BLAZER BOATS - bass boat manufacturing, fishing and sportfishing boats

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Company Information

Blazer offers a full line of high performance and quality materials buil 18', 19', 20' and 21' bass boats(fishing) and, 18', 19, 21', 22' and 24' bay sportfishing boats.

Bass boat is inspected and re-inspected at each stage of construction, quality care and each employee strives to maintain the best in quality workmanship.

Bass Boat Building: level model

  • 180 Pro-V - perfect fishing boat-machine
  • 190 Pro-V - equipped, super fast boat and stable fishing machines.
  • 202 Pro-V - fast and stable fishing platform
  • 210 Pro-V - unlimited horsepower rating
  • 625 Pro Elite - the newest model


3300 Bill Metzger Lane
Pensacola, FL 32514

Legend Boats(Arkansas) - only the finest components and materials to craft the finest bass boats with over 200 years of experience.