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Company Information

Aquarius Sail Inc. catamarans - was established in the early 1970s to provide sail, trampoline, and canvas repair to sailors(Midwest).

Also Aquarius Sail providing parts, accessories and service to the catamaran community.

The owners of Aquarius Sail were so impressed by the new design catamarans that they immediately signed on to be one of the first dealers for SuperCat catamarans.

For over 15 years Aquarius Sail Company has been utilizing carbon fiber construction of high performance catamarans and the spars(designed for your application and to your specifications) that are used on them.

Boat Building: Carbon Catamarans

  • RC-30
  • RC-27
  • ARC-22
  • ARC-21
  • ARC-17


Aquarius Sail Inc.

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Aquarius Sail Inc.
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