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Caravelle Powerboats built our 2008 boats around your needs as an avid boater. Result - blend of quality, top styling and performance!

High quality boats that deliver satisfying and trouble-free boating pleasure remains the same.

Every Caravelle design element is a careful consideration of comfort, convenience, performance, and styling. Caravelle embodies creative hull design and thoughtful detail for the ultimate boating experience and it shows in every model we create.

Boat Building:

Bowrider Runabouts

267 Bowrider
242 Bowrider
CX18 Bowrider
237 Bowrider
217 Bowrider
206 Bowrider
196 Bowrider

Deck Boats

218 Deck Boat
Crossover 240

Fish & Ski Boats

206 Fish & Ski CX18
196 Fish & Ski

Caravelle Introduces 2012 powerboats Including:

Caravelle 'Model 182-powerboat'

- Stylish New 2012 Boat-Vessel motor-3.0L. Mercury 225hp, 21 gal fuel capacity, Accommodation for max 8 persons, made in 100% wood-free Composite construction, fiberglass liner for easy maintenance. These ready for action boat packages include dual bucket comfortable flip-up seats, extra-large molded-in transom swim-dive platform, bimini top, cockpit and bow covers, Kenwood CD/AM/FM and iPod connectivity. 5 different Color Options.

Caravelle 'Model 222-powerboat'

- Stylish New 2012 Boat-Vessel 22'4". Wood-free construction ,300hp Mercury motor, 36 gal fuel capacity for 8+1 persons. Options Package includes Bimini Top, Bow and Cockpit Covers, L-shaped bench seat, Non-skid floor
5 different Color Options.

Caravelle 'Model 222 Fish & Ski'

- Quality Construction from Start to finish - Roomy, light weight, versatility, and good looks fishing boat for 8+1 persons.
300HP Boat Motor Mercury, 36 gal fuel capacity.

Caravelle 'Models 202 & 202 Fish & Ski'

- Wood free construction and attention to detail smaller, comfort boats, but still includes a roomy cockpit that packs much more on board than you'd expect. An important advantage of this boat design is increased fueleconomy. Bow and Cockpit Covers, Accommodation for 8+1 persons Mercury 225hp, 21 gal fuel capacity and 5 different color options.


Caravelle Powerboats, Inc.
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(Tel) (800) 642-2628 (Fax) (229) 924-1030

Caravelle Boats - expertise/technical knowledge & advise

New batteries for the Caravelle

Half the price of Optimas

You can run dual Interstates on my 232 Cuddy. Since switching in 2002, and their pro rate warranty is second to none.

Optimas are definitely one of these best on the market. If you can bite the bullet and pay the price, you can't go wrong investing in them. There is another and I don't care what anyone says. The everstart maxx are good batteries with a good warranty. Run 4 of them in my bass boat and have not had a problem - some interstate batteries in there and they would not last on my trolling motor, but still have them running camper. IMO the Optimas are the best unless you sink the money into lithium. But if you run a good quality on board charger/maintainer it will make big difference worth the life span.

Hooked mine up with a disconnect for next to nothing. Simple setup but it works ,disconnect the deep cycle battery on the left from the starting battery on the right with couple turns of the green knob on the post. See photo below:

Another thing, whenever you start your boat go ahead and tighten the knob to complete the circuit if not the battery won't get recharged. Now you're not sure if having two batteries on your alternator at one time will effect it. So far so good. Only 8 times out since then.

when turning left at crushing speed it felt like the boat was way off balance, and if You turned it to hard you would roll it.

You might be experiencing "bow steer". By chance were you trimmed way down. Some drives trim lower than the Mercruiser. Negative trim and too much weight in the front can cause this.

Some Caravelle boats with excessive transom angles contributed to this problem. On occasion we modified the trim cylinders so the drive would not tuck under so far. What you must do is this: just as soon as the boat starts to plane start trimming up. With my boats that's usually within the first few seconds of throttle.

Changing flooring in a caravelle boat.

Pull the carpet, and you'll see the center is basically plywood covering the fuel tank.
Came out easy.
Good time to inspect the tank, btw....

- Add a stringer of treated 2x4 for added support, painting it with epoxy paint first, so it won't rot. The old one was flimsy, the support really helped.
- New board, same thing - treated 3/4" plywood and epoxy painted.
- Used stainless screws to attach.
- There will be gaps, since the opening is rough from fiberglass.
-Fill any and all gaps with liquid fiberglass, including any bare spots on the entire floor.
- Then re carpet.
- In total, only took a few hours, with the exception of paint and fiberglass curing times. 2-3 days.
- It's much easier than you thought it would be.
- Even laying new carpet was fairly simple.

The paint was a polyurethane paint - not epoxy. Available at Lowes, but likely any paint store.
Epoxy paint will work as well, heck, even the fiberglass resin.
You're basically just making the wood impermeable to water.

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