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The company Triumph Yachts offers a full range of services for design, design, construction and management of yachts and commercial vessels up to 200 meters.

Range of services during the construction of new yachts:

- The choice of style and designer
- Coordination of project design and selection of the shipyard
- Preparation of specifications
- Computer modeling and testing of yachts
- Approval of class and flag yachts
- Prepare and control budget
- Tender among shipyards
- Preparation and signing of the Contract
- Insurance and registration of yachts
- Manage and control all stages of building yachts
- Logistics supply boat
- Management of warranty claims
- Recruitment and training of crew
- Post-warranty service

Additional services

Subcontracts for interior furnishing, supply materials, furniture and other yachting equipment;
- The inspection and evaluation of yachts, which includes consulting services for shipping;
- Sale and supply of quality new and used yachts.

Triumph Yachts offers a unique service for the future owners of the steel yacht built in Russia and abroad. The team of experts and professionals will help you get the whole cycle of building a yacht, find designers, engineers and builders yard. With a deep knowledge of modern shipbuilding and yachting market, Triumph Yachts guarantees you optimum control over the construction of a new yacht.


There are many ways in which the customer can get the ship, which he wants. In many cases, the best way - to buy already built a ship and convert it to those ends which required the customer. In addition, any vessel eventually grows old and one day there comes a point when you need serious work on its repair. In cases where there is likely to change the characteristics of the vessel or there is a need for advice on how to improve it, may be more advantageous to use the services of professional engineer-shipbuilder.

Yacht exterior and interior

In our opinion, the modern superyacht - it is an absolute symbol of freedom and pride of its owner.

Therefore, in designing style yachts, Yachts Triumph devotes himself to reunite the innovative style, naisovremenneyshie technology and superior craftsmanship to customer got exactly what he was thinking.

Powerful software and visualization of three-dimensional drawings are available today make it possible to obtain very realistic images that can be considered at the early stages of the design process.

-We will develop several conceptual sketches of the appearance and general location of the yacht for its consideration.

-Developed more detailed plans on changing customer preferences.

-Full color to provide exterior yacht, general location of the interior and deck.

-Customer receives several offers interior design in accordance with his preferences, as examples, for an initial discussion of style.

-Triumph Yachts develops the exterior of the vessel, including outdoor seating and resting places, the surface above the waterline in accordance with maritime architecture. At the end of this stage of the yacht becomes a final form - for further construction, as well as the creation of a model yacht on request.

-The final result - a complete specification of all hard and soft materials for the surfaces, colors, wood, carpeting, joinery details, and so on. List of materials and their respective sources of supply or production will provide accurate and timely execution of the shipyard.

-Triumph Yachts can provide, if necessary Wharf, or interior design company to supply equipment, interior construction drawings necessary for accurate and timely implementation of the builder of the interior.

Mechanisms and yacht systems

Decades of experience in marine engineering ensure that Triumph Yachts makes a very significant contribution to the piping and mechanical systems yachts. The main objective of the company - creating maximum comfort on board.

Yacht Interior

Employees are experts in the style of interior design, conceptual two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional presentations style interiors. In addition, the company provides the drawings of interiors, accompanied by additional information about the designs. The introduction of more efficient CAD / CAM software reduces the time of construction of yachts. Now more important is the training period and, therefore, more work is required not in the studio, and in the design office. This trend leads to the emergence of specialized design bureau, which has all the expertise needed to quickly design work. Company Triumph Yachts delivers complete and detailed design studies - from the construction and marine engineering, to exact plans interiors. Department's work style and interior design company organically fit into the concept.



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