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Rodman Company experience and track record in the boat construction of over 10 000 vessels locate it as an indisputable leader in the Spanish boat building segment.

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better finished Fisher Pro

Boat report | 1250 Fisher Pro by Rodman


Functional and sleek

Simple, solid and practical has always been the Rodman way, but the Fisher Pro adds
an extra dash of style. Warm teak boat interior suits the boat well, but cherry or oak are available as options Saloon dinette table sits on a chunky Bezenzoni strut allowing it to drop and create a further berth. Sideboard contains large fridge, purpose-built holders for the standard fit china crockery, good sized drawers and deeply fiddled cupboard shelving. Indeed, most flat surfaces feature practical fiddles. Solid handrails let into the saloon deckhead are another very practical touch.


Easy access to fly and plenty of seating

Large cockpit has low padded coamings in classic sportsfisher style. Stainless steel
rails can be added to increase height and security, and the boat can be specified
without the bathing platform for maximum fishing convenience, or just to get one up on the marina. Side decks are easily accessed and wide, although no longer
recessed. The powerboat ladder from the flybridge has nicely staggered steps at the top that curve into a vesical drop at the bottom, meaning that it's tempting to descend
facing forward like a stairway, only to have to turn around for the second half
of the descent. Plenty of seating on the flybridge for crew forward of the helm
where they're easily observed - great for small children. | interior design