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Yacht interior design and woodworking

Our trained boat building apprentices complement your outfit from the door knob to the all-new interior.
We pay particular attention to the expansion of existing style and materials used. Depending on surface characteristics we look for the appropriate materials. With us you can have your bunk or your navigation table individually according to your wishes.

In our yard operation in Bolton, we carry out all interior work. Our company is known for many years for the best finishes. In Teakverarbeitung and interior design, we have made a name. Our interior furnishings are elegant and inexpensive.

When interior remodeling and also in wood processing, we are your yacht design partners. We prepare and carry out Teakausbauten teak decks.

Yacht Coatings and Osmosis rehabilitation are part of the remit our gelcoat Department. We polish on Hulls perfect, we work with a lot of boat care products and polish yacht in nanotechnology.

For a good finish, of course, belong to the label, Boat lettering, boat lettering, antifouling, epoxy coating, fouling. From the yacht cleaning to complex coating system for yachts

Our locksmith through all stainless steel work. Whether V2A or V4A - all stainless steel work such as remakes of either repairing or pulpit, stern pulpit and guard rail we do. Pulpits, stern basket and guard rail is building the yacht builder in Bolton affordable quality - from a master hand! Applications for foot railing, aluminum toe rail with perfectly matched stainless steel rails with stainless steel screws, screwed revised propeller and boat propellers. However, sacrificial anodes, zinc anodes and Anpoden belong to the assortment.

For marine engines and boat engines, so for all areas of engine technology, which are in boat building and repairing necessary, we have motor engineers in our company. Installation and repair of diesel engines other yacht engines, whether diesel or gasoline engines, we'll do a competent, reliable and cost effective. We are Yanmar Service and Volvo Service, with Yanmar and Volvo, we have also made good experience.

Also for boat and yacht electronics technology and Yachelektrik we employed Yacht engineer: If you install in your boat Moeche extras, so want to have yacht built by the master mode, you get to the Boatyard Bolton. We are the service center for the yachting sector in the installation of:

Our experience company is known for many years for best paint work. The yacht refit and yacht restoration, we have made a name. Our interior furnishings are elegant and inexpensive.



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