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For the angler who desires the ultimate in a highly mobile fishing platform, the Albemarle trailerables, our 242, 246 and 268, are literally in a class by themselves. Hand built to a standard of ruggedness and dependability that is unrivaled in the industry, each of boats delivers the ride, feel, and sea keeping characteristics of a boat 10 feet larger.

Much of this advantage is a direct result of Albemarle’s unique Jackshaft Power System . Moving the engine forward places the weight and power in the center of the hull, increasing stability and performance. On an Albemarle with the JPS, you can feel the weight and strength of the boat as the duo-props quickly accelerate it forward with the reassuring hum of a solid power plant at your feet.

242CC Model

Boat Building:


  • 242CC
  • 248XF
  • 268XF

Offshore Boats:

  • 288 OBXF
  • 290XF
  • 310XF
  • 330XF
  • 360XF
  • 410XF
  • 410C


Albemarle Boats
140 Midway Drive
Edenton, North Carolina 27932
Tel 252. 482. 7600
Fax 252. 482. 8289

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