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Founded in Miami, Company since 1964 located in Sarasota, Florida, DONZI manufactures and designs uniqiue fiberglass construction powerboat models ranging from 16' to 43' parts and accessories and sell boats in North America, Latin America Europe and Asia. Donzi is devision of America Holdings which also includes a market leader of saltwater fishing power boats
from 17 to 35 feet.

Donzi Apparel is the only authorized dealer of Donzi Apparel. Donzi has a great tradition of quality and performance products.


Boat Building range of Models:

  • ZR Power series - 27' to 43'
  • ZF - 26' to 38'
  • ZFX/ZSF - 35' to 38'
  • Cassic and custom classic - 16' to 22'
  • Parts and Accessories

Retro rockets at roll-back prices Donzi Marine celebrates 50th with special anniversary edition Classic models.

The recently debuted “fly yellow” 22 Classic (above) features a bold deck stripe that complements the sportboat’s sweet lines. Although the 22-footer has a retro look, it offers plenty of modern features such as a GPS speedometer from Livorsi Marine

A merican powerboat manufacturer Donzi Marine turned 50 this year. To celebrate the milestone, the builder launched its new-for-2015 50th Anniversary Edition Donzi Classic series in October at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Donzi Classics were introduced in 1964 by speedboat guru Don Aronow the legendary “King of Thunderboat Row” in Miami starting with the Donzi “Sweet Sixteen”boat model. Over the years, Donzi 16, 18 and 22 Classic models have attracted a sizable following of dedicated and passionate owners who lovingly restore the vintage speedsters.

“They feel the same wayabout Donzi Classics that they do about the Porsche Spyder and other iconic sportscars.” Sporting the exclusive Donzi 50th Anniversary logo on its Shelby-style engine hatch, the “fly yellow” Donzi 22 Classic that debuted at the Fort Lauderdale show has the same sweet lines, bold deck stripe and tuck-and-roll upholstery as the original Classics.

Equipped with a 430-hp 8.2 Mag HO MerCruiser engine, the 22-footer more than lives up to the series’ reputation for “pocket rocket” performance with a top speed of 70 mph. Donzi 50th Anniversary Edition 18 and 16 Classics also are available with high-output, small-block V-8 engines that provide a thrilling driving experience.

Haggle-Free Pricing

Walker announced that for a limited time only, Donzi Marine is offering the 50th Anniversary Edition Donzi Classic series at special promotional prices that are well below their regular retail pricing. Through February 28, 2015, the 50th Anniversary models ordered with options and engines listed on the factory order form are available factory-direct or from your local ProLine/Baja dealer starting at the following special retail prices:

• 50th Anniversary Donzi 22 Classic (base price with 8.2 Mag MerCruiser/Bravo 1): price $66,000.

• 50th Anniversary Donzi 18 Classic (base price with 377 Mag MerCruiser/Bravo 1): price $54,000.

• 50th Anniversary Donzi 16 Classic (base price with 4.3 MPI V-6 MerCruiser/Bravo 1):price $42,000. “This is ‘haggle-free’ pricing; we won’t go any lower,” Walker said.

“In order to make the 50th Anniversary promotion work from a construction standpoint, we also have to limit the options.” The special edition boats are available in the traditional Donzi Classic hull, deck and boot stripe colors white (standard), black, red, yellow and blue. Other options on the factory order form include removable cockpit carpet, a cockpit cover, a digital depth finder, a Mercury VesselView display and a stereo system with an iPod dock. Delivery of the 50th Anniversary Edition Donzi Classics ordered via this limited-time promotion will take place from January through April 2015. “Don’t get me wrong – I’d be happy to build you a Donzi 22 Classic with a purple hull or other ‘off the menu’ options, but that would put the boat back into our regular retail pricing structure, which starts about $20,000 higher,” Walker said.

used materials: Donzi in Speed On The Water Issue 2014.

Donzi marine - the ultimate performance boats

Take a hard look at today's Donzi marine. They are better, bigger and faster boats
than any boat in it's class.

The Donzi family includes over ten speed boat models with one designed specially for you. Donzi marine line of Luxury Runabouts and Luxury Express Cruisers will put
you and your guests on the water in style and filling your need for speed in a big way.

The performance boat line-up includes the legendary Classics, the award winning ZX models and the ultimate performance boats - the Daytona series. If fishing is your passion and speed is your need, get there fast in the new ZF performance fishing boats includes DONZI 38 ZF Open model, 35 ZF Open and 32 ZF Open boat.

And don't forget Donzi's 235 Sport Deck, the finest most luxurious deck boat in the


Donzi Apparel

MJM yachts

Founded by Bob J. in 2002 by Bob J. the Company MJM Yachts LLC currently is focused on production technologically advanced and unique in the industy powerboats. MJM yachts is the first boat building company that include lighter epoxy composites in the United States of America. They areISO Certified designs, stronger and clean, constructed with 60-100% better fuel efficiency. MJM yachts using advanced materials such as Kevlar, carbon, epoxy and Corecell.

MJM Yachts in South Carolina

if you happen to be in Charleston in the next week, MJM're here on the Mega Yacht Dock at Charleston City Marina. Made it from Harbour Town yesterday, doing the 90+ nm's in just under 5 hours on the ICW, passing about 30 boats at up to 35 knots on the Coosaw River by Mary's Great Grandpappy's Chisolm Island. As a Confederate officer, he and his boats were used to demand Major Anderson depart Ft. Sumter almost to the day 154 years ago. Yes, MJM Yachts has some serious roots in South Carolina. It's an SC LLC. And, while the "Z" is for designer Doug Zurn, "Z" also happens to be the American Power Boat Racing Association designation for the Carolinas.

MJM yachts in US Carolina

Here you can see the new 50z at the St. Petersburg Boat Show this weekend (Dec 4-7). I'll be there. Or, #2 is in the water in Boston with #3 and #4 under construction there.

the perfect MJM Yachts boat hull

poerboat hull

MJM 36z inside Model

The MJM 40z yacht

mjm 40z model

Designed with a unique building process from a low profile combined with a unique boat building process, provide more stable and more likely to qualify.
The boat is lighter and narrower ,with this poweryacht they proving that it’s not weight alone, but that matters most is the location of weight.