M' series of big flybridge express cruisers in the 1960s. The move to aluminium construction led to another new chapter in fast-yacht design, exemplified by the radical 55-knot Chato and the timeless, ever-elegant 35-metre Adler. Baglietto might have been through troubled times lately, but for most of its history it has been associated with cutting-edge engineering and design.

Back into yacht building

Owned since 2004 by the Camuzzi Group. in 2009 the Baglietto shipyard filed for voluntary liquidation in March 2010.

"A construction and highways firm started by his father and uncle (both of whom died in 2009). the Group is now run jointly by Gavio. his sister and two cousins. It has more than 5.200 employees in Italy alone, and recorded a turnover in 2010 of just €2.76 billion, principally in motorway management, power generation, transport and logistics, and construction."

"I have an industrial plan." says with an easy smile. "I know the shipyard won't make any money for two years, and it will need a lot of money in that time. But in five to seven years it will be different. "says Baglietto's owner

The new owner Gavio has big plans and work is already under way for an enlarged wet dock, two new dry docks for vessels up to 120 metres, sheds for new yachts up to 60 metres, a new 900-tonne travel lift, an external refit area aand new offices.

That 58-metre design on Gavio's iPad is just one among several prospective projects that he hopes will put the Baglietto name back on the map. including a range of 37-metre and 46-metre planing designs in aluminium, and steel yachts of 50 metres and up. It is a five-year plan, it is ambitious - scheduled to cost another €20 million.