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Sigmund Yacht Designis a Yacht Design Company specializing in both: interior and exterior scene. The Sigmund YD team is full of marine heritage, design flair and innovation, and best technical skill.

Sigmund designers

The Sigmund's professional and talent designers offer the best in advanced design, consulting and yacht styling along with discretion , flexibility and professionalism for a new construction yacht design project, 3d, interior & exterior layouts or refit.

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Sigmund Potrfolio

The Sigmund's superyacht Vestar

The Sigmund's superyacht Vestar In January 2012 Sigmund displayed a 60 m sailing yacht "Vestar" within a motor range. From the design viewpoint Sigmund introduced new aesthetic and architectural elements to modern sailing yachts. classical elegance in style and beauty lines.

Designed to be a modern classic star of sailing, Vestar pushes the limits of exterior and interior layout - the most modern construction techniques, lightweight and exotic materials, balanced proportions and materials and innovation of the near future.

The result, higher strength/weight ratio and higher static strength, damage tolerance resistance and corrosion resistance.

Sigmund Yacht Designis CENTURION Project

Yacht Concepts - Design Oliver Dorrell & Sigmund. In 2010 in Monaco yacht show was announced the 112 -meterconcept yacht Centurion. Founder and director of the Austrian design studio "Sigmund" is Peter Symonds. The design of new Centurion c ombines elements of stealth with innovative technologies and agressive lines. 14 guests - four custom - tender and a helicopter for which is provided on the layground
stern. Between the superstructure and stern - the pool . Maximum speed of the yacht will be 26 knots , cruising - 22knots.

Featuring Sigmund - the Lamboo R1

Tenders come in all materials, from traditional mahogany all the way tohigh-tech carbon fibre materials , but the new Lamboo Tender from Sigmund Yacht Design Studio nearly gives away its secret ingredient with its name: bamboo. Built from the most rapidly renewableresource on earth, each Lamboo Tender R1 is made of laminated bamboo that provides an interesting alternative for yacht tenders and manufacturers.


LO A:7.72 meters
Bmax:2.4 meters
Draft:0.45 meters
Displacement:1600 kilograms

The brainchild of Sigmund in Austria, Cockwells, the traditional builder in England, and Lamboo, the US company (see more below) that turns bamboo new material into a yacht , the project started in order to promote bamboo.

Bamboo has several benefits, including easy milling, as well ashaving considerable strength. It’s also lightweight, and the 7.7m (25’3”) tender weighs just 1,600kg (3,527lb). But the tender design is as interesting as its unusual construction, with several layouts to fit your needs. Powered by a 190hp Steyr turbodiesel, the Lamboo R1 has a hybriddrive system so it can exit a marinaor anchorage in absolute silence.

Top speed is 30 knots, with a cruisingspeed of 20 knots. The lines of the R1 boat are ultra modern, with an axe bow,slab sides and futuristic deck detailing. Since each R1 is built at Cockwells, each tender can have extensive customisation.

Lamboo Materials - the US company

Lamboo® Elite™ Technical Data Sheet | Bamboo Marine Grade "Plywood"

Lamboo Elite™ Marine Grade Plywood has extremely high durability and performance and durability attributes. This series of engineered bamboo panels can be glued with type 1 exterior grade adhesives, and is a solid Lamboo-bamboo productfrom core to face. This product is specific to nautical and marine applications that want to attain longevity. Strong Elite™ panels include proprietary manufacturing processes &
bonding agents to resist moisture and last throughout harsh marine environments.


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