Blackwell Boatworks Michigan - Sportfish boat manufacturing

Michigan Boats and Yachts builder

Company Information

BLACKWELL BOATWORKS - Sportfish boat manufacturing over sixty sportfishing boats ranging from 28 72, from the very simple charter boat to very elaborate yacht.

Every boat they build is custom and built to order. The decision for one engine was the boat owners. It's what he needed and wanted and Blackwell Boatworks were glad to build it.

They use tested core materials to keep the boats light, yet structurally sound.

Blackwell Boatworks fish speed boat testing has been done in real weather conditions in the real ocean.

Boat Building:

  • 61' Sportfish | 65' Sportfish
    61' Sportfish | 73' Sportfish
    58' Charter | 58' Charter
  • 55' Sportfish | 54' Express | 53' Express


P.O. Box 240 - 7000 Highway 64
Manns Harbor, NC 27953
(252) 473-1803