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Community Seafood in Santa Barbara (CSF,CA)

UCSB to Launch Seafood Program

 Santa Barbara,CA - community-supported fishery

Community Seafood

connection to the fishermen

Community Seafood, Santa Barbara's first community-supported fishery, sells seafood straight from local fishermen to people, eliminating the multiple steps most sea-food goes through before arriving on supermarket.

The quality of the fish from Cnmrrmnitv Spafood is fabulous The CSF started by president of Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara Ms. Rath-bone.

Depending on what is fresh off the boat Customers and People receive a different type offish each week and sign up for one season at a time and pick up their share of fresh seafood either (bi)weekly at one of three locations. Initially Ms. Rathbone wanted 200 customers in Community Seafood's season but now continue to grow in increments and there will never be a cap.

Depending on the weather and other fishing conditions in the Santa Barbara each week can be surprise and it's a good connection to the fishermen and customers.
By eliminating the middlemen from the equation, Community Seafood can sell seafood for less than price while still paying fishermen more than wholesale price.

Higher prices

Higher prices have caused some concern for potential people who wonder whether the Community Seafood is worth the price. Even though Ms. Rathbone only buys a fraction of a fisherman's whole catch , she said the fishermen are very happy with the arrangement since the Community Seafood pays so much more per pound than processing plants and that connection means something to them source of sales for them.

There's no question, no comparison, all people would notice and appreciate freshness and quality.

The new CSF company's business plan is still changing and expanding.

The features to the Community Seafood include: cooking classes, barbecues , a few weeks where customers can order specialty seafood like abalone and lobster for an additional cost and meetings where customers can meet each other and local fishermen.

For contacts and more information visit