Boatbuilding Domenig (Austria)

Domenig - Wooden / plastic boat builder

Company Information

For two generations Bootsbau Domenig in Neusach Cpmpany build wooden canoes and boats.

A boats of Bootsbau Domenig is individually planned and special customer wishes. Each boat will be tailored to the specific purpose (different sizes, materials, bins and accessories).
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Tel: +43 4713 2114

Wooden boats

Wooden Canoe

Suitable for 3 people (2 adults. & 1 Child)

The wood inlays make the Wooden canoe a collector's item of the special class. It is very easy to handle and operate. Ideally suited to explore the water ares, and lakes.

Length: 4.90 m
Width: approx 0.91 m

Custom-made Wooden Canoe

Boat comes equiped with Double rudder keel with coxswain. It is an exact replica of a boat built in 1910 from Lake Wörth and his effort was enormous.

Length: 6.2 m
Width: 1.4 m


Boats comes with good properties for rowing, and design that cuts through the water at top.

Is it as easy (2P)
and double rudder (3-4p)

Simple rowing length: 4 - 4.20 m
Length twin rudder: 4.80 to max 5 m
Width: 1,20 m

Spitz scow wooden boat

Just as a simple rudder, Double rudder by order.

Length: 4.20 m
Width: 1,20 m

Well suited for fishing, Despite the flat bottom easy to row.
Course Stable for continuous Kiel

Scow boat
(also called Zille)

Ideally suited for fishing or as a workboat this flat bottom wooden boat is subject to change according to customer requirements.

Length: 4 - 5.50 m
Width: about 1.20 to 1.40 m

Plastic boats

Model KAP-450

Compact in size but still sufficient for up to 4 people, and motorizable with an E- motor or outboard up to 10hp. 2 lockable storage compartments, rudder brackets for stowing the oars to the side walls, a removable bench seat, stainless swim ladder at the stern, encircling handrail and flagpole with flag.

The extensive standard equipment of this boat is not just for the recreational captain, but also for the fishing enthusiasts of interest.

Length: 4.60 m
Width: 1.30 m
120 kg
Persons: 4
CE Cat .: D
Engine: 10 HP