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services - entire full range of services or only parts thereof, assistance in project planning, drawing up specifications and work descriptions.

Our clientele are general contractors, boat and yacht builders, shipyards, companies and private individuals.

Our range of services include luxury yachts.

Luxury Yacht Interior

- fitting /design, planning, concepts/

Luxury Yachts and Cruise Liner Interiors

Extensive professional knowledge in the field of interior fitting. Sinnex specialize not only in luxury private yachts but also in the interiors of ferries and big cruise liners.

The special wishes and requirements of customers and architects often present us with interesting and challenging tasks and such interior projects have to pass through many different Stages before a perfectly finished interior can be admired.

Interior fitting must make full use of every centimetre of yacht space. We have reason to believe the unfinished walls are measured exactly and the yacht room sizes determined at the design and planning phases because reworking and adjusting on site is nearly impossible. - coordinated with on board systems: electrics systems, plumbing, ventilation, insulation and etc.

Each individual part is produced exactly in accordance with our specifications. Round and curved interior parts are machined within a tolerance of one millimeter.


Sinnex - Steinheimer Innenausbau GmbH.
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Since it's foundation in Steinheim, Germany in 1997, Sinnex Company has grown to be one of the leaders in the finest of luxury yacht interiors with 130 people currently employed. A production facility was inaugurated in Griffen, Austria in 2004. Offices for installation, project management, engineering and sales followed in Den Haag, the Netherlands, Russia-Moscow, and Schweinfurt, Germany.

The worldwide cooperation with the most renowned interior designers and shipyards is where Oceanco deserves a very special mention.

Sinnex operating principles are constantly subject to evaluation in order to enhance the skills of Sinnex's master craftsmen and specialists.

With constant updates in state of the art machinery and investments in people to accomplish interiors of unique character; Sinnex team experience, motivation and ambition are the leading thread running through the entire project from the first meeting until the final approval by the customer on board. At the end we share the joy and happiness with all involved when another incomparable luxory yacht is born.

Sinnex Collaborations in business

The relationship between Sinnex and Oceanco ( is no ordinary business collaboration. It is a synergy between yacht enthusiasts and boat owners who share the same values in design, quality, and function. A professional partnership whose common objective is simple - yachting perfection personified. For nearly 18 years, Sinnex Company has worked closety with Ooeanco producing bespoke yacht interiors for some of the world's finest vessels.

The challenges faced with each yacht are many, however the best solution for any demand is always found.

Today, Oceanco open the door to new horizons with the addition of yachts in excess of 100m to their range of exceptional vessels. Sinnex are honoured to join Oceanco as they cross this threshold and look forward to a thriving and successful future.

Yacht builder Oceanco

luxurious yacht builder Oceanco - Alblasserdam Yard

Hunt Construction is a the top sectors in the Netherlands. Oceanco is one of the larger market leaders in this sector The Netherlands. To competition in and because of a need to continue to be a new dry dock built what the end of 2014 should be finished. With the new state-of-the-art dry dock can Oceanco yachts up to a length of also build 140 meters. Can also than the larger yachts with similar aluminum mast housing are provided, what the current hall at some yachts due to lack height not can. Oceanco can be used as the new drydock is ready to up to ten yachts simultaneously.

Outside lay the Oceanco Y-709 having a length of 91.5 meters.

On board was crowded with among vendors and off-builders. Some maritiemers had during their taster internship at Oceanco last hunting this year seen in the hall.

Oceanco Yacht Y 709 is built under the new regulatory PYC (Pass Enger yacht code). These regulations are designed for yachts with 13 to 36 passengers. A special part of this yacht is the formal main entrance, this is the side, and is achieved by a casement door skin. The first face is a curving staircase around the elevator, with left and right beautiful glass corridors.