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Alden Yachts powerboats - very specific in their desires: in a power yacht they demand Alden Yachts styling,craftsmanship, value, and Alden Yachts customer service. In short, a powerboat built to The Alden Yachts Standard of Excellence. The Alden Yachts powerboat pedigree is founded in decades of bluewater yacht design and construction. Our high-performance planing motor yachts have set a new top standard for quality and value.

The Alden SailYachts Company offers the largest interior volume and each is custom built to suit her owner's needs.

Unlimited flexibility in choice of accomodation plan, joinery style, interior hardwoods, and equipment. Fit and finish is to the legendary standard of Yachts.

46 Express

43/45 Yacht Model

Boat Building:

Alden Motor Yachts

  • 40 Express
  • 43 Express
  • 46 Express
  • 49 Express
  • 50 Express
  • 50 Motor Yacht
  • 52 Motor Yacht
  • 56 Express
  • 56 Motor Yacht
  • 50/56 Pilot House

Alden Sail Yachts

  • Yachts 43/45
  • Yachts 48/50
  • Yachts 52/54
  • Custom


1909 Alden Landing
Portsmouth, RI

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