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Seafood and Fish is better freshly cleaned

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Seafood Cleaning

Seafood and Fish is better freshly cleaned and prepared, so knowing how to properly prepare fish will help your meals be outstanding.

Preparing seafood can be a messy job. It is not really all that difficult however, and if you want the best tasting freshest seafood you should definitely try to catch it yourself or at least purchase it fresh.

Be sure to use powder free gloves for cooking. Keeping soap and water or soapy wipes on hand are also a must.

To Cleaning

No matter what sort of preparations you are making, start with a large plastic or wooden cutting board and a sharp chef's knife, also high quality fillet knife about 8 inches long.

Plastic cutting boards are preferable for use in preparing fish because they will not absorb any foulness from the fish. Maybe using newspaper to line the table underneath your cutting board is a good idea to soak up any fish mess.

How to Clean a Cooked Crab

Once crab is cooked, it must be cleaned. To clean the crab, flip it over on its stomach and place your thumb under the flap on the underside of the crab and this is called the "apron".

find it helpful: to cook and clean a Dungeness crab video

Pull off the apron and place your thumb into the hole left: from removing it. Then pull off the top shell from the crab. This detaches much of the undesirables from the crab meat.

Male crabs have a narrow apron and females have a wider one. In most areas females are supposed to be thrown back if caught, so you will most likely have a male crab.

Next you must remove any intestines left inside, and remove the gills from the body of the crab.

The grels are the spongy streaks on either side and are not good to eat. You can also wash away the crab butter, the yellow mushy stuff running down the center of the crab, but some states consider this a delicacy so you can set it aside if you like.

Finally, remove the mouth parts from the body and rinse the body well with water.

The claws and legs can be twisted off and served separately, or the crab can be served whole and cracked open. Most people serve with melted butter.

How to Clean Squid

One of the best on youtube. How To Clean And Prepare A Squid, Real Time Video.

Helpful in showing you what You needed to do with fresh squid

To clean squid, It's recommend that you wear an apron and cover your work surface with newspaper since this can be a messy job.

To shuck, hold the hinge of the shell in front of you and place the knife in the hinge of the shell and work the shell open.

Once the hinge releases the rest of the shell will come apart fairly easily. You can remove the meat for your recipe or roast the oyster in the shell on a barbeque.

If you like oysters raw you can add a little lemon juice and hot sauce and serve right from the half shell. Here you can find squid recipes for all occasions and get little Love Cooking Tips and Recipes.

How to Clean Clams

Razor clams

Razor Clam Cleaning -"How To with a Special Trick" Video

In Fact: on the East coast our razor clam's are a little different.

At First soak the clams in cold fresh water for about 30 minutes before cleaning.

This often will cause the clams to release any sand still left in their bodies.

Then with a sharp knife, carefully cut open the clam. Slice the clam body free of the shell and then trim off anything that looks black. Rinse and Cook as desired by your taste.

How to Clean Shrimp

Hungry shows you in this "How to Clean Shrimp Video" the simple steps to clean shrimp for use in any seafood recipe.

To clean prawns properly - “how to & the easiest way” video for people who do not know how to clean shrimp

If you can get a mess of fresh-caught shrimp, you will need to clean , but even shrimp that you buy from the store often needs cleaning.

As rule The Crab and Shrimp and crab are the foods that really need to be fresh-caught to be at its most delectable.

First you will need to separate the head from the shrimp. Simply you can pull it off, it will detach fairly easily, or if you feel squeamish about that method, cut it off, and discard it. Then pull the legs off and peel the shrimps shell away from the body.

Some people like to leave a little shell on the end of the tail, the choice is yours.

Then devein the shrimp by cutting a slit about a quarter inch deep along the back of the shrimp with a small, sharp knife.

You should see the black vein in shrimp ( runs along the back of shrimp) and can then take the knife and pry it out. If you do not see a vein, don't worry; they do not always have one. Next, rinse the shrimp and it should be ready for your cooking recipes.

How to Clean and Gut Fish

On the underbelly of the fish, centered, but toward the tail, is a small spot, possibly indented and colored slightly differently than the belly of the fish.

This is theback part of the fish, and it is where you begin to remove innards. depending on the size of the fish start by placing the knife tip about an inch deep into the anus.

Then slice a straight line upward towards the head until you reach the gills. The fish should open up to reveal the organs; if it does not you haven't cut deeply enough.

Then cut the gills out and pull the organs out of the fish, leaving the spine and ribs exposed. Next, dig out the blood vessels alongside the spine.

To scale or filleting the fish (the only drawback is losing a small amount of meat) take a butter knife and grab the fish with one hand, with the other hand holding the knife rub the skin of the fish from tail to head.

Be sure to get all parts of the fish including the spine and tail. At this point you can cut off the tail and head but some people prefer to leave it attached.

From the stylish to simple, here you can find a recipe if you intend to try to cook.

Clean, Descale, and Gut a Fresh Fish - "How to " Vodeo

to Scale and Gut a Fish

Seafood Basics

Seafood are not only best when they are fresh, they are safest when they are fresh. Shellfish can be especially dangerous if not harvested from safe beaches that have been approved by authorities.

Keep eggs in a cooler and never let any item sit out for too long. Never put hot food in a cooler, always let it cool first and place it in the cooler as soon as possible.

If buying seafood, buy it alive, flash frozen at the time it was caught or caught the day you plan to cook it. Many stores sell live seafood. So keep the seafood alive!

When handling foods while camping, You can use disposable latex gloves to keep my hands from touching the food since camping can be a dirty activity with few places to wash available.

The great thing about using surgeons gloves is when you are handling dangerous raw seafoods such as chicken it's easier to keep your hands from becoming contaminated.