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Community Seafood in Santa Barbara,CA

Sustainably caught fresh seafood is not easy to find in markets. Santa Barbara's community supported local fishery, sells seafood straight from fishermen to customers, eliminating the multiple steps.

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Malaysian-Chinese foods

Special Recipes by Leemei Tan

Malaysian-Chinese and food is a big part of our food culture, especially on special occasions such as Chinese New Year. Many dishes served during the celebration are regarded as bringing prosperity, abundance and good fortune. This starter, sang choi bao, is one of those. Sang choi Qettuce sounds like another Cantonese word that means heightened prosperity, and prawns symbolise happiness - so this dish is a must-have I My mum learned it from her mum, then passed it on to me.

Mum would rise early to prepare the sang choi bao. Her slicing skill is impeccable, she
doesn't believe in using a mandoline. The image of our Chinese New Year's Eve dinners, with the whole family erg'oying this dish, will always stay close to my heart. Traditionally, the garnishes used are spring onions and fried shallots. I've added toasted sesameseeds and peanuts for extra crunch. - one of the best female food bloggers

Amanda Plott's food Blog

Recipes to make traditional recipes, tips and tricks

Manda Plott is a author, graphic designer, photographer, self-proclaimed foodie, and creator of

She loves to feature delicious "skinny" or healthified versions of food and seafood recipes on her blog. She says, "I love to take traditional recipes and shake them down into a skinny dish that I can proudly serve to family, friends, and loved ones without feeling guilty about the contents of what I'm dishing out." Amanda started her blog earlier this year and spends much of her time chasing after her toddler.


seafood culinary offerings

This year's top spot Melody Fury claims this year's top spot as best new entrepreneur for her wildly popular Vancouver SeaFood Tours.

Steamy kitchen

Kay Plunkett - cook & food writer

Hogge makes her mark on Deliverance

Wait to try the new Thai recipes for Deliverance - the restaurant-quality takeaway service that Kay Plunkett-Hogge has created.

The former model's agent Putney-based cook/food writer/presenter also co-author
of Leon cookbooks was born in Thailand and so is deeply immersed in the nuances of those extra ingredients that makes dishes properly authentic, and insists that deliveries arrive with little pots to sprinkle with separate freshly chopped herbs and nuts - a great extra touch.

Crab cakes are properly piquant with lime and red curry and I'm especially taken with
sweet Thai basil stir fry - alluringly fragrant and light. Both prawn and vegetarian Pad Thai, a favourite dish that is quite a fiddle to prepare, travelled well, retaining good crunch and flavour.

The yellow chicken curry, just a tad too spicy maybe for your taste, though you will appreciated its tanginess. To place your order visit out

Ddirty kitchen secrets

a The blog's photos are so tempting you want to lick your computer screen. Just see the Pages in category "Seafood

The blog sells the point that anyone can cook, that these recipes aren't as tricky as they first seem.

The former Miss World 2002 Bethany Kehdy isn't just a pretty face who happens to dabble in cooking. The former of Lebanon is absolutely passionate about food.

She grew up surrounded by the sights and smells of her family's Lebanese cooking and from early childhood learned the secrets of good food from her 'perfectionist Nan, vivacious dad and colourful aunties.' After a string of different careers, ranging from modelling to selling mortgages, Bethany took the plunge to focus on her true love: cooking. In 2008, out of Brighton, she started her food blog and now happily states it was the best life decision she ever made.

Bethany was a new Brighton resident when her eureka moment came. The jobs 1 was doing were just not fulfilling. Then on one cold evening during the first two weeks of my residency in the UK.

That very night I set up the blog and the rest is history. The obsession took over me.' Looking at her blog, it's easy to see why Bethany made the leap from hobby cook to food writer. Her recipes and accompanying photos are so tempting you want to lick your computer screen: minced lamb,seafood,chicken wings and filo parcels stuffed with burghul, sumac laced sea bass and fennel are just a few examples.

The success of her blog has meant Bethany is now a full time food writer/cook. She intends to start running cooking classes in Brighton to spread the word about Lebanese cuisine but is so busy with the blog, catering and taking culinary tours to Lebanon, the idea has yet to be realised. However, if you are interested in a private class or want to know more about Lebanese food, contact Bethany via her blog and she'll help you out.

Chinese regional cooking blog

following Shan's instructions online

O'Neill , who retired as secretary general at the Department of Transport three years ago and today works as a freelance consultant, has been writing vivid, engaging food blog
posts about her quest to learn as much as she can about Chinese regional cooking.

Julie O'Neill's son Shane lives in Beijing, China and her daughter Claire lives in Sydney, but rather than letting distance come between them, the three have engaged in a online interactive cooking course in Chinese, which forms part of Julie's excellent new - under the tutelage of Shane's Chinese fiancee.

During a recent three-week visit to the country, she ate lots of very authentic home cooked meals with her prospective daugher in law's family in Xinjiang province, as well as exploring Beijing's culinary landscape. She is continuing her explorations now she's back home by cooking from Chinese cook-books, and following Shan's instructions available online.

A recent Shananigans blog post detailed Julie's very successful, but labour intensive
attempt at cooking an authentic dim sum selection of nine dishes from recipes in Gok
Wan's new book. "It is possible, provided you don't mind being on your feet from 11 am to 6 pm and enjoy the pleasure of playing around with endless small quantities of ingredients, making up tiny, delicious parcels of delights and have very patient friends who can tolerate their Sunday dinner coming at them in a haphazard way," she says.

For the online cook-ins, Shane has the advantage of having the teacher right beside him in Beijing, but it's fascinating to see the difference in the finished dishes,best restaurants and delicious seafood dishes.