Alsberg Boats

Florida Classic boat builder

Company Information

Alsberg Boats are a limited production semi custom boat.

There are less than 30 boats produced per year.

Each boat is taylored to the buyers tastes,there are many options in hardware, gelcoat, colored king planks, wood grain, colored battens, caulk line colors and upholstery.

The Classic Single Cockpit elicits the feeling of speed. The Classic Jumpseat model accommodates extra friends or family and fishing.

High quality, wood grain fiberglass construction, as does our selection of the finest hardware and components and accessories.

Boat Building:

semi custom Classic Boats and Speedboats

a limited production!


2001 Classic Alsberg Runabout - Very Rare Model

It has a Mercury 175 Sportjet engine. Very unique boat, speed is hard to believe, similar to a jet ski in regard to propulsion.

lso do you have any problems with sucking up weeds on this style boat, my jet boat has that problem.

Very Rare Alsberg boat

Boat is an eye catcher, definitely gets attention everywhere it goes. The boat is very fast and stable. But more fun to chug around the lakes at an easy pace. I haven't had any issues with weeds getting caught in the intake, the lake that I boat on doesn't have a lot of seaweed that grows to the surface. But if weeds get caught in the intake it is easy to release them by doing a couple maneuvers with the boat on the water.


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