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Lobster Restaurants (Canada)


"There are oyster festivals and barbecue festivals, but not one for lobsters," says Rock Lobster Food Co.'s Matt Dean Pettit, who's been planning this shindig for three months. A ticket includes a one-and-a-half-pounder with corn, potato salad, lobster salad, and three drinks. If you can't make it out, try Pettit's lobster rolls and tacos at his booth in the L214 Augusta Ave.


For the hotel's weekly Lobster Fare, chef Darren Glew serves one-pound Yarmouth lobsters old-school: boiled and with a pot of melted butter. It comes with grilled corn on the cob, creamy slaw, boiled potatoes, a Monterey Jack-cheddar biscuit (like Red Lobster's, but better), and a bottle of Keith's. Still have room? There's strawberry shortcake for dessert.


Breakfast for dinner! Andrew Bradford's decadent hash is a threesome of lobster, corned beef, and potatoes. He tops it with two poached eggs and a lemony bearnaise sauce. Creamy and buttery, it's best enjoyed with a pint or three , you have to balance out that richness somehow at the bar.

227 Ossington Ave.,tel: 647-350-2100.

contacts: Sundays at 7 p.m. until Aug. 26.1150 Queen St. W., 416-531-5042.


Every once and a while, you can Nick auf der Mauer dishing out something other than his incredible porchetta sandwiches. One of those times is this Saturday, Aug. 18, and that something is lobster rolls. Auf der Mauer mixes the meat with mayo, celery, pickles, green onion, and tarragon, and serves it up properly, on a Wonder Bread hotdog bun. The garnish of fried prosciutto and homemade smoked-potato sticks is slightly more highbrow.


825 Dundas St. W.,tel 647-352-6611.


This new bar sports an urban-cowboy motif, and though we're not sure John Wayne ever had a lobster burger, we're glad it's on the menu here. Chef Stuart Cameron makes the patty with 100 per cent Nova Scotian lobster meat and dresses it with two avocado sauces: mustard cream and jalapeno lemon. It's served on a buttermilk bun and comes with a , house-brined pickle and fennel salad.

contacts: 478 King St. W., tel: 416-274-8766.

Community Seafood in Santa Barbara,CA

Sustainably caught fresh seafood is not easy to find in markets. Santa Barbara's community supported local fishery, sells seafood straight from fishermen to customers, eliminating the multiple steps.

Frozen SeaFood - fresh or previously frozen, fillets and storing at home

World's best Seafood restaurants

Inside Seafood restaurants

 Clean Blue Eating - a deltcious sense of seafoods

Seafood Restaurants in USA

Red Rock Cafe - Bonefish Grill (WI, USA)

There were years when, if you wanted fresh fish, you went to River Lane Inn or
Red Rock Cafe. Red Rock's gone, River Lane is still a great place for fish seafoods , but now there are other sophisticated choices.

Bonefish (WI, USA)

Bonefish is a good example - a chain that slips effortlessly into a budget- and quality-conscious community. It does a lot of things right - has a well-trained
staff; comfortable ambiance; and good food (entrees $14-$28, most in the mid-$ 15s). Fresh fish and seafood - tilefish to Arctic char - are flown in daily. Each choice, grilled or sauteed, comes with a house sauce (lime-tomato-garlic is one) and a side dish. Bonefish opened in February, and the crowds guarantee you'll need reservations. More competition is coming, though, as another high-ender, Mitchell's Fish Market, was scheduled to open near Brookfield Square in mid-April.

18355 W. Blue Mound Rd., Brookfield,

Bayshore Town Center - Devon Seafood Grill (WI, USA)

Smell or taste like the average shopping-mall restaurant. Walk into the entryway of Devon and it could be chichi downtown Chicago - all edges, colors and lighting
levels designed for maximum Zen-ness. The seafood, flown in from suppliers on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, was inspiring, including the head-turning jumbo lump crab cakes and seared Georges Banks scallops. The one strike , against the single ilwaukee location of this chain was its baby-face service. $15-$50.

Bayshore Town Center,
5715 N. Bayshore Dr., 967-9790.

Captín Jimís Seafood (Oregon)

Fishermen or Local residents are welcome. Itís not like the other seafood restaurants, everything is cooked by order, so expect a huge portions,hearty fare and homecooking - Always fresh!!! and cooked perfect. Your place for good choice of local scallops or shrimp.


316 Fulchers Landing Road, Sneads Ferry
(910) 327-3516

Sharks Seafood Bar & Steamer Co. (Newport. Oregon)


Sharks Seafood Bar & Steamer Co. is small, so you may have to wait for a table. But it's worth it to savor owner Corky Kuhlman's creative cuisine, like his famous bouillabaisse.

A better seafood restaurant than Sharks Seafood Bar & Steamer Co. in Newport. Oregon.

You won't find any fried food at this cute little diner. Instead, all food is either poached or steamed in jacketed pots that were once used on a submarine. Maybe that explains the fantastic deep-sea flavor of the wonderfully fresh and creative seafood dishes found here.

The locals rave about the diner's cioppino (pronounced "ehuh-PEEN-o"). a marinara-based seafood stew, bouilla baisse and fresh salmonóand rightly so. That no place prepares soft-shell Dungeness crabs, for which this coastal area is famous, like Sharks does.

Better yet. all dishes are made from scratch, so the chefs can omit or even substitute ingredients per your request. Owners Corky and Karen Kuhlman shop daily for fresh
seafood, and each day's menu reflects whatever Corky fillets and serves.

Karen and Corky are a real kick to meet. What friendly folks! Sharks is a very small place, with only a few tables and a small counter. It seats a little more than a dozen people, and no reservations are allowed. But the special steam pots cook meals in only 4 or 5 minutes, so it doesn't lake long to get seated. In any case, the meals make any wait well worth the time!


852 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365, United States

Masa - NY Takayama Restaurant (New York, USA)

Upper West Side sushi Restaurant

The world-renowned sushi chef Masa Takayama arrived in NY, sushi Restaurant offering the most expensive dining experience. Meat is often not so visually interesting - if it's cooked, it's brown. But pieces of sushi can be like little gems. Always. A major philosophy in Japanese cooking is Eyes, nose, mouth. Sight is the first impression, so it needs to look beautiful; it needs to look appetizing. And that's the thing about raw fish: it keeps its true color. We leave a lot of skin on our fish; that can be seared. When I make tai nigiri. It's a Japanese sea bream, the skin on the belly side is white and the shoulder side is a deep silver, so when you sear it, the color really comes out, and the fish is translucent. Then I'll use a green-tea salt on top, and then I'll put a little bit of oroshi, which is white grated daikon mixed with a special Japanese pepper, or a dollop oiyuzu kosho, which is green. So with each of these seasonings Takayama changes the look, and the colors become associated with their flavors.

When you lay out the sushi on a plate, are you thinking about color? Certainly when I put my fish in the sushi case, it's always a thought about what's going to be next to each other. So if I put tuna here, then I'd put something light next to it and then maybe salmon next to that, so you come in and it's not just white fish on one side and a whole variety of colored fish on the other side.

On the plate it's a little different, because I like to put the sushi on the plate in the order that you are going to eat it, from lightest fish to heaviest fish. Masa Takayama try to make it as visually beautiful as possible, but at the same time I want to make flavor a priority. If you were to eat something very heavy, such as toro, and you ate that first, and then you tried to eat some fluke, you're not going to get the full flavor of the fluke because you have already coated your tongue with a ton of oil from the toro. It's exactly like winetasting. You can't start with a big cab and then go taste a bunch of white wine.

They use the traditional Japanese seasonings. A lot of chefs just don't go there, which is totally understandable because in American society, we love extreme things we love wasabi and we love sushi with soy sauce and they blow out the taste.


Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle
fourth floor, Upper West Side


CONTRAMAR, Mexico City

The buzzing restaurant with fantastic seafood.You can try the fish, crab, cream
cheese and pepper crispy roll, with guacamole. The restaurant look expensive
but it's actually very reasonable.

Durongo 200 Roma,
Cuauhtemoc, 06700 Mexico City

The European Best Seafood Restaurants

Seafood in Germany

Top 10 Seafood Restaurant Reviews

Most popular Seafood Restaurants in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich.

Fish & Seafood,best of UK

Feng Sushi


sushi delivery

All the rage Sustainability focused sushi restaurants are substituting eel (unagi) with more sustainable alternatives. Six-strong London outfit Feng Sushi has temporarily switched eel with 'faux unagi', in this case a fatty cut of salmon prepared to mimic the characteristics of the real thing. Soseki, a single-site operation in the City, is serving a version made with dogfish.

Feng Sushi managing director Silla Bjerrum says she has been unable to source sustainable eel but is working closely with the Sustainable Eel Group, a body recently set up to support the recovery of the European eel. The group plans to audit the supply chain to make sure farmed eel is as sustainable as possible. However, eel cannot be farmed in the traditional sense, as it does not breed in captivity. All eel
comes from a wild source and there is much debate over whether eel can ever be farmed sustainably.

The Old Coastguard hotel (Cornwall)

Close to Newlyn, one of the biggest fishing towns in the UK, the Old Coastguard
hotel in Mousehole has a plum spot for sourcing great local seafood. Try the
braised cuttlefish or bouillabaisse, and don't miss the local perry. The hotel has a sun deck looking out to St Michael's Mount but, with a cosy interior, it's just as pleasant in

The Parade, Mousehole,
Cornwall, TR19 6PR.
01736 731222. old

East Beach Cafe


Great Seafood - Reastourant with spectacular views, right on the beach. Reastourant seafood is classic English, fresh only locally
caught fish.

Not many beach bars are housed in a building designed by an award-winning
architect, but this cafe is by Thomas Heatherwick. creator of the British "Seed" Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. The typically British menu has won plaudits, with the fish and chips described as the best in the country. But the real winner is the ever-changing view.

West Sussex. BN17
SNZ. 01903 731903.

Hive Beach Seafood Cafe (Dorset)

Fantastic sea food and lovely service.

With a peerless location overlooking Lyme Bay. This family-run beachside cafe stays local with line-caught fish, seafood and farm-shop specialities.
It serves until 3pm weekdays (5pm at weekends), but go for breakfast, when the dutiful dependence on the regional gives way to brilliant French toast. After all, it's only a Channel-hop away.

Beach Road, Burton
Bradstock, Dorest, DT6
4RF. 01308 897070,

The Crinan Hotel


This must be one of the most beautifully situated eateries in the British Isles,
perched above the western basin of the Crinan Canal with breathtaking views over the Firth of Lorn.
Head for the seafood bar, voted the best gastro-pub in Scotland by the Independent.
and enjoy a plate of jumbo prawns and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while taking in
the view.


Argyll, PA318SR.
01546 830261,

Fish & Seafood in Spain

LOS DIAMANTES, Granada (Spain)

It's a tiny seafood tapas restaurant, and here you can Eat standing at the counter
to really feel like one of the spain people.

Calle Navas, 28 18009 Granada

Seahorse Restaurant

Very good wine and a cosy atmosphere, fish dishes s always what'sfreshest.


Seafood in Australia

Seafood scene in the Noosa:

The Wood Fire Grill

The Wood Fire Grill opened late last year at Quamby Place. Noosa Sound and offers a speciality wood fire grill and seafood featuring an & la carte menu. Overlooking the picturesque Quamby Place Park and Noosa River, The Wood Fire Grill is run by the team from Rickys Bar & Restaurant.

Flux Restaurant and Lounge in the Noosa River

Also located overlooking the Noosa River on Gympie Terrace, Flux Restaurant and Lounge is a boutique space offering an inspiring menu to encourage diners to share plates.

Moga Izakaya & Sushi in Rosalie Village

Also in Rosalie Village, Moga Izakaya & Sushi is a restaurant and sushi train modelled on the izakaya - bar with shared food,) style of dining which is popular in Japan. It's very Japanese in its appearance from the staff to the decor with the relaxing ambiance that flows from detailed design.


Noosa Beach House

One of Australia's most well-regarded and acclaimed chef's. Peter Kuruvita has brought his excellence to Noosa Beach House Peter Kuruvita on Hastings Street. It's all-day casual dining, plus and la carte lunch and dinner menu.


The Samba Grill on Gympie Terrace.

The Samba Grill on Gympie Terrace offers the authentic taste of Churrasco cuisine with prime cuts of mandated beef, pork, lamb, chicken and seafood skewered then grilled over organic charcoal and carved at the table.

Tewantin, Rump House Restaurant

Located at the Noosa Marina in Tewantin, Rump House Restaurant specialises in steak and seafood and the newly refurbished restaurant also offers the river lounge, the perfect place to sit back and relax with a drink and watch the sun set over the river.

Malaysian restaurants

Funky Villa

authentic Thai cuisine

This exotic place which doubles up as a chill-out place with an open terrace and an
upstairs-bar serves scrumptious and authentic Thai cuisine from all parts of the kingdom.

If you want to experience the full-moon party atmosphere without having to travel all
the way to Thailand? Then, enter the realm of Funky Villa, the latest Thai cuisine eatery located at the Curve.

Upon entering its premises, you will quickly put at ease by its ambience. Like its name, it has a funky feel to it with bright coloured mural paintings against a black backdrop. The walls resemble waves and the chill-out lounge has decor which resembles rain. The food, now that's a delicious story altogether.

The menu here is extensive with a selection of dishes from all regions of Thailand. Meticulously prepared by six Thai chefs, the fare here is genuinely Thai. Among the wide array served to me, the Fish Cake wrapped in Boiled Egg was certainly new. It is a northern Thai specialty which is soft, chewy and tastes out ofthis world.

What is Thai seafood without TomYum. (on photo below)

The Tom Yum Kung with coconut was a dish that got my palate singing with joy. A house specialty cooked with young coconut kernel, it was laden with fat, juicy prawns, mushroom and spices. It was creamy and the level of spiciness was just right. A perfect concoction.

Review dishes at restaurant

Thai cuisine with seafood. not too hot just nice for the dinner and with lots of spices, herbs, delicious meal with seafood and chicken meat inside.

Unlike its deco, the food lived up to its reputation for serving 'authentic Thai' food.
First up came the appetizers - Lemon Grass Mixed Seafood and Tenderloin Beef Skewers, Thai Fish Cake, the Thai Pamelo Salad (a refreshing change from the usual Thai mango/papaya salad), the unique fishcake wrapped in boiled egg and lastly, the "Thai Herb Minced Chicken" that complemented my beer perfectly.

Two dishes which complimented my white rice was the Basil Leaf Chicken and
Maussaman Beef Curry. The chicken was minced and stir-fried with Thai hot basil and
chiies. The latter was Thai red curry with sliced tenderloin that was absolutely tender with potatoes and peanuts.

If you a fish-lover, you'll enjoyed the Deep-fried Seabass in Fish Sauce
and the Otak-Otak Thai-Style .The seabass is crispy on the outside and fleshy on
the inside while the steamed fish fillet with red curry and herbs setved in fresh coconut for the otak-otak is soft, chewy and spicy.

The desserts were scrumptious especially the Red Rubies with Jackfruit. It comprises flour-coated, chopped and coloured water chestnuts and sliced jackfruit in coconut milk with shaved ice. The dish is cold and creamy delicious.

for contacts:
Lot No. G-03A, G-06 & EG-06,
GF [email protected], 24, Jin PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
03-7725 2308

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