Grand Banks Yachts - 3 distinctive series

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Grand Banks Yachts

During the course of our 50-year history, Grand Banks Yachts has built a singular reputation among boaters and boating enthusiasts worldwide. Performance, comfort and style converge in the highly from Grand Banks

Heritage Series

Boat Building(distinctive series):

  • Heritage Yacht Series -regarded as one of the most successful cruising yacht designs ever built
  • Eastbay Yacht Series - stylish and powerful cruising yacht
  • Aleutian Yacht Series -nautical style with high-performance capabilitie

Hinckley Marine Insurance and Atlantic Mutual Companies, founded in 1948 and 1842 respectively, have a strong boating tradition and heritage as well. They both have built our reputations and businesses insuring some of the finest yachts and yacht owners in the world. Together, they have developed an outstanding and comprehensive insurance program for owners of Grand Banks, Eastbay and Aleutian Class yachts.

Grand Banks yachts are the best trawlers and cruisers in their class, providing great quality, lasting value, and a sense of heritage and tradition. Grand Banks boat owners are widely recognized as experienced, knowledgeable, and discerning people who appreciate the quality and enduring appeal of their yachts.


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