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Browse through craigmarine's wide range of designers, some of the biggest names in powerboat and superyacht design, to find the perfect Yacht design and Exterior Designers. Technology innovation - Focusing on recent ideas and future thinking affecting all sectors of the yachting industry around the world.

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RMD provides a comprehensive service for exterior & styling yacht design and superyacht profiles.


Samsorgiovanni Designs

As Yacht Designers we create in a way that ensures our yachts or big boat are practical, top-comfortable and distinctive.


Sunreef Yachts

Luxury yacht building- Interior and Exterior Design: The exterior of the yacht is decided by the owner, alterations and suggestions proposed by our architects and designers. All sorts of extras may be added into the structure of your yacht.


Joseph Artese Design - Sailing and Motor Yacht Design

For over thirty years Joseph Artese-Design is a highly creative and award-winning Seattle design office that has been specializing in the top-styling of yacht exteriors


Alpha Marine since 1985

Alpha Marine introduced the concept of the "bus size", luxury, small Cruising Vessel”. At the beginning of the ‘90s it undertook overall management and turn-key execution of major refits for which it was granted the “Best Refit Yacht 1994” Award. Concept Design, Preliminary Design and Feasibility, Exterior Design, Building, to Testing and Operation


Axis Group Yacht Design

Axis Group Yacht Design - USA, Inc. is a naval architecture and marine engineering exterior design company specialized in the superyacht market.

Axis Group Yacht Design, Inc. is a marine engineering design Italian company. AGYD can design any kind of power yacht, from detailed design, naval architecture, mechanical boat devices design and project anagement, from displacement to high speed, aluminium alloys,composite or steel materials and makes use of the latest software for naval Architectural Designs, full CAD drafting, structural CAD/CAM software to produce best Designs, reports and fully detailed booklets.

The Company has established tight collaboration with the most renowned boat builders and designer professionals in the field, such as erini Navi, Codecasa, Azimut-Benetti, Tecnomar, Nautica International, Paolo Caliari, and much more.


Bannenberg & Rowell Design

Axis Group Yacht Design - USA, Inc. is a naval architecture and marine engineering exterior design company specialized in the superyacht market, design meetings: We are there for our clients throughout the journey of creating their new luxuryyacht


Espen Oeino International

yacht designer, whose creations include mega yachts 126.2m Octopus, 70.7m Skat, and the Madsummer-78m.


dell'Architetto Matteo Picchio

Milan yacht design studio specialises in yacht design and naval architecture, exterior design, employing skilled and experienced designers.


Luca Dini Design

Since in 1967 - Luca Dini has been involved with styling mega yacht interior and exterior design.



RENE van der Velden Yacht Design

Specialista in elegant yacht lines, most modern form and exterior based on yachting tradition and history. Our yachts possess yesterday's grandeur, but they're not replicas of old vessels. Though a design may apper Classic or even futurist, it fits no category.


Terence Disdale Design Ltd.

Based in the UK design studio is renowned for producing refreshingly casual yet chic designs, interior and exterior design of significant yachts.



- Istanbul New Company
formed by a multidisciplinary, innovative,reproducibility and dynamic team of of professionals in naval architects, industrial, interior designers,Our Team RED-Company provides a complete exterior/interior design yacht service, uses many years’ experience from the yacht industry in directing and tracking efficiently the every manufacturing process, also be creating a marine furniture. Now We're currently focused on our 60m Shadow boat concept & Snapper series.

Our Services:

- complete exterior design service include :Concept development/Idea generation, 3d boat modelling and quality detail rendering and Workshop drawings and Yacht Construction Supervision.

- interior design services include Idea and Concept development, 3d and drawings, Selection, Supply and Supervision of construction and materials(furniture).

- Naval Architecture - Hull and Structural design,Stability and Hydrostatic and
Engineering Calculations, 3d and Real-time Supervision.

- Consultancy, Project management and certifications Services

Our Awards:

Yacht & Aviation Awards 2013

/The Y&A awards are leading the way for innovation within the Aviation and yacht industry./

Lamborghini Fusion

- Yacht Design by Serdar Sisman

Inspired by the automotive industry 11.4m Fusion sport boat - concept Design by "RedYachtDesign". Interior was Inspired by Italian car "Lamborghini" - Gallardo series, with her aggressive and sharp lines in combination with the oval and lines of
the sea, help to reflect this amazing sporty look - mimics a race car.

Lamborghini Fusion sportboat will be powered using a pod drive system by 2 diesel 450HP engines achieving a max-speed of 50 knots.

Boat include a small kitchen, single cabin, which can sleep 2 person.
The interior, continuing the sporty theme has a futuristic design and is finished with a colour scheme in light,is intended to be pleasant for the eyes.

for contacts:
Red Yacht Design
tel: +90 555 308 6579
e-mail: [email protected]
web: www.redyachtdesign.com

Coste-Design - Ecellence by design

*Yachts & Aircrafts*

a world leading timeless Design and building Company highly specialized in the luxury
sector yacht catamarans, super or mega catamaran. As industry leaders, we provide unique expertise in the construction and design include some of the largest carbon fiber sailing catamarans in some luxury sector like superlative 120' sailing trimaran who will be presented officially by its prestigious godfather at the 'Monaco Yacht Show'.


20 rue Reyer
06400 Cannes
tel:Tel : +33 493 646 453
web: www.coste-design.com

Dubois - world Yacht Design

excellence in naval architecture the naval architects' biggest design in the world Naval Architects, NAVAL and Exterior

Bonnette B3 Design - creative with a passion for marine design

Belle Aimee - Yacht exteriors

SINOT - Sinot Yacht Design Inc.

Sinot Yacht Design has a long experience in superyacht industry's business, and experience in of working with the most experienced naval specialists, designers and highest quality materials and products.

This SYD Company can effortlessly translate its clients’ dreams - every wish into exceptional yacht designs that combine sophisticated engineering with refined style combined with 21st century sensibility and luxury.

Under the visionary guidance of Sander Sinot, his designs distinguishes themselves trough their luxury and functionality. Today, his teams unfailingly produces state-of-the art, inspiring and breathtaking amazing yacht exteriors.

SS Exterior designs

The yacht - exteriors of Sinot Yacht Design are known around the world for the striking harmony with the interior, with a combination of recognizable lines and character, making the luxory boat one beautiful floating object of art with modern lines and functionality, both remarkable and rare.


Vlierberg 3
3755 BS Eemnes
The Netherlands


Menorquin's Efficient Designs

The result is a yacht concept which achieves maximum efficiency, renewed design and a greater respect for the...

Super yacht design - is Yacht & Boat Show edition and includes a latest yacht projects and interior/exterior designers and naval architects. As SYD present Monro's 450ex concept along with designs by De Basto Designs, Dubois Naval Architects, , Andrew Design, and a 145m by SABDES. Making any yacht above 100m sexy look and sleek. Find a new 2013/ 2014 sailing projects.

Codecasa Shipyards

The Codecasa family, eponymous with the shipyard founded in 1825, is a name well-respected throughout the Italian yacht building capital of Viareggio. The yachts currently being built by Fulvio Codecasa are intended to match the famous Dutch yards in terms of guality of production. It's this uncompromising attitude that characterises the brand, as we discovered on a visit to the yard.

Totally custom products and yacht building. This luxory vessels as well will be able to guarantee very high performances, equipped with a modern electronic devices, with a gyroscopic system etc.

From Codecasa 42: The most advanced marine technology coexist with cutting-edge construction techniques in classic aesthetic forms.

From the Framura 2: designed with latest-generation stabilisation system, without obstruction and any of the hydrodynamic turbulence thanks the systems with exterior fins.

This Company have a remarkable client portfolio,and many internationally and Italian financiers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, exterior designers as they know that they can rely on the professionalism,experience and skill of a Codecasa company.

Cerri’s yacht & designs

The new innovative concepts in yacht design featuring state-of-the art materials, revolutionary solutions, a unique style and design, maximum comfort, outstanding performances, and highly prestigious exteriors and interiors and unparalleled onboard liveability. Cerri’s philosophy has always focused on outstanding results while considerably reducing time to delivery. The spotless cleanliness and flawless organisation ensure that the people to operate efficiently in a highly functional workplace.

Baglietto - back into yacht building: Baglietto's heritage & future designs

Setzer yacht design studio

Setzer yacht design studio begins as a custom yacht design firm in the early 1980s. Today, with a fleet of over 80 yachts in service, Setzer USA Company is one of the premier yacht design, naval architecture and exterior design firms around the Globe. Setzer architects having produced multiple award-winning exterior projects and yacht designs for construction at leading shipyards including Christensen, Northern Marine, Richmond, Delta, McMullen & Wing, Trinity, Lyman-Morse, and much more.

Setzer Yacht service

With a full-service project Setzer Yacht architects work with discerning yacht builders and owners to develop timeless yacht interior and exterior designs" that are seaworthy, buildable, and elegant.

Custom yacht design

Setzer Yacht architects top designers develop preliminary perspective yacht profiles, sketches, tests and arrangement plans to help feature clients determine alternatives and preferences to final right selections for their custom yacht design, thereby minimizing costly later change orders and deliveries in construction process.

Exterior Design

As naval architects and exterior stylists Setzer Architects studio combine 3D visualization modeling with industrial design, Hi-tech Research and Development need to consider all of the products and help clients participate and visualize common vision with all nautical details that establish their yacht's character and distinctive style. To ensure that all designs are engineered to meet client performance expectations and to provide detailed performance modeling "Setzer Architects" studio utilize advanced hull fairing technology, stability calculations and conduct weight.

The new Designs

The new Designs should lead to products with a lower environmental impact. As a part of a broader collection of eighteen new designs we will be unveiling across the remainder of 2013 and 2014.

The Setzer-designed modern Relentless 34-meter Yacht and New American Motoryachts 28 to 46 meter series include 44m Vintage Tri Deck, 28m Modern Commuter 46m Classic Cleaper and 44m Plumb BowTri-Deck. Presentations of this New Yachts and full line-up will be available by request to yacht builders , qualified owners, , dealers, or media. Interested parties should contact www.setzerdesign.com or [email protected]

H2 Yacht design

Established in UK, H2 Design Studio located in south west London have a broad experience of working to strict time frames in different yacht design styles and exteriors with varying budgets in EU, Russia, Turkey etc. This Company also involved in exclusive residential design-projects in London.

Design Team

With over 20 years of experience H2 Design Team has been growing and is widely recognised as one of the most technically competent and innovative and design studio in the yacht industry. H2 Design Team is made up of designers and assistants, Exterior and Interior Architects and 3D Graphic Designers, resulting in some of the most spectacular luxory yachts, and residential properties in London and around the world.

Diana Yacht Design

Complete design projects, from creating design drawings and plans to super yacht designs

Exterior yacht carpentry - Marron Jachtbouw(Holland) - Made to Fit

Marron Jachtbouw Holland Company is a young but well introduced firm in the yacht building industry. When it comes to capping rails, teak decks, teak dek modules, ceilings, exterior and interior yacht furniture or alternative deck systems, Marron works with a dedicated team of professionals with experience and has close contacts with external craftsmen whereby we specialise in all aspects of exterior yacht carpentry. Marron can offer craftsmanship, flexibility and efficiency and what we are trying to achieve and maintain is a sustainable and informal working best relationship with all of Marron Jachtbouw's customers and boat owners. Company has many teak decks over the years. Increasingly, however, ships modular in design, which means that the components placed produced can be analyzed.

Also the exterior woodwork is increasingly seen as a separate module. Maroon specializes herein and supplies its products for years to known companies.

M.S.N. - innovative designs and reliable systems

Marine Service Noord B. V. - MSN Company focused on in the design, production and installation of cargo handling systems and engine rooms for various types of inland vessels and seagoing . Due to the innovative character of the company, Marine Service Noord is constantly developing innovative designs and reliable systems, ever prepared in the anticipation of new class requirements and international quality and safety standards. Furthermore, Company is also active in new technologies, such as fuel cells, hydrogen storage and handling.

Today, M.S.N. has been designing engine room systems for Oceanco, a leading player in the luxory yacht industry. Our advanced skill set, with the integration of production,3D engineering, and installation of piping systems, ensures a flawless building process and heightens the quality standards of the super-yacht industry. In 2010 M.S.N. started engineering the technical spaces of building and design aluminum boats. Reducing weight became an even greater concern to facilitate improved efficiency and once again Company proved its value in the design and manufacturing of lightweight piping boat systems.

contacts: www.marine-service-noord.nl

Rodman (ES)

Boat building, Interior & Exterior EXPERIENCE since 1974


Kelly Yachts Design (interior and exterior Layout)

Kelly YD Company established in 2006, Genoa is one of the greatest UKI design and naval architect, include interior and external yacht layout. The design and concept is made by highest technology and products, that we have obtained top of quality. The concept and the Kelly Yachts's philosophy of constructing and designing yachts must be a combination of comfort and dynamics, sportive characteristics and style at the same time.

Moore yacht design - concentrate only on Yacht exteriors

Design studio " Moore yacht design" was founded by Andrew Moore in 2008 as a on of the most innovative studio specialising in the superyachts exterior design.

The Oceanco and Moore YD have collaborated on an innovative design for an New Project - 86 m luxory motor yacht for which preliminary engineering design process studies are already under way.

Studio has experience with (sketches, plans, CAD drawings, 3d computer modelling, visualisation) creating and developing on the exteriors of many vessels include yachts from 54 to 120metres and different projects.

Currently working as a professional exterior design service the Moore yacht design is dedicated to to servicing & providing a very personal Yacht exterior-design-service and unique solutions.

Moore yacht exterior design aim to provide carefully detailed and well resolved yacht exteriors with an emotional connection to the details. Like the best automobile manufacturers the MTD design developed exterior components,3D and surfaces around a functional, but unique package at the fine details as an important part of the Exterior Surfaces and yacht-design. (www.mooreyachtdesign.com)

Ardoin Yacht Design (France)

A French naval architecture company dedicated to yachting and luxory vessels. Ardoin Yacht Design focused on the creatio and the exterior design include conversion project and refit of power yachts from 20 m up to mega yachts from 60 to 110 m and over.

The AYD are able to offer entire management of projects, include 3D plans of exterior and interior, in Europe and abroad, and assist you in managing commercial or custom project in compliance with new standards through different stages and details.

Sigmund Yacht Designis (Austria)

Sigmund Yacht Designis a Yacht Design Company specializing in both: interior and exterior scene. The Sigmund YD team is full of marine heritage, design flair and innovation, and best technical skill.

Vicem Yachts - Vulcan 46m review

It's a Robert Perry design (Container Yacht )

She is a unique Far Harbour 39 built by a yacht company called Container Yacht at Johanson Boatsworks in Rockland, Maine.

The sailboat concept is to have a boat that can be shipped anywhere around the Globe in a 40' container - thus the narrow beam and length just under 40'. Her LOA is 38'9" and LWL is 38'.

Bob Perry is one of the 15 original inductees in the Cruising Hall of Fame. It is doubtless that any sailor has not seen or heard of one of his famous designs such as the Tayana 37, Hans Christian, Baba, Cheoy Lee or Valiant. There are more Tayana 37 cruising off shore than any other single design. If you see a double-ender in a marina there's a darn good chance it's a Robert Perry design.


Lurssen Yachts (Germany)

Lurssen - The Lurssen yacht building from the beginning

Mulder Design (Exterior design and Naval architecture)

Mulder Design - Famous high-speed motor yachts

VanDutch Motor yachts

VanDutch - the elegance and power of Dutch design

PSP Marine Shipyard (Shipyard and Repair Services) - aluminumm, steel or FRP 28.85-tonne Workboats

The firm of Dutch Architects Vripack (www.vripack.com)

  The brand launched in 1997 started with a fourteen meters, E3 and E4 fifteen meters and now the E6, a twenty meters that will affect water in spring 2016. The peculiarity of Elling: they are self-righting as lifeboats (you can see YouTube video of the test carried out on the E4 in March 2014).

The E6 is approved in category A transoceanic. It is a three cabin with an extra sailor cabin. It is designed for eight passengers.

The semi-planing hull reinforced aramid (impact resistance) is powered by a Volvo D13 900 horsepower. Providing the ability to get out of dangerous situations with peaks at 18 knots. The auxiliary engine Volvo D2 (75 hp) provides for its part a maximum speed of 7 knots.

Elling E6

Long. : 19,80 m - Larg. : 5,35 m – Mot. : 900 ch Volvo Penta D13 – Carburant : 5 000 l.– Lancement : printemps 2016 - Blue Yachting Services (92)

The Schionning Designs team

(Australian Multihull Design Company)

For over 22 years the Australian Multihull Design Company offers a wide selection of stock and custom designs. They build and design power and sailing multihull boats for pleasure, private and commercial use.

If you're looking for a boatbuilder, Eddie Haigh is an experienced Schionning builder. He built a Radical Bay 8000 to completion and has also had experience with several other boats including an Aquaplay 1250 and Prowler 9000. Located in the Rockhampton/Yeppoon area Eddie is available to either help with existing projects or take on a build project.

The Schionning Designs team Projects

Ocean blue is the Wilderness 1100 hit the water. A Schionning design she was built locally and call Lake Macquarie home. Her owners plan to enjoy the local cruising grounds in the immediate future. Fitted with twin 9.9hp Yamaha outboards, her maiden sail was in fresh North Easterly breezes and she impressed everyone immensely with her speed potential.

PCM (Professional Catamaran Manufacturing) Multihulls in Antalya - Turkey recently launched their first Prowler 8500 a modified Prowler 7000. CEO of the company, Nir Egal, modified the Prowler 7000 with our support and has built moulds for this fun and practical little boat, production is now under way.

PCM launched the Prowler 8500 and it was a very successful sea trial. The boat was cruising stable easily 22knots. We made the stability test with 21 people and the stability of the boat was perfect."

for contacts:
Unit 1/38 Wanya Road
2324 Tea Gardens


Dibley Marine - New Zealand's best-known Sailboat Designis, Keel and Bulb design.