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Aquanaut Yachting Holland B.V.- first yacht builder in the Netherlands to qualify for the certificate( ISO 9001) to equivalent and we have to abide by the most stringent quality controls also a leading in the atersportsworld for 50 years. We offers a wide range of motorcruiser equipment for

craftsmen, Aquanaut Yachting Holland builds from steel, the widely known Aquanaut motor yachts.

The yachts are built in lengths of 10 to 17 meters in 6 model-lines with over 35 variations.

Boat Building:

  • GFK Boats
  • Aquanaut occasions
  • Aquanaut yachts
  • Aquanaut Privilege AK
    Aquanaut Drifter CS
    Aquanaut Drifter Trawler
    Aquanaut Drifter CS OK
    Aquanaut European Voyager
    Aquanaut Global Voyager
    Aquanaut Unico
    Aquanaut MC 1100
    Aquanaut Specials


Aquanaut Yachting Holland B.V.

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Tel: +31 (0) 515 41 22 53 / Fax: +31 (0) 515 41 66 55

Privilege 1150 AK

Privilege 1250 AK